Come and join our trips across this stunning country and let us show you some beautiful hidden corners whilst we introduce you to some of our favourite people. The Galician empanada is one of those versatile recipes that everyone seems to love. While sardines are popular in many ways (fried, roasted, salted as … The most famous migas you will see are from Aragón, Andalucía, and La Mancha. Both a common ingredient in many a Spanish dish and able to stand its own ground on any menu, jamón Iberico is the most noble of Spain’s cured meats. Other than tortilla de patatas and the spinach and chickpeas, you will also find the pisto, which is a stunning mix of many types of vegetables and the tombet from Mallorca. Either if you are at home and want to try to make some Spanish mains by yourself, or if you are visiting the country and you want to make sure you don´t miss the best ones, get ready, because today we bring you the top 10 Spanish main courses: The Spanish omelet isn´t just one of the most famous spanish main dishes you will find , but also one of the easiest. It’s basically hake cooked in a mix of sauté garlic and onions, fish stock, white wine, plus a handful of parsley leaves that will give it its characteristic greenish color (although it’s not as green as you’d think, though: it’s rather white with pick spots unless you use really lots of parsley). And, adding green peas, white asparagus or hard-boiled eggs make it more fulfilling and tasty. There are so many recipes that include it that we couldn’t choose only one. Easy to cook Spanish Fish Recipes. Well, that happens with Albondigas every time you go to their house. These are some of the best and most famous main courses in Spain, but there are many other plates. Fish casseroles are popular Spanish seafood that has been traditionally made by fish leftovers. You can either buy the “soft” version or the “hard” one, both are delicious so try it out! In case you want to cook it yourself, the fish must be taken whole so that the fish juices are not lost while it’s baked; otherwise, you’d end up with a dry, tasteless fish on your plate. The best thing about migas, is that you get to use the leftovers from different days, that way you won´t have to go shopping again and go straight to the cooking part. Fish in Spain is as important as pork when it comes to cooking. However, the one…, This is the very first time we dedicate a full recipe post to a Russian dish. Unfortunately, these types of dishes tend to be forgotten because of the small amount there is in comparison, but that doesn´t mean there is none at all, so it is also possible for vegetarians to enjoy the Spanish food. Spain being such a hot country, where else could you like cold tomato soup? This is a cold dish and it could be served with serrano ham. But at present, being similar to lobster in texture and taste, it has achieved high popularity. Originally from the Basque country, this is one of Spain’s favorite Seafood dishes. Basco is an online Spanish food shop that sources, imports & sells only the finest & most authentic Spanish foods throughout the UK and Europe. It’s delicious that what it is! What you get is an aioli. Traditionally the almonds are mixed with honey and egg white. Our 100% FREE Barcelona Collection curates everything you need for the trip of your lifetime to Barcelona. One of the best dish you can try in Spain. Dorada (or orada in Catalan) is the Spanish name for gilt-head (sea) bream, a very appreciated fish in our coast, and although it can be cooked in many different ways, the most popular one is baked in a salt crust. The Atlantic ocean provides amazing seafood to the Northern region of Galicia, the cold waters of the Bay of Biscay have always provided fresh fish to the Basque Country, and the Mediterranean sea has inspired the cuisines of the Southern and Western regions, all the way from Andalusia to Catalonia. Torreznos are a typical Spanish snack made of pork belly. All rights reserved. The albondigas, are eaten many times as tapas, but we had to include them as a main course… You know how grandmas always make as much food as possible and then they force you to eat it all, right? 01 Aug 2016 . It is not a popular main once you are out of the Iberic Peninsula, but here everyone loves it. Please note that we cannot refund the 10% discount if you forget to use it on your first order, you can always use it on your second! In case you want to cook it yourself, the fish must be taken whole so that the fish juices are not lost while it’s baked; otherwise, you’d end up with a dry, tasteless fish on your plate. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It’s called like that because it’s made from black Iberian pigs, from the Iberian Peninsula. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Ah! The Pollo al ajillo has hundreds of recipes, as it doesn´t just change depending on the region, but also on the family! What seafood dishes to eat in Spain? A lot of people find fish a bit boring to cook with but here I will teach you how to really enjoy fish by cooking some fantastic Spanish Fish Recipes using authentic ingredients including Squid, Baked Hake with Chorizo, Bonito Tuna, Bacalao fish, Sardines and many more. Need some inspiration? Must try dishes, the ultimate bucket list for meat dish lovers.

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