It sure felt like the show had just enough story—a term I use very, very loosely—to make it through the first half of this finale only. appId : '127538621120543', I still like LJS and would love to see another drama with him and KSR! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email! Half of his airtime was watching him chain smoke cigarettes while he emoted. I stopped watching at ep 2............ I have faith in this show, at least for the sake of both of you. After checking in on Chang-yi and Chi-gyu as a couple, we find Soo-hyun running a tight ship in the operating theatre. I bailed out in episode 18. Prime Minister Jang slow claps his way into the room, and warns Jae-hee not to pull out any of her spy maneuvers lest Hoon get a bullet to the head in the middle of a functioning hospital. }; Check out "I'm Pregnant with Your Baby" which can be viewed on Viki. Hoon sees her and greets her like nothing happened, calling her “Quack” as usual. Strange has given him some tea and it's not much to Thor's liking. He reveals that he was the one to close the embassy doors in Hungry and  now it’s finally time to end their lives. Well, the same could be said of Jae-joon’s reasoning for waiting as long as he did to plan and execute his Coke Zero of revenge plots, and for all those extra final bonus rounds of the competition. “Long live the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” he says with one last shaky breath, and dies. Don’t be fooled.”—James Filbird, “Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.”—Joey Adams, “I have loved to the point of madness / That which is called madness / That which to me / Is the only sensible way to love.”—Francoise Sagan, “A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.”—Bruce Lee, “A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.”—William Blake. As co-writer Jon Spaihts explained to us in an interview. Thank you. They have lost all contexts, honest. Boy am I glad that I saw how crappy this show was after the first episode and decided to forego continuing with the series. Hoon upholds his dedication to saving lives and the loose ends are for the most part tied up in a nice bow. Sometimes it can last for a few days. My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Is Chase Severino's Night Club Still Open? Prime Minister Jang now has a gaping and deadly wound. I'm just stating the truth. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Marvel. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. LOLS! I didn't feel anything for any character at the end, and that's sad. I even had a Taiwanese friend jump into Hairs right after You Who Came From a Star, because she just wanted to see how the KSH/LMH weighed against each other. NOW I have come to conclusion that SCRIPT & SCREENWRITERS matter most!! If we put those last three minutes aside, this finale was a perfect encapsulation of everything that made the experience of watching Doctor Stranger such a frustrating and thankless job. Chi Gyu has even become more studious and knowledge as a doctor. “It’s still beating.”. (Aside: All the doctors have been conveniently moved to a “new building” no one’s ever heard or talked about until this point., I completely (okay, an exaggeration, partly-- largely) blame the shipping war for it. The driver reveals himself to be a laughing Agent Cha as he aims a gun at the prime minister…. Great actor! I skipped the past month's episodes and just skimmed the recap to see if Jae-hee died (why, why, why is she still alive? Sorry Ms. Palmer, but after the film's first 20 minutes, it was safe to say that Stephen Strange will always be married to his work, not you. Sigh. The president interjects to offer Prime Minister Jang an unbelievable deal: If he stops all this lunacy now, he’ll be forgiven and allowed to keep his position. Thanks for reading! She storms up to him with a pained expression as she tells him how she thought he was dead this whole time—couldn’t he have just told her he was fine? This drama, I only stopped at episode 10, luckily not more than that! I actually watch a lot of them, especially the Palace Dramas, which is what I think they do a better job on. // Load the SDK asynchronously That was completely forced and contrived just to make us believe it was meant to be. Mordo feels pretty betrayed by the end of the movie. And Dramaland, STOP pairing Jin Se-yeon with my favorite actors! Hoon stands in front of Jae-hee protectively as Agent Cha’s finger tightens on the trigger. Logic was thrown out the window (or door) of Doctor Stranger with the first 2 Episodes and pretty much never returned. Disney/Marvel. Liked it a lot and continued on to other dramas. Including the lead actor and PD's last dramas - I Hear Your Voice and Master's Sun (sorry noona romance haters, 10 year age gap with a young hero >>>>>> cardboard heroine and OTP whose status is supported by nothing more than some vague nonsense about heartbeats). It's a tale that we've seen play out in dramas for centuries, as two former allies find themselves in philosophical conflict, and become enemies as a result. She runs to Hoon and they embrace while the cameras spin around to capture their happiness. It's honestly because the recapper at dramabeans states her opinion and this influences on everyone else that reads her recaps. Wishing everyone here Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We've tapped into the mystic arts of divination to foresee and predict where Benedict Cumberbatch will be weaving his magical hand-signs next. You're both an Angel. You'll remember he's the man who used magic to heal his own paralysis. (function(d, s, id) { LOL, Btw i heard the news that dr. stranger is strangely very popular in china so they currently shooting for the movie version. He's not dressed in his usual superhero attire, but like an average Joe — similar to what we saw in the video Marvel debuted at San Diego Comic-Con (but with pants). So how did Hoon survive? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. The best part? He's sitting in a chair speaking to someone who asks, "So Earth has wizards now?". Those who stayed for the post-credits sequence, however, got an extra moment with the sorcerer -- and it's one that helps spell out what we can expect from him in the not-too-distant future.

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