This was one of my favorite episodes back when all I had were the VHS tapes. A. Why bother playing this game if humanity is nothing but malevolence and cruelty? English language title for Episode 19 as well as a song in OST III. This is how suffering materializes as a narrative catalyst. The "Sickness unto Death" is the mental death, called despair. Gendo pairs Shinji with people who present him with the polar opposites of love and hate, sometimes at the exact same moment, to keep him unbalanced. Evangelion is selling something that this guy is never going to buy. Although the analogy is flawed in that hedgehogs don't actually hurt each other in close proximity, the idea behind this attribute of human interaction has been adopted by others, notably Freud. Reframing Gendo as the villain of the story got some good mileage back in episode three and four, but there’s only so much that can be said along the lines of “the main character is not an honest narrator toward his intentions.” There has to be more to carry the series forward. Rei's apparent coldness and devotion to Shinji father (Oedipal much?) A OST II title. From where I sit, I can’t tell if it is a genius attempt at shading a long arc of development or a hastily constructed effort to slap some depth onto a character whose defining trait to this point had been going along to get along. Though if we consider the seminal event of episode sixteen, I don’t think I’ve missed much of the point. FanFare is a pop culture discussion site for TV, movies, podcasts, and books. The "Sickness unto Death" is the mental death, called despair. The dilemma is then simply trading pain for a deeper connection and interaction with others. It is basically the mechanism that is involved in the destruction of a living being, essentially returning that living being back to "nothing" in extreme cases. All posts copyright their original authors. Destrudo is also mentioned in the 'End of Evangelion when Shinji is crucified and Giant Naked Rei appears. The "sickness unto death" is when the person does not realize this until he or she faces death and had lived a life in sin (sin was explained as the spiritual and actual position of a person in comparison to God). Destrudo is a term coined by Italian psychoanalyst Edoardo Weiss in 1935. I’d like to share something of a revelation I’ve had about my relationship with this series. This is a Bad Thing. In short, both. The person had a chance to live in "actuality," but instead was in despair and now is left with the "sickness unto death." The English title for Episode 20, Weaving a Story part two: Oral Stage. Separation Anxiety can become a disorder depending on the severity of it. And, because he's Shinji, things don't go that well for him. The first title of Episode 16, Sickness unto death, and..., is a reference to a book by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. According to Freud, the ego and the superego are constructed by introjecting external behavior into the subject's own persona. And as I watched Eleanor ask a question that has weighed heavily upon my thoughts during my post-cancer life, I struck upon the answer to Evangelion. Hikari is pre-eminently concerned with what is morally right, thus she represents the Super-ego. This can be a defense mechanism where one takes on attributes of a strong other person who is able to cope with the current threat. This may be related to tanging. I would hate to be a street cleaner in Tokyo-3, that's for sure. It is also the title of a OST II song as an instrumental and a separate song for the End of Evangelion. I don’t hate it because I’m a boor, who won’t do the work of learning a few hundred kanji while prepping a literature review worthy of an MFA thesis to accommodate this series’ singular and obtuse references after Catholic apocrypha. The Shinji who is stuck inside a dimensional void, slowly dying in corrupted LCL as his Eva runs out of power – let’s call him Shinji Prime – believes that living his life in such a way as to prevent people from hating him is perfectly fine. To be paired with Religious References in Neon Genesis Evangelion (and perhaps with Sexual Imagery in Neon Genesis Evangelion?). I watched this exchange between Eleanor and Janet while on an elliptical glider, exercising my damaged body in one of the few ways that is still available to me. [A note from a version of me who has finished watching the entirety of the series, for a third and final time, and is now free to connect the dots that past-Adam could not quite see: Present-Adam doesn’t have much more to add to this post. This is a concept created by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. It is a statement on how human beings cannot become intimate with others without sustaining the unavoidable mutual harm that comes with it. Who is he to presume that his belief that humanity can not be redeemed is any more authoritative than my belief that it can. Infantile dependence is the subjugating of a person to their parental figures, usually his or her mother. The Evangelions represent the unconscious, LCL represents the Libido, the soul inside EVA-01 represents part of Shinji's anima, the soul inside EVA-02 represents Asuka's anima, Rei is part of Shinji's anima, Eva-00 has no resident soul and AT Field represents barrier between consciousness and unconscious. [retrospective note: flash back to part 11 of this series where I postulate that Evangelion is a dogma, accessible only to acolytes and inherently alienating to those not inclined to BELIEVE.]. Is there going to be more to the final offerings than suffering on display? Though Shinji processes the influences of both Asuka and Rei, he is often too weak to make any informed decision at all. Shinji Prime doesn’t see a problem with building his identity around being an Eva pilot, since that is the only thing that ever seems to get him any positive validation from the people in his life. It would not usually be expected that the person embodying ambivalence would actually feel both of the two contradictory emotions as such. As a civilization, our default setting is not atrocity. She possesses the death drive because she knows she can be replaced if she dies. Shinji Prime recalls Gendo’s praise from episode 12, and Bizarro Shinji says, “You’re going to keep nursing that tiny bit of happiness for the rest of your life” Shinji Prime responds, “If I believe in those words I can go on living.”. Intention aside, the episode frames Shinji’s inner thoughts as a debate between being honest with one’s self and building a persona around seeking external validation. This is where comparison begins to get a bit shaky. Gendo is not a line but one of those difficult to place zig-zag Tetris pieces, which seems about right. Adam Shaftoe: Critic and Author What is Neon Genesis Evangelion and Why you Should (not) Watch it on Revangelion: Part 1 – The Cruel Angel Attack; Adam Shaftoe: Critic and Author » Revangelion: Part 16 – The Cruel Sickness Unto Death, and Then… on Revangelion: Part 11 – In the Cruel Still Darkness Logic Extremists | Azimuth on Logic Extremism in Star Trek Discovery very open and expressed while the contradictory emotion is repressed and can only come to light through analysis. WARF, July 12, 2019 7:50 PM - Season 1, Episode 16 -. Fear of being seen as not smart enough is a powerful motivation in making a critic take on work they would rather not do. I have had some very dark moments in my life. Any MetaFilter member can post a thread about a piece of media for other members to discuss. Meanwhile, I’m the guy who is burning his engines to get away from what it is doing. In part because I’m stubborn and I don’t like to quit things until the job is done, but also because I might still be wrong about Evangelion’s end game. The song Thanatos used during the anime is usually related to Rei. A theory that has been tossed around quite a bit, and holds some superficial merit, this theory postulates that the three main pilots of Evangelion represent the different regions of the Freudian mind.

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