It's already included in the latest development snapshot: I'm not quite sure, that this is within TeXstudio, because as far as I can see there are no changes related to this since 2.12.6. However, on the line in note.tex that say The packages in \usepackage are not highlighted, but documentation access works fine. It used to work but not anymore and that's a pity because the Packages Help function is a great tool! And to have it remember the correct filename to associate with a particular package? Does the package scanning work? Until it's completed the packages are not highlighted (ok, the 'Package not found' tooltip may be a bit misleading and 'Package background scan in progress' would be better). Removing the ini file fixed this. This was not the case with TXS 2.6.6 (the name was colored in green when recognized after a compilation). Texdoc not found not found again! I have two cases: (So the first case is consistent with the EDIT of @sirixlancelot 11h ago and there is no bug in the second one. The user-level documentation is found in the User Guide, amsldoc.pdf, which is found in the same directory folder. Is there a way to fix this? If not, you can send the ini to me ( Now again. Perhaps the best thing to do is sending you my .ini by email? However, on the line in note.tex that say \usepackage{mystyle}, the editor mark mystyle as "Package not found" which also make auto-completion failed to detect any command in mystyle.sty. > > Thanks, > Guy > Texdoc not found not found again! This functionality should be implemented. You can do what I did. I am running 2.12.18 version on both machines. If I change it to \input{mystyle.sty} things seem to be working, but I have to collaberate with others and it isn't always appropriated for me to change that. I guess maybe I wasn't clear. Texstudio is currently running continuously, so there shouldn't be an issue with interruption of the indexing process. However, the package scanning works (the packageCache.dat file is no longer empty an the syntax highlighting is ok). EDIT: I just restored the old ini file and retried. Hi Denis, To find it, we infere the path from the pdflatex command set in the options. I add that: I can open the package documentation and the file packageCache.dat is created but empty (except fot the first line). That may indeed the problem. Is there a way to fix this? Don't want to derail this thread too much, but at least in my case I can deny this. I only commented on this ticket since the solution worked for my problem as well. I pasted all my changes in the new texstudio.ini... The problem is when I just put in the the same directory as the main .tex itself, which can be in any random directory. and TeXstudio 2.12.6 (hg 6632:7777b2b8a906) Configuration wise they seem to be both fairly close, so I am not sure what is causing the problem. Once in the previous versions there were such problems. Regards. I'm on Windows, so lets say for example they both are in D:\Documents\Note. I can confirm this error. If you install it from install-tl you might get issues when installing TexStudio as a package. Do you get the documentation when you use "Open package documentation" in the context menu on the package name in the editor? That's what I mean when I say local. the simple answer is that txs does not scan sty-files when they are placed in the working directory. Thanks for the suggestion! The bug no longer happens if I rename my texstudio.ini and then restart TXS (I'd say it works even better because I don't need to run a compilation to have highlight syntax on my packages). Relying for texdoc being found via environment variables in additional search paths should have never worked so far. It seems that paths containing whitespace are not correctly handled in all cases. Options -> Editor -> Inline Checking -> Package. with \usepackage{} the autocomplete woks fine. If you have "Package present" then the package scanning itself works fine and your documentation issue a different thing. If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: © 2020 Slashdot Media. So please open up a separate bug report for it and let's discuss it there. This should have nothing to do with ini configuration settings. It should also work with your original ini. Build texstudio. When the run is complete, highlighting is automatically added. Sent from because you indicated interest in I had a similar problem but with \label and \ref. Are the settings for it in the default-constructed and in your renamed ini the same? Please report back, if this helped. a minute depending on your system). Though, I currently don't understand how it can be empty and still the miktex pdflatex is found. hg 4344 (6efae8aa6ad9) ensures proper quoting of the commands if they contain spaces. everything compile successfully., First computer (windows XP with MiKTeX) with the upgrade from 2.6.6 to 2.7: TXS stayed open several hours and what I described in the bug report remains. One quick suggestion: just rename your texstudio.ini to something else, start texstudio and check if your problem is solved. @Carlos: indeed, our problems seem related (I didn't realize it when reading your bug report). :-). Open; Optionally change the target (debug/release). Now again. Is ), Please check if the following is activated on your first computer: For your issue the following additional information may be relevant: Sorry, I cannot reproduce this anymore, since after removing/resetting the ini file it worked fine (but as I said, maybe it was just another restart of TXS). I'm quite puzzled because, in short, I cannot reproduce the solution steps I did on Sunday. All Rights Reserved. What definitively works for me is adding Ok, I did some more checks here. (Strg+B in Qt Creator) if "libzlib.dll" is not found by the linker (in the build step), try to set an aboslute reference. If I change it to \input{mystyle.sty} things seem We now query the LaTeX installation which packages are installed. Using Qt Version 5.9.1, compiled with Qt 5.9.1 R. Now I'm not an expert, but as I use this version of Texstudio for some time and the function we're discussing stopped working some time after the last upgrade of Texstudio (if I'm not mistaken), could it be that the problem is caused by one of the frequent upgrades of TeX Live? The behavior of package highlighting changed slightly in version 2.7.0. I solved it by removing the texstudio.ini and then configuring all preferences again., To unsubscribe from further messages, please visit

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