Mars' Skitarii Legion is the most glorious of all its kind. Underneath their augmetic battleware, the warriors of the Skitarii Legions are still technically human, yet each has been mutilated, dismembered and extensively rebuilt to better serve the Omnissiah's will. The weapons of the Skitarii are a strange amalgamation of ancient science, modern technology and baroque craftsmanship. At first their victims, ranging from pirate warbands to xenos warhosts, slip the net of Skitarii gunfire easily enough. Theirs is the power of endless motion put to the purpose of death. Stygies VIII has been accused of heresy in the past. Some Skitarii began as volunteers who were faithful to the Cult Mechanicus[9b] Others are recruited from the factory workers of Forge Worlds. Rad Weapons borne with martyr's strength turn the battlefield ever more toxic until it is as befouled as the Red Planet's own wastes. Adeptus Mechanicus Battalion Detachment (1,997) Forge World: Mars. Adeptus Mechanicus Stratagem. The warriors of Agripinaa bear the icon of the sacred cog bracketing a hermetic symbol. It took many standard years to bring this grand plan together, but once everything was in place, the High Fabricator of the Lathes found himself with a new force consisting of some of the best-trained and best-equipped troops in the Calixis Sector. The Huscarls were the personal bodyguards of Skitarii officers and commanders, hand-picked by these individuals and trained by them to perfection. They discharge with a loud crack, firing bolts of blue-white electricity that can fry a man's brain or overload a war machine's datacortex in a second. Those with the highest level of augmentation are known as Skitarii Alphas, a high honor in Skitarii culture. The term Balisteria included both the vehicle or artillery piece, as well as the Skitarii crews manning them. The Skitarii are the armed forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the faction that produces and maintains virtually all vehicles and engines of war in the Imperium. [9b] Skitarii are also known for their near-emotionless nature, a result of both brain surgery and psychological condition. A single Forge World can provide war materiel sufficient to supply an entire sector. Ceramic valves and adamantium sockets stud hard knots of pallid, translucent muscle. As with so much of the Cult Mechanicus' business, the truths of the Skitarii's creation are kept a close secret. In this way their soldiers can be remotely augmented, used as eyepieces, forced into suicidal engagements, or even possessed entirely. The rising sun at its heart signifies the dawn of a new age, while the cog that surrounds it shows that the Tech-priests of Graia intend to be its masters. For this reason the Infiltrators are seen as wise and holy heroes by their Skitarii brethren, talismans against data corruption that fight a selfless war on the front line. The Skitarii cohorts bear the icon of Forge World Lucius. It can only be repaired by the ministrations of a Tech-priest upon a grav-bier who will excise the dead flesh and install a replacement even as the engine walks on. [12], The military forces of the Skitarii are known as the Legiones Skitarii. When the wielder is unable to give his full concentration, the warlike spirit of the gun will take over. Use this Stratagem at the end of any of your turns. (Posted on 30/11/2019), Warhammer Community: From Aelves to Zoats – Previews from LVO (Posted January 24 2020), A Sydonian Dragoon mounted upon an Ironstrider engine. Departmento Cartigraphicae galaxy map depicting the bastions of the Machine God, ca. Armour may repel the solid rounds, but only the most heavily-reinforced battle plate can protect the target from the baleful energy given off by the hyper-irradiated bullets. Under the Treaty of Mars, Forge Worlds are not required to give manpower over to the Imperial Guard under the Imperial Tithe, so they are allowed to raise, train, and equip their own Planetary Defense Forces. In the eternal quest for knowledge and the acquisition of technology, Tech-Priests require super-human efforts from the troops under their command. Some Tech-priests believe it is a representation of the Cadian Gate, the oval trapped within its lines representing the Eye being trammelled by Order itself. The only things they don't use are the Land Raider (which is due to a d… It is not known if this type of Skitarii is still utilised by the present-day Adeptus Mechanicus. In return they receive doctrinal sacrament with every new day of war, and they are grateful for it. The Tribunes handle the day-to-day tactical and strategic command roles for the Skitarii. Since that day they have fought on the front line of the Cult Mechanicus' many wars. They take pride in their holy work, glorying in the power of the Omnissiah as He drives them to ever greater feats. The Ruststalkers of the Skitarii Legions fall upon their foes in a slashing, stabbing frenzy. When a solid impact is made with the enemy, the energy is blasted through their body, then re-harnessed by the weapon using the electrothief prongs at the weapon's tip. The Skitarii Vanguard, known informally as "rad-troopers," bring the baleful touch of the Tech-priests to the far corners of the galaxy. The term "Skitarii", however is often used to reference only the augmented infantry. [19c], The process Skitarii creation is a closely kept secret of the Adeptus Mechanicus, but what is clear is that involves heavy cybernetic augmentation to those with a fanatical faith in the Omnissiah. During the data-harvest at battle's end, if these fallen are judged still fit to serve the Omnissiah, they are not incinerated but instead taken back to the augmetic slabs. Due to their extensive modification Skitarii can excel and survive in almost any atmosphere. FA: 5x Ironstrider, Autocannons FA: 7x Serberys Raiders FA: 7x Serberys Raiders. Key Units The original maniples to cross the desert reaches of Mars on foot were armed only with Galvanic Rifles. Skitarii safeguard the massive war engines of the Centurio Ordinatus as well as Titans on campaign from boarding actions and prevent hostile forces from reaching the war engines' dead zone, where its main weapon batteries are useless. The Praetorians represented the most elite troops to be found amongst the Skitarii. Even in death they offer sacred data to their invisible masters high above. Though Vanguard troopers' signature rad-carbines slowly kill their wielders, their effect upon those struck by their bullets is a hundred times worse.

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