To win a point when raiding, the raider must take a breath and run into the opposition’s half and tag one or more members of the opposing team and then return to their own half of the pitch before inhaling again. Selection Process on 15 Sept 2018 at Del. Our Biggest Loser: How NBA Fans Establish Identities by Rooting for Losing, When Cookie Didn’t Crumble, Gilchrist Was Among the Best Ever, Estimating Completion Probability in the NFL, Nick Saban: Do Your Job And Trust The Process, Baseball Pitching Legend Rube Waddell Was Once Traded for a Stogie, The two teams alternate between raiding and defending for two halves of twenty minutes each (with a five minute break between halves and newly introduces small timeouts for teams which is used to generate advertisement revenue). The officials comprise of a referee, a scorer, two assistant scorers and two umpires. 4) Sitting Block The sitting block shall be at a distance of 2 meter from the end lines. While the raid is running if any player puts his step out the court then he will be self out. Learn how your comment data is processed. Kabaddi is a team game. The raider has option/right to give up struggling within or the expiration of that 30 seconds period however in that case a point will be awarded to the stopper (Defender). As everyone concerned and connected with Kabaddi Game must be aware that 66 Senior National Kabaddi Championship – Wom. Every team consists of seven players, In which some are raiders and some are defenders. Raid: The player who attempts to go in opponents half play field with single breath of cant. It shall be called a “hold” by the defender. The opposite team must defend themselves and prevent the raiders from tagging them. Front-kick: In front kick, the raider tries to kick from front, in a deceiving action keeping in mind that opponent should not grab the leg. Hu-Tu-Tu: It is an another name of kabaddi. Kabaddi-History, Rules and Regulations, fundamental skills kabbadi History. Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Dabang Delhi K.C. Read More. Because of the physical nature of Kabaddi, matches are categorized in age and weight categories. It is a sport played on a court, which is divided into two halves. Change ). ( Log Out /  You have entered an incorrect email address! Day 10 – World Kabaddi World Cup 2014 Live From Amritsar on 17 Dec 2014. 4. P.S. If he still manages to do so, only the tagged member will stop the raider. After raiding once, the raider doesn’t go back to his half but back to the dugout. Read More . Catch: The defensive player of grabs from the raider and completely over power them, so that he cannot raturn safely to his own half. The format of the competition was influenced by the Indian Premier League. I practice everyday , which is the key to success. If the captain and coach want then he will substitute 5 players in a game. If the raider fails to reach his half within this stipulated time, he goes out and opposition team gets one point awarded. INDIA (Women) Kabaddi Team Players – Raiders & Stoppers 2013. Failure to do this, even for just a moment means that the rider must return to their own side of the court without points and the opposite team is awarded a point for a successful defense play. Day by day the popularity of this sport increases and results in the world cup of Kabaddi. 6. It is a sport played on a court, which is divided into two halves. 1. Each team will take turns in raiding and defending. But the difference is that Kabaddi is a team game but the Wrestling is not. If a team has three unproductive(empty) raids in a row, the third raider is out. Enjoyed reading the article above, actually explains everything in detail, the guide is very Raid – When a raider goes from his court into the court of the opposing team, it is called a raid. If any player pulls another player’s jersey then a technical point should be given to the other team. Many of the people of other countries are interested in his game. (This is the court style used in Pro Kabaddi League, size may vary slightly for… Kabaddi is a team game. The team being raided is defending, and the players must prevent the raiders from tagging them and returning back over the halfway line. (This is the court style used in Pro Kabaddi League, size may vary slightly for international or local matches).

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