Blossom end rot. This problem is not uncommon among gardeners. Some reasons blossom rot occurs include: Under or Over Watering Excess Nitrogen Excess Fertilizer High Salt Concentrations Calcium deficiency in the plant is the cause but applying calcium to the foliage won’t help. Identification On both tomato and pepper, symptoms of blossom end rot first appear as light-tan, water-soaked lesions, usually on the distal end of the fruit but occasionally on the side of the fruit. Pepper, eggplant and squash (e.g., zucchini) fruits can also be affected. This is called blossom end rot and is caused by lack of calcium in the fruits. Since pepper flowers are self fertile, they require some sort of vibration (a bee's wings) or gentle airflow (wind) to help release pollen from … This is mainly a problem on the fruit of tomatoes and peppers and manifests itself as sunken brown and leathery patches on the blossom end of the first few fruit of the season. Use a fertilizer high in superphosphate and low in nitrogen. Dark blotches on the ends of aubergine, tomato and pepper are alarming, but do not mean the end of the crop. Blossom end rot is caused by calcium deficiency, but adding calcium to your soil may not help either. Peppers; Eggplants; Squash; Melons ; Despite being a frustrating problem, it’s quite common in vegetable gardens. Gardeners often are distressed to notice that a dry, sunken decay has developed on the blossom end (bottom) of many fruit, especially the first fruit of the season. This lack of calcium may be due to low calcium levels in the soil or—more typically—soil that is over- or underwatered. (Fungicides and insecticide won't help.) Calcium is relatively insoluble and plants under stress can’t move it … E. Maynard, Purdue Univ. Water regularly during dry periods and mulch plants with a 3–4 inch layer of organic... 2. Do not apply fertilizers containing ammonia to your soil. It’s called blossom end rot, and here is why it happens. Later on, this is when the fruit/vegetable starts to appear and along with them, the blossom end rot. The hot, dry weather of the last few weeks has been stressful for peppers, resulting in the appearance of blossom end rot, especially in early fruit sets. Despite the name, it is not actually a bacterial rot, but rather a result of the plant’s inability to produce healthy skin on the fruits. Weird Vegetable Gardening Tips That Actually Work, Free Vegetable Garden Layout, Plans and Planting Guides. 21 Perennial Vegetables You Can Plant Once For Years Of Bounty! Blossom-end rot is a common problem of peppers, tomatoes and watermelons. Photo by David B. Langston, University of Georgia, Along the row and out to the shoulders of the bed, the soil should be moist enough to form a ball in your hand and not break apart. Sometimes the entire pepper will turn brown instead of ripening to its natural color. … Blossom end rot is the result of plant stress brought on by periods of dry vs moist soil. Will TUMS … Apply a spray of Epsom salt solution to the entire plant. Although no data exists to quantify how much annual economic impact blossom-end rot has on Georgia’s bell pepper and tomato industries, it is safe to say that significant loss of fruit occurs during the spring crop season, especially during hot, dry years. A lack of pollinating insects, or poor air circulation may cause pepper flowers to drop instead of setting fruit. (These can be related; uneven watering can interfere with the uptake of calcium.) The browning is an indication that fungi have attacked the vulnerable and affected area of the fruit. The hot, dry weather of the last few weeks has been stressful for peppers, resulting in the appearance of blossom end rot, especially in early fruit sets. Avoid the fertilizer during the early fruiting; it is at this time that blossom end rot starts to appear. This is caused by a low concentration of calcium in the fruit, and this usually happens when there is a big fluctuation in moisture.

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