At the festivity, King Leopold praises his daughter as the fairest one of them all as she greatly reminds him of Eva. Schiff will show up on episode 11 and fans can expect to learn a lot about his character's history. Ingrid | Jasmine | Prince Eric | Wendy Darling | Snow White As they go to retrieve it, they find one of the royal servants, Johanna, trying the tiara on. Looking for some great streaming picks? Jiminy Cricket | When Prince Charming is trapped, Snow White saves him by threatening to turn the trolls into bugs, and they believe her, though she is bluffing with sand instead of fairy dust. Alias Lily Page | ("Labor of Love"), When Snow turns fifteen, her father gifts her a trained pony for her birthday. Outside her makeshift home, she is caught in a net trap. After receiving a tip that the Queen's soldiers had discovered her location, Snow White flees. © 2020 TV Fanatic Later, she tells her father about the woman's brave feat. On the way there, Snow White is told Red Riding Hood is the wolf and without the cloak, she has no control over transforming. ("Heartless"), At an older age, Snow White masters horseback riding and earns many medals for her tremendous skill. Bashful | Realizing the Queen had all of them killed, a horrified Snow retracts her prior statement about the Queen, and attests there is absolutely no good left in that woman. They successfully follow the trail of the wolf tracks, though, to their horror, they slowly turn into human footprints leading to Red Riding Hood's cottage. Powers/Skills Said he, “People come here to the castle when they have a problem. While the princess happily gallops on her favorite horse in a meadow, Regina angrily regards her from inside the stable window. Family Merlin | [Emma, Regina & Lily] - Duration: 3:41. Queen Eva (mother; deceased)King Leopold (father; deceased)Regina Mills (stepmother)Prince Charming (husband)Prince Neal (son)Emma Swan (daughter)Henry Mills (grandson)Ella Mills (granddaughter-in-law)Lucy Mills (great-granddaughter)Cora (step-grandmother)Prince Henry (step-grandfather)Zelena (step-half-aunt)Robin (step-half-cousin)Ruth (mother-in-law; deceased)Robert (father-in-law; deceased)Prince James (brother-in-law; deceased) Make the world safe for Emma and connect with her twenty eight years later. Michael Darling | When questioned about her wanted status, she alludes to having destroyed the Queen's happiness. From this, both have reason to believe Peter is the wolf. Sven | Emma first appeared in the series' pilot as a bail bond agent in Boston, Massachusetts, until she meets her biological son Henry, whom she gave up for adoption 10 years before. Henry Mills (grandson) 8. The Sultan | She is later captured by Charming, who demands for the Ring that Snow does not have. On the way there, he takes away her vial of fairy dust, which she was saving to use on the Queen, as the substance can transform an adversity into something harmless. There is no time to grieve as a hunting party approaches, so Granny stays behind to hold them off while the two girls escape into the night. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With the Blue Fairy's help, she is restored to human. Mad Hatter | Full Cast & Crew: Once Upon a Time (2011–2018) Series Cast (647) ... Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White / Queen Snow White / Siren (136 episodes, 2011-2018) Josh Dallas. Despite the affection from her stepmother, she knows Regina desires to get rid of her. Before they resume their journey together, she thanks Snow White for the constant support of both halves of herself as wolf and human. Brennan Jones (1 episode, 2015) Paul Jarrett. Rarely does Snow White, who also goes by Mary Margaret Blanchard, wait for Prince Charming to rescue her. Archery Cora purposely startles the horse into taking off, in which the terrified princess is forced to hold on as her horse gallops onto an estate. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. The QueenPrincess Snow WhiteMary Margaret Blanchard (in Storybrooke)SnowMom (By Emma)Grandma (by Henry) Laws of Magic:Henry is limited by powers, unable to resurrect the dead, change the past and make someone fall in love with someone else, though they're have been exceptions to this. Little John | Killian Jones | Tom Clark, Dopey, Granny/Widow Lucas, Killian Jones/Captain Hook, Jiminy Cricket, Maleficent, Queen Guinevere, Dr. Henry Jekyll (formerly), Evil Regina, Blue Fairy, Anton/Tiny, Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Kathryn Nolan/Princess Abigail, the "Good" Lost Boys, Blue Fairy/Mother Superior/Rheul Ghorm, other fairies, Hercules, Megara, Regina Mills (formerly), Rumplestiltskin (formerly), Greg and Tamara, Peter Pan, Lost Boys (formerly), Felix, Zelena (formerly), Flying Monkeys, Ingrid, Maleficent (formerly), Isaac Heller, Ursula (formerly), Cruella de Vil, Lily Page (formerly), King Arthur, Queen Guinevere (formerly), Cora, Rumplestiltskin (formerly), Hook (formerly), Knights of Camelot (formerly), Percival, Hades, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Mr. Edward Hyde, Evil Regina (formerly), Gideon (formerly), the Black Fairy. Emma Swan, Prince Charming, Henry Mills, Regina Mills/Evil Queen, Zelena, Rumplestiltskin, Belle, Red Riding Hood, Neal Cassidy, Robin Hood, Grumpy/Leroy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy/Mr. Geppetto | ("The Evil Queen"), Wanting to save enough money to leave the kingdom for elsewhere, Snow White learns to survive by stealing valuables from carriages owned by the Queen. Hallmark Renews Good Witch and Chesapeake Shores, Announces Christmas Lineup & More! Snow White fumbles, finally clasping one arrow, when Dead Eye steps on it and tries to bully her into leaving. She is chased down by a man, who wrestles her to the ground, and flips her over to see the face of the person he is dealing with. Soon after, she rescues a peasant woman named Wilma from being executed by the Queen's men. Cyrus | Snow White rejects the deal as she doesn't wish to use bad means to gain something, but runs back to the palace in tears, admitting to Eva what she couldn't do. Prince Naveen | Granney | Eva is disappointed in her daughter's tone and emphasizes th… While Hercules plans to go after Cerberus, Snow White opts to stay and look out for her kingdom. 3. At the memorial service, she puts a single snowdrop on Eva's chest and then refuses to leave her mother's side, even when everyone else is gone, until Johanna helps her leave the room. When peasants plead for help about a bandit, Dead Eye, who is terrorizing their villages, Snow White agrees to notify her father, however, Regina gently reasons she can handle it instead. At one village, Snow White shoots an arrow, making it miss Dead Eye and hit a tree, as a warning. Strangely, Wilma mentions the matter in how Regina saved Snow White, although this was never brought up in their prior discussion. Pinocchio | While the soldiers are checking the tree, she snatches a bag of jewels before fleeing on horseback. Young Actress Bailee Madison on Holidays, 'Parental Guidance', Re-Made in the USA: How Brodre Became Brothers, Nickelodeon: 'The Last Day of Summer' - Behind the Scenes. Though she believes this makes herself weak, her mother is very proud of Snow White's sign of strength and goodness. Directly after, Anita mournfully tends to Quinn's body and angrily blames Snow White for his death. Assuming the name Mary, Snow White later goes with Red Riding Hood to haul water at the well. Fairy Godmother | Alive: 1. They manage to hide out of sight, but Red Riding Hood is terrified that a tear in her cloak will force her to transform again, so she sends Snow White away. Her father had always said to his daughter that she must be fair to everyone at court. The Blue Fairy has no means of helping Eva, except a type of dark magic in the form of a candle, which sacrifices one person's life so another can live. While the decorations are being prepared, Eva has an heirloom tiara to give her. As they go to retrieve it, they find one of the royal servants, Johanna, trying the tiara on. . When asked the purpose of the upcoming ball, Snow White proudly answers that it's in honor of her own birthday. ("Enter the Dragon"), While in the royal gardens, Snow White meets a new friend of her father's, the former Genie of Agrabah, who he invites to his birthday celebration. As their time together shortens, Eva promises to be with Snow White as long as she has good in her heart. She tells the woman about how Regina saved her as a little girl; revealing that her faith in people and their goodness resulted from this one connection. Doc | Remy | Drawing from her own experience in losing her own mother, Snow doesn't wish for Regina to lose hers, and therefore, reveals the truth about Daniel to Cora.

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