Nice read, I'm happy to finally know the difference. I used to use it as thickening agent for daal, gravies etc. To find out more about me just check out the About section of this blog! Durian is totally and completely banned even for cargo delivery services. We two brother used to finish one jackfruit in one time and it never gave any problem to our stomach. Jackfruit vs Durian is a widespread confusion among people who don’t live in Southeast Asia. Hi Marcus, good luck on your exploration of SE Asia! According to Healthline, Durian Nutrition info is given as follows: Once you know both fruits, their color, sizes, taste, and nutritional benefits, it is time compare jackfruit vs durian to find out the similarities and differences between both. jackfruit’s spikes are smaller and a bit blunt. I assume that "Durien" and "Durian" sound very similar. Jackfruit and durian taste completely different. Yes, it is a rich source of protein and you can go through this blog to learn all the nutritional facts of jackfruit. You can eat them along with some vegetables or whole grains as a side dish to increase the quantity and type of protein intake. Durian is an awesome fruit to eat - the taste alone is a great reason to like it.

Yes, it’s custardy in texture, but a riuch fruity combination of cream, vanilla, caramel, fresh peaches and pears. This morning I opened the can and balked at the smell…but it’s canned! The stinkiest, spikiest, weirdest fruit of them all, the one that even Andrew Zimmern couldn’t stomach.

Jackfruit has a sweet and fruity aroma, although strong. It provides six percent, 11%, and five percent of the recommended daily intake respectively. seeds coated in a pleasant fragrance. Thanks for the info! Jackfruit vs. Durian in terms of Calories & Carbohydrates. When Linnaeus was classifying the fruits, he put durian in the mallow family (Malvacae), and jackfruit in the fig and mulberry family (Morocae).

The jackfruit flowers are short, stout flowering, which happens not only at large branches of the tree but also from its trunk. Along with being a rich source of antioxidants and other nutrients, you also find a good amount of sugar in jackfruit and it also benefits in sugar control. There are several differences between these two. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It was a taste of heavenly paradise. Some people have described the durian as having The inside of durian is light yellow or yellowish-green, semi-woody, textured pulp. Will still try to find one or more.

The seed is hard and slippery, which looks like chestnuts.

I’d love to try growing Breadfruit, but it gets too cold in Florida. Thank you! It reduces the calorie content per meal by half compared to rice. There is currently some disagreement in the scientific community about whether a separate family should be formed for durian and its relatives, but that doesn’t change durian and jackfruit’s status as first cousins three times removed. As jackfruit tastes like chicken or pork, many people remain confused if it is a fruit or vegetable. Eating jackfruit provides you more vitamins and minerals that prevent you from getting sick. In the taste, both fruits are diverse and completely dissimilar to each other. The fruit includes hundreds to thousands of individual flowers. A study conducted by Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service showed that jackfruit has a glycemic load (GL) of 17, and that it may even reverse diabetes. But I knew that my hostess would kick me out of her apartment if I showed up with durian. Both fruits require humid and hot weather conditions to grow adequately. How?

Clearly more beta-cryptoxanthin per 100g.Beta-cryptoxanthin is an antioxidant that is converted to vitamin A1 (retinol) when ingested. Magnesium is an important mineral for bone development and helps the proper functioning of various metabolic processes, like activating the enzymes that help in energy production. The Durian is truly tropical and can’t handle anything but a fully tropical environment. Generally speaking, the jackfruit grows Here we have added some frequently asked questions, our readers in-boxed us to answer: Here are the answers of questions you sent us in emails and comments. So, vitamin A fights wrinkles, and gives a flawless skin and glowing complexion. physical appearance, aroma and flavor.

I've bought durian in North Carolina before, good luck on finding it in S.C.! One of the most divine flavors ever. On the contrary, the durian boasts a creamy and soft Now for the battle of the smells between jackfruit and durian. It is not a typical fruit so its smell is so distinctive. The latex is very sticky, and you have to use oil to let the stickiness go away while cutting. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that comes in various forms. Inside the jackfruit and durian are long seeds enclosed

I knew durian and not jackfruit. You can also buy delicious and crunchy organic jackfruit chips. Durian resembles jackfruit in appearance, but they are not related. I’m still a little too scared to try dragonfruit or some of the other fruits I’ve seen. The seam conveniently runs right down the middle of each cavity, making making fruit access relatively easy. Jackfruit flowers are short. It also has a scent like The name Durian is Malaysian words, which mean “thorn’ of the fruits. They both have great nutritional content however not same. Nutrition value of Jackfruit is much higher than Durian Fruit. packed with plenty of nutrients. You need to exercise caution when handling HDL (high-density lipoprotein) removes LDL from the arteries and carries it to the liver to be broken down. On the other hand, jackfruit contains more vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium. Jackfruit is a good source of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Jackfruit vs. Durian – Exterior Appearance . The ripe jackfruit smell like bubble gum due to a large amount of sugar present in its pulp. Jackfruit is a nutrient-rich fruit grown primarily in India, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


The durian trees are medium to small size depending on the variety. Durian, like jackfruit, is beneficial for skin health. It looked to me like they were sharing a forbiodden secret. Which is healthier in jackfruit vs durian? shape is circular. Use a wet towel to wrap it around the jackfruit when cutting open to prevent yourself from the spiked exterior. These sugars provide instant energy.

FoodsForBetterHealth. Is there a relation between jackfruit and durian being confused among people regarding the poison created (this post( ) says about the poison) when cola is consumed after eating it? Now why is there no durian gum? Jackfruit vs Durian: What’s the difference. Jackfruit Flowering happens on large branches and tree trunks.

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