I’ve come to believe that there is spiritual freedom in living simply. I have always wanted to live in an intentional community… and have tried to do this in a shared house… not been easy. Four young women who had all… Learn more Columbus Cohousing Columbus, Ohio, United States. They can be built quickly with minimal equipment, and are very sturdy. I admit to being spoiled, hell I’m known for my excessive shoe collection. People living in an IC usually have a common vision of living healthy, sharing resources, being debt-free, and being involved in the community. Thanks so much for your kind words , […] out my other earlier posts here and here to see how this project got […]. Cohousing is one form of intentional community (East Lake Commons and Lake Claire Cohousing) though a Village-Conservation Community can also be an intentional community that brings future residents and surrounding neighbors together around preservation and connection to the land – natural habitats and farms/gardens. Work part-time to spend more time with kids. I’m a board […], […] He will be the builder and designer for the 45 natural built homes that will be a part of our proposed 4 acre community, being built in Atlanta or the outskirts. It’s not been bad at all with few problems. The second cohousing community planned by Village Habitat Design in Georgia, East Lake Commons is located in a reemerging area of Atlanta. Send post to email address, comma separated for multiple emails. But shortly before my mom died I realized that none of that stuff mattered as much as building memories with loved ones. An Intentional Community (IC) is a community of like-minded people that live together sharing land and resources in an eco-village, co-housing community, residential or community land trust, commune, cooperative living, or other type of alternative community. These projects place emphasis on bringing a portion of future residents together before any buildings are constructed so that they can form a social community and influence the planning and design of their future community. Intentional Communities and Co-housing Two weeks ago I visited the Lake Claire Community Land Trust (pictured here), with some friends to see an intentional community up close and personal. Health Plus Lifestyle. We’re building sustainable homes in an intentional community we’re developing for senior citizens and displaced veterans. And financial freedom too! Itis located in a prewar neighborhood within the city of Atlanta. How much land to buy? It’s possible I may change my mind and build a container home. Sustainable Homes and Intentional Community Planning. I put my office in my bedroom which wasn’t hard to do as I’m not junky and throw things out all the time. Houses built close together and share a courtyard or common area. It’s hard work but fulfilling. The hardest thing is going to be not being able to have all of my extensive art collection in my home. Another member of my IC group wants to build a storage container home. Check for ICs in your area and arrange to visit one like I did. It’s good to look at a small home in person to see if it’s possible for you to live in a small space. This would be an extension of what I already do in my regular life which centers on being an active volunteer for several charities. Preserving The Environment. I cataloged all items in my home and keep a journal to keep track of my thoughts  and be mindful of what’s really important to me  in a living space, as well as on a deeper level . ISBN 9781550923162. Robert lives in small cabin right next to the community land trust along with other neighbors that live in small cabins. BTW, tiger’s eye stone was used for clarity, insight, and protection by Roman soldiers. (He just formed an IC community—a tiny house village in Sonoma County, CA, opening in 2015.) Last week I  posted about my intentional community and co-housing  project in Atlanta here . (I didn’t get a chance to go inside a house). We are creating an intergenerational cohousing community in Columbus, Ohio. Before anyone takes a big leap into this lifestyle, this type of gradual transitioning will reveal if you can live this way long-term. Would you be able to spend more time with family? His home was too small for me, I’m a bit claustrophobic! Find local intentional community groups in Atlanta, Georgia and meet people who share your interests. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sustainable Homes and Intentional Community Planning . I visited to learn more about Intentional Communities and co-housing since I just formed an intentional community group with a charity I’m a board member of, The Action Not Words Project. Healthy food allows people to heal and be healthy. Other people involved have been referred by this core group of people. Here are some examples of what intentional communities do: From reading message boards and talking to different people that live in ICs I’ve learned that most communities have: There are many things to consider when starting an IC. Anyone in the Atlanta area that’s interested in joining the community please post a comment below or here, or send an email to: healthpstyle (at) gmail (dot) com, […] everyone. It's the Atlanta campus of Shanti Villa Institute located in Tuskegee, AL, founded by her husband, Sri Charles. The following projects are designed as intentional communities. (I didn’t add my bedroom closet to the living space listed above since I moved essential items from there into my bedroom.) Your life will center on living it and not just existing in it. Also, finding the right people to live with in the IC is essential and hasn’t been difficult for me. Her interests include: Holistic/Natural Health Advocate, Environmentalist, Published Writer, Photographer, Artist, Sustainable Living Advocate. In fact, nothing truly belongs to us anyway. Amongst the many environmental benefits is good healthy soil which allows for the most nutritious food to be grown. I grow tomatoes, okra, sweet potatoes, beets, and basil. What’s important to me is to live surrounded by people who want to help each other and the community. Copyright 2013-2020 WLD ENTERPRISES | All Rights Reserved. In preparation for living in a smaller space I have started selling and giving away non-essential things. Sophia Community is an intentional community living in a lovely big house in Hyde Park, near the University of Chicago. But doing this AND combining it with low cost natural built homes (low price on community entry) is fabulous and not something one can find many other places. The Lake Claire Community visit was wonderful. I want to nurture and be nurtured by a group of people in a sustainable living community. By small, I mean, around 250 square feet. I also have researched other natural house options: straw bale, cob, earth ship, and storage containers. Today, it’s commonly used for meditation. There was a common courtyard that connected all of the homes. OCLC 232159819. She teaches Agnihotra, Ayurveda medicine, raw yoga, holistic health, and gardening. I want to live in an environmentally conscious community where permaculture techniques will be used to grown an organic garden and/or farm. How do you run a community? It was an informative tour and at the end Robert gave me a beautiful tiger’s eye stone! This preserves the soil for centuries so other people can benefit. Residents volunteer together as a community. My charity, The Action Not Words Project will be doing this project with me. Explore new career options, chose a more enjoyable career. Congrats on such a great vision! 4 and 6 plex buildings developed to minimize building costs while emphasizing pedestrian streets, courtyards, village green and nature trails. This is the most important reason why I want to live in an intentional community. Two weeks ago I visited the Lake Claire Community Land Trust  (pictured here), with some friends to see an intentional community up close and personal. His place smelled of incense and had lots of good energy. Lake Claire is located in Atlanta, GA and I was given a tour of the property by Robert Pue who lives there. Residents do a few hours of land maintenance each week. Probably the only place I can think of would be the ecovillage Dancing Rabbit, and then you are on your own to build your own place… quite daunting for most. The people choosing to live with me are loving, kind, health-minded, community-oriented people. The FIC directory lists 1,759 forming and established intentional communities spread across every American state and Puerto Rico. We don’t take it with us when we die. Our roles and the communities we are a part of shape our identity: entrepreneur, son, daughter, leader, friend, board member, church goer.

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