For years the VIIIth Legion had existed on the border between sanction and censure, fighting its own wars of terror like shadows within the forces of the Great Crusade. And then the ultimate hypocrisy – they demanded the entire Legion do now for greed what they had been cursing Talos for attempting in the name of vengeance.”, “How soon his brethren turned from faith and love in their gene-sire to grave doubts – the very same moment they realised the assassin had stolen weapons and relics they believed were theirs to inherit. Night Haunter quickly adapted to the teachings of the Imperium, studying the complex doctrines of the Legiones Astartes under the Primarch Fulgrim's tutelage. Nostramo belonged to the Night Haunter. Bringing him back in any way whatsoever will greatly cheapen the whole tale.

Giants towering above their warriors, just as their warriors towered above mortal men. Stare into the blackness between worlds – that dark ocean, the silent sea.

Plus the human penis loses its ability to have boners if it doesn't regularly have them. Theory regarding Curze’s soul residing in the Eldar spirit stone … Given his nature, who can doubt that he would have risen to be the corrupt king of all he surveyed, but he did not. Without eyes, without hands, but left their tongues, the mutilated messengers would weep out a simple message: "I am coming for you.". Even as terrifying carnage was being wreaked upon the Loyalists below, the retreating forces of the Warmaster turned and brought their weapons to bear on the enemy warriors within their midst. In the novel "Blood Reaver," Ch.

Behind them, long range support squads manned the walls of the fortress, and Traitor Army artillery pieces waited to shower any attacker with high explosive death. It was a daemon, no less, with the body of an infant but the expression of an old man, its eyes black and cold as obsidian.". The vid-log of the event then shows M'Shen leaping forward at the Primarch. The Night Haunter did not fall during the Horus Heresy, and neither did he receive the dark blessing of the Ruinous Powers in the form of apotheosis to daemonhood. The VIIIth Legion sided with none of the Chaos Gods, instead using the Forces of Chaos as tools in their terror campaigns. I merely punished those who had wronged, just as your False Emperor now seeks to punish me. This is the way of obedience my sons. Sometimes there seems to have been cause for such methods, but often the only explanations for the decimation of populations, for the skinning pits and crucified cities, seems to be that the Night Lords enjoyed it. The verdict is writ by your own hands. Curze's city had become a silent hive, illuminated by the light of progress. Many of the corpses found were so horribly beaten by their assailant that identification was impossible. My sons butchered and maimed their brothers. Though they lived in ignorance of the glory of the Imperium of Man, the Dark King undoubtedly possessed great authority and was able to command unquestioning respect. The chain of atrocities grew ever longer in the solar decades before Curze finally turned against the Emperor, like a path spiralling ever downwards into inevitable darkness. The Iron Warriors had claimed the highest ground, taking the Loyalist landing site with all the appearance of reinforcing it through the erection of prefabricated plasteel bunkers. As his mental anguish grew, so did his Legion's dark reputation. The strangers walked in a slow, regal parade. Guilliman insecure about Yvraine banging his crazy brother. "I felt I knew well why the Emperor's ship changed course for that bleak orb, even before consulting the cards of the Lesser Arcanoi. If this occurred I imagine he might become a decent guy, better than he ever was even before his involvement in the Horus Heresy. From the moment he landed Curze got fucked over as, unlike the usual stasis-pod-descending-from-a-beam-of-light type landing his brothers made, Konrad punched through the crust of the planet(the entire planet was made of adamantium, though...) and had to crawl his ass out from the core, all while being a TODDLER.

Many of the Night Lord’s cared more about Curze’s lost relics than getting actual vengeance for his death. Somehow, the remaining Night Lords managed to affect their escape and fled into the void. It is believed that Night Haunter allowed himself to be killed: he saw himself as a murderous and corrupt villain, the very thing he sought to destroy. Stays in the crown but controls whoever wears it. Curze ordered his Legion not to pursue his assassin, a last wish that was eventually disobeyed. Curze then shoved Lorgar back towards his Word Bearers.

Now the Alpha Legion, the Word Bearers, the Iron Warriors and the Night Lords would stand together with their comrades in the Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Emperor's Children and Death Guard Legions – bloodied but unbowed beneath the flag of the Warmaster Horus, the rightful second Emperor of Mankind. The Loyalists' supposed "allies" opened fire upon the Salamanders and Raven Guard, killing hundreds in the fury of the first few moments, hundreds more in the seconds following, as volley after volley of Bolter fire and missiles scythed through their unsuspecting ranks. The Thramas System was of particular importance, as it comprised a number of Mechanicum Forge Worlds whose loyalty was still to the Emperor. Kill a dozen men and they will scream and wail in the night, and they will feel fear, not hatred.

Death!". Fed up with his insufferable prisoner, the Night Haunter devised a final solution to his problem of ridding himself of the Salamander's presence. "We have received your offer of surrender and reject it; we did not come to receive your supplication but to enact judgement. He fired his flight pack, burning his fuel reserves to escape Curze’s grip. Let’s all be honest, curze would be the most terrifying demon primarch. They were creatures of the dark, harnessed to the will of a father wracked by righteousness and foreboding; what else could have been their fate but to fall back into the night from whence they came? Maybe they slap him into a Prognosticar when they need to see into the future. As he fell from an impossible height, his body was burned to a crisp upon reentry. But kill a single man, and they will see monsters and devils in every shadow. I am standing at the edge of a chasm. The first demigod, clad in wrought gold, inclined his white-haired head in majestic acknowledgement -- a king greeting an equal. When Imperial forces were assembled to strike against Horus and the four turncoat Legions, there were many who were surprised to learn that the Night Lords had answered the call. The Night Haunter remained silent, seeing within his mind an image of the future in which this warrior's head was clutched by its empty eye sockets in another man's armoured fingers. The sheer absurdity of the idea was laughable to the Night Haunter, for his brothers knew exactly when to stop the killing of the weak, the treacherous and the corrupt within their bloodlines. In these waking dreams, I took countless lives with my bare hands, heads taken as trophies. Body parts blocked storm water drains. It would take only the smallest twists of fate for it to break. Are the below excerpts the evidence this theory came from or are there other lore examples that backs this theory up? Even af… Curze's name is inspired by the novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, where a former ivory trader in the Belgian Congo named Kurtz rules over the native population as a charismatic demigod even as he degenerates into a barbaric and inhuman tyrant. So I step off and welcome the dark.". Is it not serene?". Eventually, the Emperor was forced to order the recall of Night Haunter to answer charges laid against him and his warriors by the other Primarchs and the citizens of various worlds that had felt the terrible onslaught of the Night Lords Legion.

Don't get me wrong, I like most of the loyalist primarchs as characters and usually prefer them to most traitors but they're all terrible people who deserve to go to hell. This is a way for that too happen for sure, by doing some ritual that allows his soul to pop out of the crown and enter real space. The Word Bearers and their allies believed that the Imperium had failed them by being flawed to its core, imperfect in its pursuit of a perfect culture, and in its weakness against the encroachment of xenos breeds that sought to twist humanity to alien ends. That he came to despise his own genetic sons is likely, but he was still their lord. The Primarchs were accompanied by two warriors from their personal Honour Guards to the parley. Finding himself surrounded by hundreds of Traitor Legionaries from both the Night Lords and the Iron Warriors, Vulkan resigned himself to his fate.

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