Cucumber is especially soothing on the bed bug rash if you take it straight out the refrigerator before applying it. To get rid of bed bug bites with oatmeal, here is an effective home remedy: You can also add some honey to the oatmeal anti-itch remedy to help boost its antibacterial potential. Unfortunately, if you have bed bugs, good wishes aren’t enough to get rid of these little biting critters for good. To get fast relief from bed bug bites, dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply to the itchy bed bug rash. Accessed Nov. 2, 2017. Some natural remedies for treating bed bug bites like apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and oatmeal reduce itching and swelling around the affected skin area. Many home remedies help to treat the itchy bites that these nasty bugs cause and also help to reduce skin irritation, reduce redness and swelling as well as prevent infection. 6. The simplest way to stop bed bug bites itching fast is to apply a cold compress to soothe the red bed bug rash. This can be difficult because bedbugs hide so well and can live several months without eating. To use apple cider vinegar to relieve the irritation caused by bed bug bites, please do the following: Washing your face with apple cider vinegar is another reason to use ACV to quickly cure bed bug bites around your nose and cheeks. Bed bug bites are painless and often clear up on their own, but some people can have a reaction to the red, itchy bumps on … ACV contains acetic acid which is a natural anti-inflammatory and also acts as an antiseptic. Signs of bed bugs: This step is important. Wash the bites with soap and water. A skin cream containing hydrocortisone (Cortaid), An oral antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl), All the medications and supplements you take. When bedbugs bite, you often see clusters of bites. Larva can collect anywhere in a home, and bugs are very good at hiding. You’ll seldom see bed bugs, so many people mistakenly believe that mosquitoes, fleas, or spiders bit them. These welts usually appear in a zigzag pattern as show in the photo below. If so, there could be a bed bug infestation. To relieve skin itching, you can use aloe vera in its pure form straight from the plant leaf or you can buy pure aloe vera gel. You can search by location, condition, and procedure to find the dermatologist that’s right for you. Add enough plain yogurt to create a smooth paste. Or you can buy a calendula cream to relieve itchiness from bed bug bites. Your best bet may be to hire a professional exterminator, who may use a combination of pesticides and nonchemical treatments. United States Environmental Protection Agency. Coconut oil has many beneficial medicinal properties. Required fields are marked *. In a study published in the journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology on the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera, it was found to be more effective at reducing skin irritation than 1% hydrocortisone gel.11 Hydrocortisone creams are often prescribed for insect bites. Make a donation. To get rid of bed bug bites, it’s important to reduce the itching and inflammation. Infection. Tea tree oil is also one of the ingredients in my effective bed bug spray. A bed bug is a tiny insect with a broad, oval body. A medical study found that cucumbers have anti-inflammatory activities and help to inhibit inflammatory enzymes like COX-2. A prescription antihistamine pill or liquid can help. Follow this advice to treat everyone safely and effectively. It’s contagious, but you can reduce your child’s risk of catching it. Other remedies include coconut oil, tea tree oil, or aloe vera to soothe the itchy skin and the inflammation around the bed bug rash. Cucumbers are also rich in vitamin C, E, and A – all of which are essential for keeping skin healthy.16. Take a deep breath. Many times even temperatures that are lower than this, 97°F to 99° F can kill multitudes. Thoroughly examine crevices in walls, mattresses and furniture. Getting rid of the bed bugs is the only way to stop the bites. To soothe an itchy bed bug bite, you can apply witch hazel directly to the affected skin area. Most bedbug bites require no medical treatment. If you have just one or two itchy bed bug bites, you can put a drop of tea tree oil directly on the spot to get instant itch relief. Baking soda is also anti-inflammatory and will reduce the itchy sensation from the bed bug rash on your skin. The photo was magnified so that you can see the bed bug and eggs. To make sure you have bed bugs, you’ll need to look for signs of bed bugs. Once your symptoms are treated, you must tackle the underlying infestation. The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cleansing effect of oatmeal quickly reduces irritation, itching, redness, and swelling associated with painful bites. Like tea tree oil, you can dab a drop of lavender oil directly onto a small itchy bed bug bite. Using tea tree oil is also good for treating spider bites and cockroaches bites. If you suspect that you're being bitten by bedbugs, immediately inspect your home for the insects. If the bites itch, apply a corticosteroid cream to the bites. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic recommend checking in the cracks and crevices of beds, headboards, bed frames, and in the seams of mattresses.3 Generally, bed bugs live within 8 feet of sleeping areas. The University of Maryland recommends putting 5 to 10 drops of chamomile oil in a warm bath to soothe bed bug bites.19. If the bites itch, apply a corticosteroid cream to the bites. How to find bed bugs. You can get a weak form of this medicine without a prescription at your local drugstore. 1 The bite from a bed … You can repeat as necessary throughout the day whenever you feel the urge to scratch the bed bug rash. The Mayo Clinic reports that there is some evidence that honey can be used as a topical itch treatment and it can help form a protective barrier on the skin.14 Studies have shown that honey can help reduce scalp itching and prevent infections.15. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Place the tea bag in the refrigerator to cool is down.

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