If you’re ready to learn more, pre-register for information on the Complete Go Natural English Course, Fluent Communication. The first conditional is about a specific situation, but the zero conditional tense is talking in general. (It is always true, there can’t be a different result sometimes). So, if water reaches 100 degrees, it always boils. It requires us to construct a sentence in two parts. Leave your sentence in the comments! Zero, First, and Second Conditionals Exercises – Conditional sentences are commonly used in everyday conversation, therefore, it’s a smart move if you want to learn more about these conditionals.. Actually, there are 5 types of conditionals sentences, which are: The Zero Conditionals; The First Conditionals Learn about “if I had been you” vs. “If I were you” Can you think of your own example using the zero conditional? For example: If water reaches 100 degrees, it boils. If it rains, we’ll get wet. The Amazing Impact of Mastering English Fluency in your Life, 5 Secrets to Improve Your English Listening Skills, Independence Day | American Culture & Communication ADVANCED Fluency Tips, Stop Saying “What?” Use Better English Responses. Grammar Worksheet Zero Conditional Match 15 clauses to form zero conditional sentences… What outcomes do you expect when using each of these conditionals. Complete the 15 sentences by making zero conditional sentences; Answers will vary. We can make a zero conditional sentence with two present simple verbs — one in the ‘if clause’ and one in the ‘main clause’: This tense is used when the result will generally always happen. Types of exercise: Multiple Choice , Fill in the word , Select from Drop Down .. Levels of exercise: Elementary Intermediate Advanced If / when + present simple base verb, …. If I drink milk, I feel very sick. Learn conditional tenses in English online Leave your sentence in the comments! Notice in the second example, we don’t need a comma to separate the two parts of the sentence but in the first one we do. pre-register for information on the Complete Go Natural English Course, Fluent Communication. If I had longer summer holidays, If John did more exercise, If Mrs. Smith spoke Chinese, If I won a million dollars, If aliens landed on Earth If animals could talk, If people … Also called the present-real conditional, the zero conditional is for possibilities in the present, often rules. For example: "water / boil / heat / to 100 degrees" becomes "Water boils if you heat it to 100 degrees." Using the zero conditional English grammar tense is a good way to improve your English, make longer sentences, and speak more like a native. Use your imagination! If used as a follow-up activity, tell your learners to write sentences that are different from the sentences in the matching exercise. present simple base verb. Zero conditional sentences are used to make imperative statements and statements of fact, such as: If the temperature is below o Celsius, water freezes. Make the first conditional; Make the second conditional; Make the third conditional; Make the zero conditional; Make the first, second and third conditionals; Write your own endings to conditional sentences (PDF) Explanations. Conditional Sentences – If clauses – English Grammar Exercise . Elementary and intermediate level esl exercises. Examples of Zero Conditional Sentences. Conditional sentences – Multiple choice. (This is true only for me, maybe, not for everyone, but it’s still true that I’m sick every time I drink milk). How do you form the zero conditional tense in English? Can you think of your own example using the zero conditional? The first conditional is about a specific situation, but the zero conditional tense is talking in general. It’s a fact. The result of the ‘if clause’ is always the main clause. The ‘if’ in this conditional can usually be replaced by ‘when’ without changing the meaning. Show all questions <= => Zero Conditional Exercise Make a zero conditional sentence using the words. Read about the second conditional tense here. This Zero Conditional Exercise tests your ability to use the zero conditional in English. Read about the second conditional tense here. Complete the sentences below by making Second Conditional statements. Conditional Exercises Exercises. Learn about “if I had been you” vs. “If I were you”. 2019 Conditional sentences I, Exercise – easy (2 gaps) 2023 Conditional sentences I, Exercise – medium (2 gaps) 2033 Conditional sentences II, Exercise – easy (2 gaps) 2035 Conditional sentences II, Exercise – medium (2 gaps) 2053 Conditional sentences III, Exercise – easy (2 gaps) Mail: 2028 E Ben White Blvd, #240-2484, Austin, TX 78741, Pre-Register for the Complete Go Natural English Course, The Zero Conditional in English Grammar with Examples, this English tip about the first conditional. Here is an explanation, video along with a zero and first conditional exercise to help you. Good luck! When do you use zero conditional, and when do you use the first conditional in grammar? Also, here are some more examples of the zero conditional English grammar tense: To further your studies, see this English tip about the first conditional to learn about the difference between the first and the zero conditionals. For each question, type your answers in the box, and then click on "Check". Try the test below to check your understanding. Test your understanding of these vital grammar aspects below. However, we can create sentences in either order: — If + present simple, … present simple OR. Zero conditional exercises.

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