After escaping the clutches of Arkham Asylum yet again, Joker, along with his henchman “The Six of Hearts”, begin wreaking havoc across Gotham. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Review – I Walk With Monsters #1 (Vault Comics), Review – Something Is Killing the Children #12 (BOOM! For example, the point of Joker “putting on the Halloween costume cape and cowl”, is that it bestows upon him the cathartic opportunity to “see the world through the eyes of Batman”. "Year of the Villain: The Joker":The synopsis for this issue has not yet been written. Lex Luthor has brought Perpetua back from her cosmic grave and restored her power! After reading Year of the Villain: The Joker I am beyond intrigued at what he’d be capable of producing, were he to be given full creative control of the characters. The Offer. Year of the Villain: The Joker Overall. Just like The Prince of Denmark reflected upon the futility of existence as he stared into the skull of Yorick, the Joker lovingly paints a smile in blood over the mouth of the rotting cranium held carefully in his hands. Cover Artists Year of the Villain is an event that ran from 2019 to 2020. The carnage starts here as the badguys take center stage in “The Year of the Villain,” the most treacherous event in DC Comics history. So one night, they decide that they have a new story to tell, that they need to break their rusty cages—that they need each other. And our heroes will fail us. Check out other comic book news, previews and reviews here! Cover One is a master of horror, a true weaver of nightmares. Harley Quinn hosts Villainys Biggest Night as the DCUs most dastardly gather at the Hall of Doom to do what they do best-congratulate themselves! Since May 2019, the event narrates the aftermath of Dark Nights: Metal Prelude. If you are interested in joining the Word of the Nerd team, click here to fill out an application, In Love and Insanity – Year of the Villain: The Joker, “The Joker is sane. Share This! His cover expertly portrays the Joker in full tuxedo, happily cradling a human skull. "Year of the Villain: The Joker": The synopsis for this issue has not yet been written. Evil is winning! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Email . You did this. It was published on October 9, 2019. As far as one-shots go, this was a surefire favorite. Writers Publisher: DC Comics Mainly, that The Joker “loves” and is in many ways “in love with” Batman. Batman and the Joker are like yin and yang: complementary entities, not opposites. Couple that with an October release and you’re just pulling at my Halloween heartstrings. Elsewhere, the scourge of Leviathan spreads unchecked, seizing power in every corner of the world. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages, A to Z comics . Some act with united goals, others with plans selfish and secret, every one of them on a monstrous collision course against Batman, Superman and the heroes of the DC Universe. December, 2019 A man whose very name conjures images of white-hot terror. Summary Needed Harvey RichardsJamie S. Rich. 7/10. There was positively no way that I was going to let a “Joker story” written by one of the greatest horror masters of all time slip by unread. And all the while the Batman Who Laughs busies himself in the shadows, aligned with no one—yet with sinister plans for all. Pencils: Philip Tan They need each other and the Joker understands this. A well-thought homage to both Alex Ross and Greg Capullo, Tan even takes it a step further by conjuring images of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Textless Inks: Marc Deering, Jonathan Glapion, Danny Miki & Tan I don’t know what else there is to say. John Carpenter is…well…he’s John-freaking-Carpenter. Sending User Review 4 (1 vote) Summary. Jordan Claes. The Walking Dead: World Beyond Teasing Rick Grimes for Season Finale? All Site Content TM and © 2020 DC Entertainment, unless otherwise noted here. (W) Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Snyder, James TynionIV (A) Jim Cheung, Alex Maleev, Francis Manapul (CA) Greg Capullo

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