Employers are realizing that older workers offer a lot of valuable experience. Result(s ): Eleven women (68.8% of the women with menstrual disturbances) experienced more regular cycles during the rapy. After this Thebes experienced a serious set-back with the heresy of Akhenaton, the son of Amenophis III. 20. More than once, however, Manichaeism experienced attempts at reformation; for of course the auditores very easily became worldly in character, and movements of reformation led temporarily to divisions and the formation of sects. Sporting an experienced and talented cast, the show has developed a strong, borderline fanatic.. . 37 It has given me much joy and sparked a mental revolution the like of which I haven't experienced before. (Similar effects can be seen on a small scale, even in our own times, as the result of exceptionally big tides.) The difficulty that is naturally experienced by a traveller in finding sufficient support on a sparsely populated "ground" has brought into vogue the traveller on commission who represents several firms. Meanwhile considerable difficulties had been experienced with the Indian currency, which was on a purely silver basis. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Westerly and north-west winds are sometimes experienced, but are not permanent. To Dean's experienced ears, it didn't sound like a joke. A thoroughly trustworthy and experienced workman should be selected to lay the pipes, with instructions to set no pipes until he is satisfied that the depth of the drains and level of the bottoms are correct. Moreover, just at the end of the year a loss which greatly shocked and grieved the queen was experienced in the sudden death, at Windsor Castle, of the Dowager Lady Churchill, one of her oldest and most intimate friends. Humans have the ability to make use of experience while selecting their control actions for distinct and changing situations, and their process speeds up and have enhanced effectiveness as more experience is gained. She was just the way he liked them: sexy, sleazy, experienced. While the width of the working-place is thus limited by the strength of the roof, its length is determined by other considerations - namely, the rapidity with which the mining work can be conducted and the length of time it is practicable to keep the working-place open, and also by the increased difficulty of handling the minerals sometimes experienced when the workings reach undue length. No one who is really experienced in economic investigation cares to emphasize the originality, still less the revolutionary character of his own work. Experienced English irrigators generally commend as suitable for water-meadows those streams in which fish and waterweeds abound. Education should be relevant to the child's needs. In the first grade, I experienced an epiphany that girls were always treated differently than boys. CK 1 1093670 Tom has far more experience than Mary. In 1865 an earthquake levelled the villages of Darveh Asul near Muga'rn; in 1880 an earthquake caused 120 deaths in Basra; in 1883 severe shocks were felt from Bushire to Tahiri; in 1884 an earthquake caused 132 deaths on Qishm I., which was in consequence deserted; in 1897 an earthquake destroyed Qishm town and caused over I,000 deaths; further shocks were experienced at Qishm and Bandar `Abbas in 1902 and 1905. As an experienced counselor, one of the questions I'm asked frequently is, " Can a marital separation ever save a marriage? He couldn't control the surge of adrenaline he experienced whenever he thought of sinking his teeth into his father's neck and draining his life from him, the way his father drained his mother's life. governor had not forces enough to oppose him, and he nowhere experienced even the show of resistance. All food freshly prepared by experienced chef, extensive a la carte menu... . It was a regular dream—just clearer than any I've ever experienced. On the eastern coast the monsoons of the Indian Ocean are regularly felt, and on the south-east hurricanes are occasionally experienced. It was bad enough to be reminded that Alex was experienced, without being reminded she had none. It certainly didn't sound anything like what I'd just experienced. All new starters follow a rigorous induction program and are partnered with experienced colleagues, to focus on training and development. "Is he really to be my husband, this stranger who is so kind--yes, kind, that is the chief thing," thought Princess Mary; and fear, which she had seldom experienced, came upon her. It is not too much to say that at the present day an experienced journalist, in a place like Vienna or Berlin, can give more information to an ambassador than the ambassador can give to him. This operation requires experienced judgment to decide when it should be done; the number of leaves to be left varies with the variety and vigour of the plant, the nature of the soil, climate, seasons and particular use for which the crop'is intended. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. He discovered their whereabouts when he hand-delivered the first round of trainees – minus a few pints of blood – who were stupid enough to challenge him instead of backing off like the experienced Guardians did. In 1347 Florence was again stricken with famine, followed the next year by the most terrible plague it had ever experienced, which carried off three-fifths of the population (according to now threatened Florence in the person of Castruccio p Villani). The island of South Beveland frequently suffered from inundations and experienced a particularly disastrous one in 1530. craftsman custom framing options online - all framing is handmade by Easyart's own team of experienced craftsmen. Experienced users are accustomed to this and other vagaries of the internet. 2. A letter written to him by Colonel Lewis Nicola, on behalf of this coterie, detailed the weakness of a republican form of government as they had experienced it, their desire for "mixed government," with him at its head, and their belief that "the title of king" would be objectionable to but few and of material advantage to the country. He copied the relevant data out of the encyclopaedia. One inconvenience I sometimes experienced in so small a house, the difficulty of getting to a sufficient distance from my guest when we began to utter the big thoughts in big words. Indeed, as one of the acutest and most sympathetic of his critics has remarked, the deep and settled grudge he has betrayed towards every form of Christian belief, in all the writings of his maturity, may be taken as evidence that he had at one time experienced in his own person at least some of the painful workings of a positive faith. The decision is arrived at by the legally qualified chairperson and experienced lay members of the tribunal panel hearing your case. The rhetorical schools experienced a brilliant revival under Constantine and his successors, when Athens became the alma mater of many notable men, including Julian, Libanius, Basil and Gregory of Nazianzus, and in her professors owned the last representatives of a humane and moralized paganism. The large extent of ocean is primarily responsible for the lower temperature of the air in places south of the tropics compared with that experienced in countries in the same latitude north of the equator. CK 1 2301341 I can speak from personal experience. Endecott experienced some trouble with the previous settlers and with Thomas Morton's settlement at "Merry Mount" (Mount Wollaston, now Quincy), where, in accordance with his strict Puritanical tenets, he cut down the maypole and dispersed the merry makers. How to use experience in a sentence. Since she had begun looking after him, he had always experienced this physical consciousness of her nearness. While he experienced a few sit-downs, there were no serious spills. For the present he experienced a sharp rebuff of fortune, which he met with his usual fortitude. 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a, Middle English, borrowed from Anglo-French, borrowed from Latin experientia "testing of possibilities, participation in events, skill gained by practice," noun derivative of experient-, experiens, present participle of experīrī "to put to the test, attempt, have experience of, undergo," from ex- ex- entry 1 + -perīrī, from a presumed verbal base *per- "test, risk," perhaps going back to Indo-European *pr̥h3-i-. A brave soldier, an experienced and astute general, he was never happier than when engaged in war. 2 Exceptionally very heavy rain is experienced on the Rand. Her greatest warrior, Gabriel had experienced his fair share of battle wounds. This brought to an end the armistice between Bolivar and Morino, and thenceforward the city experienced all the changing fortunes of war until its final capture by the revolutionists in 1823.

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