Most fans know that Rogue's main power is to absorb the life force and/or powers of anyone she directly touches. Inside his own dimension, Cyttorak’s power is limitless. What we think is really cool about Galactus is his use of technology that is paired with the biology of his existence. Her strength seems to start at around two tons, already placing her above Wolverine, and caps out somewhere around 25, placing her into a much higher tier than the previous entries. However, we have a few rules for this official strength ranking, starting with the fact that we are only ranking characters who have super strength. Take the Hulkbuster armor for example, which he didn't even need to take out She-Hulk in one punch. Specifically, they are asking questions of who will win and who will lose the many battles we're sure to see in the film, which in turn raises the question of which Marvel superheroes are the strongest in the bunch, so we decided to answer that question. But, at the end of the day, all this isn't enough to place Black Panther's herb-enhanced strength that high on the list. Doctor Strange practices magic and gets his powers from other beings, such as Cyttorak or Ikonn and others, who he can draw power from for spells. He is an omnipotent being who exists within his Crimson Cosmos and he is also the source of many elite magicians within the universe. Thing 5. That’s not what makes him one of the strongest Marvel characters in history, though. Get a glimpse of the tech you'll play with when you suit up as the Armored Avenger on July 3! Where Captain America and Black Panther top out at around 700 and 800 pounds respectively, Wolverine's strength limit is a bit less defined, but he has been shown to be able to handle close to two tons. Now we are getting into the higher tiers of super strength in the Marvel universe; the 100 tons or more category. We can’t forget to include the Grandmaster in the top 20 most powerful Marvel characters. Even though X-Men #1 is not such a rare comic, it can certainly be a very expensive one to have. Death is an eternal entity. | Season 7. However, anyone who has seen Deadpool 2 knows the strength and power of our next character: the Juggernaut! [CDATA[ One of the strongest in the universe. He has the power to affect the astral bodies of people who have recently died, and he can capture and detail their essence at will. Check them out here! He’s a mutant who goes by the name of Vulcan, who was once the Emperor of the Shi’ar Empire. He’s as powerful as Infinity, and it seems that his power over the cosmos is unrivaled by any other Marvel character, although there are some who have a bit more diversity in their skills and abilities. Because of this, Beast ranks just a bit above, his agility and intelligence also contributing to a higher position. Actually, a much more accurate way to describe it would be to say that he is "easily" in the 100+ category. However, some are able to lose these abilities and still come out on top. But it’s the Gauntlet that made him like a god. Regardless, the Sub-Mariner is actually pretty powerful, and deserves some credit for being one of the strongest Marvel superheroes. It might be a bit of a technicality, but we're counting it. He manipulated the Hulk in an attempt to conquer the Earth, but he’s also taken on Thanos, so it’s tough to tell where he fits into the good and bad guy genre. As you can imagine Hulk being one of the most famous superheroes Marvel ever produced, the issue with his first appearance does not come cheap. In fact, it was only Thanos himself (and his arrogance) that ultimately caused his downfall. You can now expect Journey Into Mystery #85 to value around $20.000 to $30.000 in a great condition. Physically, he is the strongest of his kind and has been known to lift beings like the Midgard Serpent, which has the weight of twenty planets. This character is omnipotent and it’s tough to find a weakness within the fabric of this character. This character is the most powerful cosmic and it goes beyond this to be the most powerful in all classifications and categories of Marvel characters. Blade never had superhuman abilities until Morbius the Living Vampire delivered the bite that released superhuman endurance, speed, senses, and a quick healing factor. Of course there are always other options of acquiring and reading the comic story without having to pay a whole lot of money by just getting one of Marvel’s reprints. This choice might surprise some readers, but coming in at number 8 is the X-Men's resident southern sweetheart, Rogue. He alone possesses greater power than the living tribunal and Beyonder. It takes huge skill and training to be formidable without the superhuman advancements that these types of characters typically use in a fight. We mostly associate Juggernaut with raw power, as he’s strong enough to take on big league heroes like the entirety of the X-Men. The characters are larger than life, and we’ve compiled a collection ranking the 20 most powerful of the Marvel characters of all time for your consideration. Complete your Marvel Studios’ Avengers collection On Digital now! Of course, Cap manages to wrestle with even the strongest villains and heroes with his superior fighting skills, intelligence and years of experience, so take that into account with this particular ranking. None other than their father, Odin of Asgard. You Can Stream Every Episode of 'Marvel's 616' on Disney+ Now, 'Marvel’s Avengers' WAR TABLE: Deep Dive into Kate Bishop’s Operation, Explore Our Origins and Rich History with 'Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years', Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales | Family Behind The Scenes, Share Your Passion for Your Local Comic Book Store with #LoveComicShops. We ranked the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. Having said that it’s still early and for any serious collector this is a golden opportunity since they are still fairly cheap even in good quality. Before he had a supernatural healing factor and the incredibly dense injury resistant skin, he was still formidable in a fight. Despite their constant rivalry and fighting, Hercules is a long time and great friend to Thor who is the Prince of the Norse Gods. In fact, brute strength is kind of The Thing's whole... well... thing. As it turns out, Magneto is one of the strongest Marvel characters in comics history. All we ask is that you stop snapping your fingers to make us go away! The reason that we are convinced of Protege’s unrivaled powers is that it can transform into any entity and assume its power base plus powers pulled from other entities to make an unbeatable opponent.

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