Enter your Email address to recieve new recipe alerts: As an Amazon Associate Flawless Food earn from qualifying purchases. What ingredients to marinate the lamb with and how to marinate the lamb skewers. Give this Lamb kebabs a whirl- I know you will love them! Stir the salad dressing ingredients into a small bowl. Another awesome recipe. Mix the lemon juice, olive oil and garlic in a mixing bowl. Leave to tenderise and seep up the flavours in the fridge for as long as possible. My husband and I felt like we had just been served a professional meal at a fabulous restaurant… well, our home kitchen is being transformed into a fabulous place with your recipes! } Sausage Meat Stuffing Balls with Apple and Chestnut, Turkey Gravy with Red Wine - Make Your Own from Drippings, Small Whole Turkey - How to Prepare and Cook. However, if you wanted you can adjust to 3 medium or 4 small kebabs? We’ve talked about sumac here on the blog quite a bit and if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time. Hi, I'm Sylvia! Don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on them, fresh lemon slices will work too, but they will add a brighter more sour citrus flavor. The best thing to serve lamb shish kebab with is a warm pitta and a salad consisting of shredded lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber, onion, and tomato. Here’s a little bit about the dish in Nazli’s own words: The dish is from North West of Iran, the Azarbayejan province . Pour the mixture over the kabobs, cover with plastic wrap or foil and refrigerate 1 hour, rotating kabobs after 30 minutes to marinate each side. Will definitely make it again. It’s produced in nearly every state and is available fresh year round, just check your local farmers market. lamb kebabs are technically turkish / cypriot by origin therefore i would recommend pitta bread warmed through in a toaster sliced open and filled with feta cheese and mint yogurt and cucumber sauce ( made by putting natural yogurt in a bowl with chopped mint leaves, corriander, pich of salt and crated cucumber) Pea shoots are nice too. Mound the salad on the other half and serve immediately. listeners: [], Savory spiced lamb kabobs with tzatziki sauce is a flavorful combination that you will love. Was wondering if this can be done in doors in a cast iron skillet grill? White wine lovers are not shut out here, though. Peel one onion and place in the food processor, process until soft and juice. Ready in just 20 minutes, they are a great speedy dinner to enjoy any night of the week.. Get ready for your kitchen to smell amazing! … Fresh mint and Middle Eastern spices like cumin, coriander and sumac– give these ground lamb kebabs an extra punch of flavor. She used to combine ingredients with her hands and message well until become soft and sticky . She gathers all ingredients by her side and then step by step prepare the kofteh. Serve with the cool and creamy yogurt sauce. Mix the yogurt sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Alternatively, serve with salad in a wrap instead of Pitta, or on a bed of rice. Hey, I'm Sylvia! Will definitely be making these skewers again. Brush, spray or roll in olive oil to prevent sticking, and grill over med-high heat, turning every few minutes after getting a good sear on all sides. Tag @jessica_gavin on Instagram. Once the lamb is seared on all sides, turn the grill off, cover it, letting the lamb rest inside for a few minutes while you get the plates ready. Thread lamb on skewers alternating with peppers and onions, repeating until 8 skewers are made. We make a delicious homemade marinade for lamb shish kebabs. or shank / shoulder / leg meat cut into 2 inch cubes. Thanks for this recipe! Step 1 1. Preheat for 5 minutes, place foil under grill plate. Add Pitta bread for the last minute to warm through on the grill plate. A Primer on Persian Culture with Nazli Bashi. Share an image on Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest, Shredded Red Cabbage - Turkish Kebab Salad ». DELICIOUS! However, the tzatziki helped. It only takes a few minutes to make, and I always like serving this dish with lots of side options, like a fresh and creamy homemade tzatziki sauce. At first glance, some of us could mistake these for meatballs, with slightly different seasonings (cinnamon, for instance) and fillers (rice and lentils). Just make sure the skewers are centered down the middle so the lamb stays on. Form each into long oval shape, then skewer with two skewers, and then continue shaping and stretching until meat is roughly 5 inches long, and 1 ½ inches in diameter, like the shape of a Turkish cucumber. Cover and let sit at room temperature until flavors meld, at least 1 hour and then chill the sauce. Skewer your meat and griddle to your preference and serve with a healthy salad of tomatoes, olives and feta. It makes a lovely light supper, These minty kebabs are a treat for the whole family and fun for the kids to make too, Leave the lamb to marinate for a few hours if you have time, to give these kebabs even more flavour. The tangy herb salad, contains baby spring greens, parsley, dill and mint and a handful of sprouts. Just oil and pre-heat the pan so it’s nice and hot before you add the kabobs. Great to hear and thanks for sharing Katherine! I was a little nervous to do all that stuffing, so I topped my kofta with some of those things instead. Thank you!! Lamb is surprisingly easy to cook and the smell during cooking is so so good! They cook surprisingly quickly, just a few minutes on each side, maybe 8-10 minutes total. For the sauce I replaced the dill with a squeeze of lemon (I don’t like the taste of dill but that’s personal) Please read my disclosure policy. We show you what lamb meat to use, what ingredients to marinade the lamb with, how to marinate the kebabs. Slice up some radish and cucumber for a little crunch. It is best to marinate lamb meat for kebabs ahead of time. You can find preserved lemons online, or I found a jar at Trader Joe’s. Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice, Serve juicy lamb kebabs on skewers at a barbecue or summer gathering. The cucumbers can also be hand-chopped and stirred together with the rest of the ingredients. I used carrots and radishes for the pickles and they went well with everything else. The beauty of serving lamb as a meaty main is that you can serve it with a wide variety of sides and the meal will taste great. ★☆. The meat will take on more flavor from the spices and you won’t have to fiddle with the forming the skewers at the last minute. Super flavorful! PNW Chef & 2018 Saveur Blog Awards Finalist! The other thing that makes Persian kofta delicious is all the things you can serve as accompaniments. Nazlie often puts in an egg, walnuts, barberries, or caramelized onions. Join the Storied Recipe – COMBINED AUDIENCE, Episode 027: “I Thought My Mother Was the Strongest Woman in the World”, Episode 028: A Primer on Persian Culture with Iranian-Born Nazli Bashi, ½ cup Yellow lentils soaked in water for 4 hours, 150 gr Arborio rice soaked in water for one hour, ½ cup mix of fresh chopped Coriander, Basil and Parsley. I like to add some fresh green lettuce and juicy ripe tomatoes in my sandwich, top each bite with your homemade tzatziki sauce, and you are ready to feast. Using wet hands, divide meat into 6 portions, of similar size, roughly ½ cup. My passion is creating recipes and sharing the science behind cooking to help you gain confidence in the kitchen. Cut into a chunk of lamb to check if cooked to the desired doneness? We have a great Chicken Kebab Recipe too if that is easier to source!? This post may contain affiliate links. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The lamb kebabs get a little love before cooking by giving each skewer a nice flavorful dip in the marinade. Then to skip to COOKING TIME section. Tag @feastingathome on Instagram and hashtag it #feastingathome. This was amazing and so easy. We show you what lamb meat to use. However, you will need to cut the meat off the bone yourself if you can't buy it precut. Your email address will not be published. Toss the salad, and place a smear of yogurt dill sauce on one half of the plate. Mix cucumber, garlic, yogurt, dill, lemon juice, and oil in a medium bowl; season with salt and pepper. You can’t beat creamy Greek yogurt that has a subtle tang, cool and crunchy cucumbers, fresh dill and lemon juice for a light and flavorful topping for the lamb.

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