We may not be able to provide massive discounts or special offers, and it may take a little longer than the push of a single button to place your order, but we can ensure the literary nourishment of generations of your family. Thus began the journey of Bahrisons Bookshops. If he could come all the way to his stores in South and Central Delhi, so could we. Loosely translated to English, it’s the principle by which Bahri sahib lived his life. It contains 120 paintings by Indian artists, mainly by Mughal painter, Mazhar Ali Khan. But there were many things we had no answers to and these had to be learnt day by day. Put your bargaining skills to test here. So we decided to limit customers to five at a time, a rule that applies even today, seven months into the pandemic. Their collection will make anyone buy more than they had come for and the fact that they accept cash as well as cards is an added bonus. Nanda is a place where old is certainly sold as gold. They could not be sprayed down, but we made sure to wipe them several times a day. It’s easy to spend hours here without realising how quickly time has flown by. Sup Delhi is your go-to resource for anything and everything Delhi-NCR. We have one main warehouse near our accounts office and two smaller warehouses near our other shops. Delhi’s Best Budget Watering Holes -Part 1, Summer Reads That will Transport You From The Delhi Heat. Building a database of customers became more essential than ever, because apart from our old customers, there was a flood of new ones as well, who came from across the country, and whose orders ranged from one book to multiple ones. After contemplating how to practise all the necessary precautions, we came up with a few basic security procedures. But with the pandemic, author visits became rare, so had the release of new books. Then, over this long summer, we began having difficulties at the Saket store. Besides books, CMYK also houses quirky stationary, gifts and decor items. Cultures co-exist seamlessly within a history of more than 2000 years. The book café, comprising originally of four units, was reduced to two; our unaccommodating landlords gave us no choice. From thereon, due to the sheer number of orders, along with our in-house delivery service, we navigated newer courier options. A metal monolith in Utah, United States has baffled many, In Uttar Pradesh, the coronavirus pandemic is pushing women out of jobs. We had a small ribbon cutting ceremony (taking safety and sanitation into account), and our oldest daughter became the first author to sign her books at the new shop, bringing our story full circle.

Their fourth outlet opened just over a year ago in Gurugram. The emotional connection with an old bookshop is deep, and eventually it was this connect that brought our customers back. This series of articles on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on publishing is curated by Kanishka Gupta. We thought we would lose one of our stores because of the inflexible demands of our landlords, but help inexplicably came our way.

Here is a list for all bibliophiles to mark into their shopping list to get their fill of book-shopping in the capital. The store and its nearby areas are notorious for selling books at dirt-cheap prices between Rs 70-250. But a sense of helplessness had begun building up, and many sacrifices had to be made by our family and the extended Bahrisons clan. When it comes to second hand books,the first name that pops up in every bibliophile’s mind is the Sunday Bazaar at Daryaganj. Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story is a 2020 book about the Delhi riots that took place over a period of six days in February 2020 in which 53 died. The ambience is warm and inviting and the great selection of titles ensures that you’ll never leave the store empty-handed. Pavan Varma’s latest book The Greatest Ode to Lord Ram was going to be out soon and he wanted to come in to sign copies. Balraj Bahri Malhotra was a simple but principled man. Life is as chaotic, as it is peaceful. He was 19 years old then. For those who love accidentally stumbling upon a great read and at an affordable price, look no further than Book Shop at Lajpat Bhawan. A bookshop is no singular effort; it cannot be. Bank transfers, and payment systems like Google Pay and Paytm had to be navigated in a new way. Sixty-seven years have passed since Bahri sahib opened his first store in Khan Market, and yet his particular way of conducting business remains the same even after generations. Be sure to bargain. The six foundational years from 1947-1953 were not easy, but they paved the way for how the shop would operate for decades to come. Patrons visit the place not just for the throwaway prices of second hand books but also for how proudly the old shopkeeper walks them through the vast collection. Life was a new set of rules and challenges, and yet, there were also unexpected opportunities. But never bowing in the face of adversity, Bahri sahib accepted that change was inevitable, and the only path to success was to find a way to adapt to that change. So each day, we would pick up and drop all the key people we needed in Delhi. The new bookstore even managed to … While many established bookstores in the city have been forced to close down, Bahrisons just seems to continue its growth story. But in a matter of six years, by sheer determination and drive, he managed to set up a small bookshop called Bahrisons in Khan Market in 1953, and was thereafter lovingly called Bahri sahib. 8 Awesome Cafe-cum-Bookstores in Delhi You Can not Miss! For that, we will always remain grateful. The Bookshop in Jorbagh opened its doors to book lovers in 1970 and has been an integral part of the literary community in Delhi ever since. Like so many other family-run businesses, ours too has been a journey of passion, pragmatism and survival. We’ve always had a distinct presence on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. It is as much the effort of the bookseller as it is of the author, publisher, salesperson and the reader. The response was wonderful! Location: 49, Defence Colony Market, Block A. Need to know what's going on this weekend? Sup Delhi aims to capture the essence of the city in its truest and purest form. Copyright © 2016 Hemkunt Educational Services Pvt.

On 6 September, we were handed over the premises for the new shop. Not much was known about the Covid-19 virus at the time, and every day at home, we would research on the latest findings about how the virus could be transmitted, and how we could protect ourselves and our customers. Just as we solved the problem of staff presence, another concern arose. Displaced from their hometown of Malakwal in West Punjab due to the Partition of India in 1947, his family travelled to Delhi with little means or security. The shopkeeper is a helpful person who will guide you through books like a charm. To honour this enduring trait of his, I had composed a couplet many years ago: “Mushkil toh nahi is duniya mein,Kuch haasil kar paana,Zakhmonko agar marham kar lo,Kya haqeeqat kya afsana”. Get best offers on books and merchandise. Since we couldn’t publicise this event, we circulated photographs and a sound-byte from him about the book on social media. From travel to art, architecture, photography and fashion, the store has a wide-range of illustrated books that are difficult to find anywhere else. It may seem unbelievable to open a new bookshop in the midst of a lockdown and a pandemic, but in fact, the lockdown actually prompted this step. The shop is a space that makes such interactions possible. After all, why spend a fortune to get a coveted John Grisham when the same book can be found cheap, that too in excellent condition? It was clear we could not stay in those premises for much longer. Novels of every genre can be found here and the price is as low as Rs 40-70. Sup Delhi is a city guide for lovers of Delhi-NCR. Perhaps this was the tipping point: a realisation that all change can be overcome with adaptability. Join us on our journey to discover the city.

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