any of numerous small, long-winged passerine birds of the family Hirundinidae, noted for their swift, graceful flight and for the extent and regularity of their migrations. An alternative to buff, big, muscular. A paragon of hypermasculinity, manifesting in the physical and attitudinal embodiment of strength, occupying space with intimidating quantity and developing rippling musculature through rigorous, disciplined exercise. We all know, even if only by sight, a few swoll people. Jack: "Hey Cory, look how swoll that guys buttocks is." As always, let's first turn to Urban Dictionary for some insight.   (To vote, click the pepper. It thess lodged there, an' his little foot it commenced to swell, an' it swole an' swole tell his little toes stuck out so thet the little pig thet went to market looked like ez ef it wasn't on speakin' terms with the little pig thet stayed home. A connoisseur (again on reference behind the curtains) was one of those wealthy men who could swallow anything. What youre saying when you say this word is "da gum im massive" but you say swole or swoll as an alternative. To cook in water, just below boiling temperature. 2. See more. The word isn't exactly new, however, since swole goes back to Middle English as a past tense and past participle of swell meaning "to distend," "to enlarge," "to bulge," or "to puff out" (literally and figuratively). Learn a new word every day. The community of users also rates favorite workouts, so you’ll always know what people are finding to be effective, and you can show off all that hard work with a post-workout "Swelfie." You'll never get her to swallow that story! I wish the ground would open and swallow me up! This is also a well used term of endearment between two homosexual partners. Submitted by Drew A. from Northfield, MN, USA See more words with the same meaning: muscular . Last edited on Oct 07 2002. ), Your vote: None The word, which originally appeared in a Tupac song called "When I Get Free" ( the rapper talks about his life in prison, saying he "did push ups till I swole up") is supposed to represent strength, largeness, and beefiness. Login, Register, Login instantly with Facebook. One night there flew over the city a little, "Yes; but my mouth is painted on, and there's no, It is most undesirable--(especially when people, "If you are not a fish, why did you let this monster, Miss Polly cleared her throat, and tried to, 'Not all at once, you know, that would be too much--you couldn't, One old Sag-Harbor whaleman's chief reason for questioning the Hebrew story was this: --He had one of those quaint old-fashioned Bibles, embellished with curious, unscientific plates; one of which represented Jonah's whale with two spouts in his head --a peculiarity only true with respect to a species of the Leviathan (the Right Whale, and the varieties of that order), concerning which the fishermen have this saying, A penny roll would choke him; his. Definitions include: make jokes such as snaps ex, Definitions include: For slang words meaning great, see. It's just a word people say now to be different. From "swollen". on Nov 09 2002. Logged-in users can add themselves to the map. His arm just swole up. Biden projected 46th President. Slang adjective most commonly used by homosexual males to describe muscular regions on other males bodies. Hey man, wanna throw in on this swoll after lockdown tonite? With solid or crisp food there may be a good deal of hesitation and fumbling before he sets himself to masticate and swallow. Polly took a bite of the apple, chewed and swallowed it. See more. Origin: the movie/television series Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. on Oct 07 2002. Everyone is always trying to pick between brain and brawn, but your mind can be just as swoll as your muscles. they black out and get laid. — Robert Morgan, This Rock, 2001, He got all swole up the way unimportant people do when they're trying to be important…. What Are Participles And How Do You Use Them? Sometimes when I have more than $3.75 in my savings account, though, I feel like it's pretty swoll. monolith — Ben Radding, Men's Health, 15 Nov. 2016, We asked some of our favorite swolemates (that's internet speak for soul mates who like to get swole, as in muscular or swollen, together) about the creative ways they sneak in a workout and how it has improved their relationships. As always, let's first turn to Urban Dictionary for some insight. The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary The name of the creatine-based muscle enhancer,"Swole. Check out words from the year you were born and more! Definitions include: Buff, cut, defined muscles. extra tight pants mostly worn by emo kids or homosexuals. to suppress (emotion, a laugh, a sob, etc.) on Apr 27 1998. a. Even more difficult to swallow: Perry likes to put his name in front of a lot of his projects. Wage costs swallow up two-thirds of the turnover. Its a combination of Swag and Yolo hence swolo. All rights reserved. If you know the word, however, you'd know you're in fact looking quite fit and muscular and might respond with a simple "Thank you for noticing." Often bandied about on social media, swole has come to be a complimentary term for those with a physique enhanced by weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises. Black Mountain Product's super light-weight resistance bands range from 2-4 pounds to 25-30 pounds of resistance—perfect whether you're recovering from an injury or looking to get swole. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'. The dodge, as the Tumbler said, was to make them swallow the affair under the guise of patriotism. The manager did so, and agreed that the neck at the glands seemed a trifle enlarged…. That being said, though, it's my belief that things other than people can be swoll, too — like these five things. It's kind of overwhelming to watch a swoll person do their thing, whether it's at the gym or just trying to navigate the real world, which is full of non-swoll mortals. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Definitions include: hung-over from alcohol. To pass something, as food or drink, through the mouth and throat into the stomach. called swollens because of the swolleness that appears of the skinny legs. A very muscular, strong, and just all around person. He looks like the guy you don't mess with because he is very obviously well built. Definitions include: a derogatory term for a male; especially one of low intelligence level and large muscles. Definitions include: amazing, unimaginable. Study Up With Our Official SCRABBLE Dictionary. (For the uninitiated, swoll is, by Urban Dictionary definition, short for “swollen, as in getting swollen or buff at the gym.” Synonyms include: ripped, jacked.

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