His suit and skin are seared, but he recovers, healing the damage with Atlas' stamina, and flies at the Avenger. Escargoon: In terms of strenght, while Carol was strong enough to support a building and destroy a building with single bow, that doesn't compare to someone who is comparale to Superman in strenght, who can push an entire Solar System with easy, or someone who can create a little black hole by just punching. So which bad guys could we see Shazam cross paths with in a sequel? Bruce used the teleporter to go to Earth while J'onn began to walk silently to the kitchen of the Watchtower. There’s little doubt that 2019 is going to be an amazing year for comic book films with Avengers: Endgame, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Spider-Man: Far From Home and a whole lot more hiding around the corner. What does that do?’ Like a 14-year-old. Immediately he starts rubbing them the wrong way, leaving them to think that Billy cares about no one but himself. She’s been front and centre for major events like Civil War II and Secret Empire. A dual-handed beam from Ms. Marvel shoots him out the door, across the street and through the reinforced barriers of what seemed to be a warehouse. Mild Steel Vs Stainless Steel, I mean, that it doesn’t get too diluted but they all have their specialties. She closes her eyes and clenches her fists, while her civillian clothing glows yellow until transforming into a mostly blue costume, with a star-like insignia on the chest and a red upper body. Shazam: I told you it was a bad idea to face me! Like Darla is the fastest of them, Pedro is the strongest of them, Eugene is the best with the lightning… but the way I see it is that is doesn’t really dilute it.”. No, not Billy, but Marvel's own Captain Marvel, a heroic Kree whose real name was...Mar-Vell. But don't eat any cookie, you known what they do to you. Here’s looking forward to more from the Shazam family in the future. It’s a pairing that ultimately Levi wants to see come to pass on screen in a sequel. Dedede: Oooh! The “S” is for the wisdom of Solomon, “H” for the strength of Hercules, “A” for the stamina of Atlas, “Z” for the power of Zeus, “A” for the courage of Achilles and lastly “M” for super speed and flight from Mercury. Young Carol dreamed of one day being an astronaut who traveled to distant worlds, so despite her father's dismissive attitude and her mother's peaceful guidance, she did the next best thing the day after she turned 18: she joined the United States Air Force. Both heroes are capable of launching energy based blasts from their hands at their opponents. He then throws it at her, but she defends from it with an energy barrier. Superman and Shazam have had some epic battles over the years – but which one of these god-like beings would really win in a fight? But then, a photonic beam hitted Billy, sending him several meters back. From there, he’d do his best to fight her head on using melee attacks. So just how fast are our two combatants? That’s pretty much how he was marketed anyway. Looks like Carol just wasn't marvelous enough. Shazam is an ordinary boy who became mystically empowered by literal gods after meeting a wizard. That world wasn't big enough for two of them. “He would just be peppering them with questions, like ‘What is it like to be Batman? Bruce knows that he can't take Billy in a straight fight, so he wouldn't waste his time preparing for a straight fight. Right, we’re off! Venom vs Carnage: Who Would Win In A Fight? Binary: Suprise! Even with the name change, he's certainly a hero to be marveled at. Worried about the black hole possibly expanding and devouring Earth, he figured that if the power of Zeus created it, the power of Zeus could destroy it. The vulture droid is shattered into metallic bits and pieces from their combined strength. Escargoon: William Joseph "Billy" Batson was an orphan boy wh-. It’s just they’re based on real people. Carol unconscious body lays on the ground, while Iron Man is still inside his armor. Related: DCEU Theory: How Shazam 2 Will Shape The New Multiverse. As for how much punishment they can take, Shazam also would take the cake here. Escargoon: But Carol only weakness is what we mentioned before, if she absorbs a lot of energy it will weaken her, causing a great pain. Sorry, Superman. She has a seventh sense, possibly somehow inherited from Mar-Vell, that lets her subconsciously predict an enemy's moves, or oncoming danger in general, although she cannot control this since it operates at random. Batman's still Batman, and Shazam's still a ten year old kid on the inside. She’s faced off with characters like Tony Stark and an evil Hydra version of Captain America. Looks like even the mighty Captain Marvel must fall under the might of…SHAZAM! The action does begin when the heroes rush at each other, extend one of their arms out and aggressively grab the other's hand. Among other things. Basically, this is Batman vs Superman albeit a much dumber one (no offense of course, just that he IS a kid). Dedede: *Singing* A is for Achilles, making him have more courage than Scooby Doo. She ended up being so accomplished she eventually joined NASA as head of security, becoming an astronaut after all. While the two figures ran out of there, Both Captains look at each other. Think of him as fun, magic Superman who has the mind of a kid. Or Lord Voldemort vs Gellert Grindelwald? A higher plane of existence above the Speed Force. Comparable to Zeus and the other god, who defeated the Shattered God. he would transform from an ordinary child into the adult superhero, Captain Marvel! She then notices an arc reactor implemented in a large armor chest-piece not too far away from her. It lets him control and create magical electricity, which can be used to de-power targets who use a similar source to him. Shazam's magic prowess can easily be countered with her gear. Remembering that he was still in the air, Billy began to fall at great speed towards the ground. Shazam: What a pity that you don't have the stamina of Atlas. It doesn't take the wisdom of Solomon to figure out that Shazam wins. Anyhow. Superman is a Kryptonian who gained god-level powers under Earth’s yellow sun. Good thing I don't get that, thanks to the stamina of Atlas!". The next sequence of events has her quickly de-materialize the blades, then grab his arm and toss him away. Where To Buy Kumis, Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episode 21 Recap, to battle the forces of evil for 3,000 years, but since he was getting old he needed to pass the torch on to a new successor. Shazam can win but not most of the time. By the way, I seriously recommend picking it up, it’s a solid read. She’s also capable of trading blows with juggernauts the likes of Thanos. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The person dons their costume, title and becomes a hero? Sous Vide Omelette, In addition, it grants resistance to techniques of magical or mental nature, along with being able to negate the effects of anyone else being mind controlled. Crop Top For Kids, Shazam! To understand the complications in this fight, one must first take a closer look at Doomsday himself. What could he have possibly done to warrant this? Billy and Bruce arrived to the city, specifically where the ship crashed, then two figures came out of the remains of the spaceship. Batson eventually gets taken into a new family, in which all the children there are adopted as well. Escargoon: He can fly at mach 10, and also he is far faster than light. How To Grill Fish Fillet In Oven, Producer Peter Safran admits there’s a possibility that Shazam will indeed interact with the rest of the DCEU’s superheroes at some point in the future. The Captain Marvel caused a little explosion when she crashed with the ground, wich caused the collapse of several buildings and they collapsed over her, Shazam landed near to the crater where lay the unconscious body of Carol. Billy's powers are magic based, so tech doesn't work (other then an atom bomb) and batman can`t harness the magic it would take to de-power Billy(which is of the highest order in the dcu).

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