When suffering from kidney disease, the filtration of toxins is not performed fully, and some herbs that would regularly be beneficial to the kidneys, such as bayberry, parsley and dandelion, may worsen the condition. Drinking Demineralized Water - The Health Risks. water testing at 7.0 is when the R.O. ", "I was very impressed with Clear Water Concepts. If you currently have a reverse osmosis system and are not ready to give it up, I recommend getting a remineralization cartridge or add-on to your R.O. If you do require water with a higher pH, however, there are. system removes many unhealthy contaminants. The process was used primarily to de-salinate water. DISCLAIMER - All content on this website is for educational purposes only. They were easy to schedule with, arrived on time, and moderately priced. Drinking Demineralized Water - The Health Risks (a brief summary of the WHO study). Search by name or medical condition. The short answer is that your bloodstream (and therefore the kidneys, as well as the other organs) depend on a proper balance of all of these elements. Scientist and researchers worldwide have repeatedly demonstrated that long-term consumption of reverse osmosis water (RO) water is bad for your health. Why? Some critical contaminants are not removed. The process forces water through specialized membranes and exerts a certain amount of pressure on it to remove foreign contaminants, solid substances, large molecules and minerals. Yes and no. 4:15--What's in Your Tap Water: The Good, the Bad, and the Filtration (Tip--Check this link for your local water report!) We are in our sixties and in very good health—well, better health now that we drink about 2 liters plus of water each day. If you eat a balanced diet and do not suffer from conditions like severe acid reflux or gastrointestinal ulcers, drinking reverse osmosis water will have no impact on your overall health and wellbeing. -  Carolyn, Lemon water is one drink both my wife and I can't drink. Be “water wise” and make sure you’re drinking the right amount of water. If you’re looking for reasons why reverse osmosis water is bad for you, there’s really only one to speak of. Drinking reverse osmosis water therefore provides benefits to people with high blood pressure, kidney or liver disease or any sodium restrictions. Reverse osmosis (RO) can be one of the best ways to treat water for residential and light commercial facilities. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions, Some people claim that reverse osmosis water is not healthy because it is more acidic than pure water. However, since then I have discovered (through personal experience and research) that the health disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Other water-borne contaminants removed by reverse osmosis include: Before worrying about minerals in your water, ask yourself a simple question: Am I getting nutrition from the water I drink, or from the foods I eat? 2002) and some types of cancer (Yang et al. According to Dr. Jacqueline Gerhart of UW Health Family Medicine, “Removing these essential elements from our drinking water doesn’t pose much of a problem, since a well-rounded diet will provide these as well.” Only people who “do not eat a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals,” she says, are at any risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency. If you have a private well, you need to have your well water tested to find out if nitrates are a problem for you. water: Since most mineral particles (including sodium, calcium, magnesium, magnesium, and iron) are larger than water molecules, they are removed by the semi-permeable membrane of the R.O. These technologies became more extensively applied in drinking water treatment in the 1960’s as limited drinking water sources in some coastal and inland arid areas could not meet the ", "Matt took his time to explain the different water softener units and features to help us make a decision as to which one would work best for us. Drinking reverse osmosis water is not bad for you; Ro water is a healthy option worth considering. One issue that arises is the challenges presented with hard water. No! Thank you for the information, Nancy. In the natural health and medical communities, acidosis in the body is considered an underlying cause of most degenerative diseases. While the process of reverse osmosis does remove minerals from drinking water, it’s very unlikely that these minerals would have any lasting impact on your overall health. It accounts for fluid transport out of the kidney tubules and the gastrointestinal tract, into capillaries, and across cell membranes. Yes, if the water treatment components in use are sufficient to remove or destroy bacteria, Reverse Osmosis (RO) will protect the product water from having microbial contamination. ", "We walked in to this small store expecting to spend money on fixing our osmosis system. They helped us trouble shoot our problem and told us how to fix it without spending a dime! Why? 13:15--Could alkaline water reduce inflammation and hydrate better? I would highly recommend them. Most of the R.O. Unless you suffer from conditions like acid reflux or gastrointestinal ulcers that may be best treated through reduction in acidic foods and beverages, there is no scientifically-validated evidence to indicate that reverse osmosis water is bad for your health. Water helps the kidneys remove wastes from your blood in the form of urine. Coffee, tea, fruit juice, carbonated drinks, and even milk have lower pH, which means they are more acidic than water from a reverse osmosis system. Get information and reviews on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements. Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. They had the best price for the installation of our water softener and the technicians were very efficient and polite. To learn more about how reverse osmosis works, or to get a quote for a reverse osmosis system for your home, contact our team of water experts. I definitely recommend them and their product. While reverse osmosis is effective for removing a variety of contaminants in water, the reverse osmosis membrane alone does NOT remove volatile organic chemical (VOCs), chlorine and chloramines, pharmaceuticals, and a host of other synthetic chemicals found in municipal water. Thank you for your website and effort." Perhaps you’ve read that reverse osmosis water is acidic, or that the process of reverse osmosis strips water of healthy minerals. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and healthy. water I have tested has been in the range of 5.0 to 6.0 pH. reverse osmosis-treated water, had been used mainly for industrial, technical and laboratory purposes. It is a well-established medical fact: It is good for your health to drink mineral-rich water; it is bad for your health to drink water with no minerals in it. - Linderlinder, FINALLY!!! system had the added remineralization element. (See reference below to review the WHO study online.). If you would like to reproduce or republish this article or any other article on this site, feel free to do so but please include a reference or link to the article at WaterBenefitsHealth.com. Drinking acidic water will not help maintain a healthy pH balance in the blood, which should be slightly alkaline. It upsets our stomachs. Water hydrates our bodies and is essential for proper organ function — but the vitamins, minerals and organic compounds we need to lead healthy lives is generally derived from the foods we eat, not just the water we drink. I have been wondering about this for years with no 'solid' answer. drinking water. WHO Study: Health risks from drinking demineralised water. I recommend Clear Water to everyone. The R.O. 5 stars! We decided to try Clear Water after seeing the reviews. Bruce I. Dvorak, Environmental Engineering Specialist, and Sharon O. Skipton, Water Quality Educator, which has a few good tables that show the types of contaminants that are and are not removed by reverse osmosis. Does reverse osmosis water remove healthy minerals from the water? that feature optional filters that are fortified with minerals and electrolytes. Some critical contaminants are not removed. About 60-70% of your body weight is made up of water, and every part of your body needs it to function properly. 1-800-880-4808: APEC WATER: Products: Filters: Parts: F.A.Q.s: Promotions: My Account: View Cart: Reverse Osmosis Technlogy: Water Education & Your Health Customer Reviews & Testimonials Talk to a WQA Certified Water Specialist In addition, the type of treated water most often used by bottled water companies is reverse osmosis water.

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