The product model says if you produce a quality product at a favorable price, your company will be successful. On the other hand, integrated marketing communications pertains to just the promotional mix. All these functions collectively define the customer journey and experience and if there isn’t harmony among the teams, then the customer experience falls apart. The marketing communications plan needs to be aligned with and derived from the marketing and sales plan, with communications accurately reflecting product features and prices, sales strategy and distribution points, and competitive advantages. Conclusion – product marketing vs services marketing. Marketing “Marketing” can be defined as a business or action of selling services and products and … It's like not being able to tell the difference between expensive wine and affordable wine. Product Marketing is also responsible for measuring ROI on all sales/marketing initiatives and organizing the customer feedback loops that will be relayed to Product Management. This is my observation and findings about how all these roles differ and how they can work together within an organization. IMC vs Marketing “IMC” stands for “integrated marketing communications.” This article deals with the differences between marketing and marketing communications. Product Marketing vs. Unlike the Product Management function, it is mostly engrossed into the business side. Working with the Product Marketing teams, they set the strategy for the Go-To-Market strategy as well as keeping up with the market conditions. Their domain experience is in how to interface with their target customer bases and knowing how to pitch and sell to them. Product Model vs. Marketing Model. Defining Marketing and Communications. The subtle differences-labels and names, flavors (fruity to dry), and body (light to full)-set them apart. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sales vs. Marketing/Communications May 27, 2015 June 9, 2015 frankhiwang Leave a comment My most recent experience has been a Product Marketer for a large consumer technology company. Once the Go-To-Market strategy has been set by Product Marketing and Product Management teams, the Sales teams set off to face customers and focus on conversion. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Moreover, if there are shifts in the market, the Product Management teams is responsible for relaying these market shifts to the Engineering teams so they can assess the impact on the development. Like Sales, once the Go-To-Market strategy has been set, the Marketing/Communications teams must create all the collateral that will be used to communicate to the customer. ( Log Out /  In short, brand marketing differs from product marketing in that it seeks to build up a brand, or the collective feelings about the product held by customers, instead of a product. While there is certainly variation from company to company, I think the most important is to note how they relate to the end-customer. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Where marketing communication is intended to focus on a particular product or service offered by a company, corporate communication is distinctly focused on news, strategies or opinions of the corporation that makes that product or service. This information will be critical for the future development of product. This means that the Product Management teams not only have to keep up with current market conditions but also the trends and how the market will shift for the future. Communications and Business. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Product Management plays just as important of a role in the Development Process as they do in the Business Strategy process. My most recent experience has been a Product Marketer for a large consumer technology company. I’m often asked by people on LinkedIn or by current business students what is the difference between Product Marketing, Product Management, and Sales, Marketing/Communications. Product Management vs. Their domain expertise is in creating the actual content, whether it is SEO, Social Media, Print/Media Ads, Case Studies, Lead Generation etc. This means detailing the messaging, positioning, segmentation, channel strategy, and the product launch strategy. product, price, place and promotion. Neither one is better than the other. Also, since they interface directly to the customer, they must relay all feedback to the Product Marketing and Management teams as they make sales. They also play an important role of relaying back to the Product Marketing and Management teams about which initiatives are working and which speak to the customer. Brand marketing is a more effective approach than product marketing because it uses concepts of emotional marketing to build up something more than just a product. Both corporate and marketing communications are tied to business objectives. While there are different ways to look at them, I like to think about how it relates to the customer and from my experience, it can be explained via this diagram: Starting from the left, I want to explain the role and responsibilities for each of the cycles and roles within the cycles: In the development process, the Product Management team is responsible for defining the requirements, product road map, and the use cases in which the product must function in. This marketing collateral can be used in-conjunction with the Sales teams, or used as inbound marketing materials to discover new potential customers. Change ). The Engineering teams are responsible for creative and development process. They are the ones working on the physical product and making sure it meets all the requirements defined by the Product Management teams. Working with Product Management, Product Marketing’s goal is to define how the Go-To-Market strategy will be executed. The customer is paramount, and being able to effectively build, foster, grow, and communicate to them will define the success of a product or service. ( Log Out /  Then, once these definitions have been created, relay them to the Engineering teams and managing the development of the product and its features. They are detail orientated and must maintain detailed logs of their progress and relay any errors and challenges that may face while in development of the product. This dilemma comes down to two main schools of thought: the product model and the marketing model. Many confuse marketing with communications. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Product marketing is easier to carry out due to the tangibility of the product. The marketing of services requires a different approach because they are intangible and cannot be seen or touched. The differences in product and service marketing emerge from their distinct characteristics. Marketing is an entire field and the marketing mix consists of four key elements, which are known as the 4Ps of marketing, i.e.

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