It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Any more than this and you will be classed as returning to work and your maternity payments will end. Fathers, or an expectant mother’s partner, have a right to take paid time off work to accompany a pregnant woman to attend up to two ante-natal appointments This covers the actual time needed to attend the appointments up to a limit of six and half hours per appointment. Employees in a surrogacy arrangement, who are eligible and intend to apply for a parental order, and employees adopting through an approved agency and applying for an adoption order, may also be eligible for SPL. * shared responsibility – a system more balanced between genders that allows negotiation of leave patterns between employer and working parents. <> If you do a KIT day while on paid maternity leave you will either be paid for your KIT day or that weeks maternity pay, whichever is the higher. You can change your cookie settings at any time. %PDF-1.5 The scheme will be available for children under the age of 12, or under 17 for children with disabilities. In. During the first 6 weeks it will be added to the higher rate SMP (90% of salary) so these weeks will be slightly higher and then for the following 33 weeks it will be added to the lower SMP rate. This includes a non-binding indication of the expected pattern of leave to give an early indication to line managers of the intended leave pattern. You will still have access to Insite whilst you are on maternity leave. Therefore, at least 15 weeks before your expected week of childbirth (EWC), you should notify your line manager and HR in writing of the following: whether or not you intend to return to work. Maternity leave: appendix A - maternity risk assessment template for new or expectant mothers (PDF, 86.3KB, 7 pages), Maternity leave: appendix B - application for maternity leave (PDF, 102KB, 3 pages), Maternity leave: appendix C - notice of intention to return to work (PDF, 114KB, 3 pages). Shared parental leave (SPL) is a statutory entitlement to flexible parental leave and pay, available to both parents on an equal basis. Expected week of childbirth (EWC) in relation to a child means the week, beginning on a Sunday, in which the doctor or midwife expects the child to be born. This is made up of: 26 weeks of ordinary maternity leave (OML) and: 26 weeks of additional maternity leave (AML), beginning the day after OML finishes. Incapacity Benefit or Working Families Tax Credit and should contact Jobcentre Plus for details of entitlement and claims. All employees may request to work flexibly. If it is considered advisable for you to begin leave shortly before your intended date (e.g. You will need to provide the required notice as set out in your contract. Action will be taken in accordance with the agency misconduct procedures (Poor Performance & Misconduct Policy). Your pay award will be paid from the date you return to work. Where notice to end maternity leave is accompanied with notification by the mother or her partner to take SPL, the notice to end maternity leave is binding. During paternity leave, eligible employees will be paid by the Agency at their normal rate of pay. What if I am off sick during the pregnancy? Want to know what your take home pay will be while on Maternity Leave from the NHS? For budgeting reasons, you may choose to spread your payments over your maternity period so that instead of receiving 8 weeks full pay then 18 weeks half pay plus SMP and then the lower rate SMP, you get more of an equal weekly amount. This product is displayed based on comments within this post. Employees also have the right to return to the same job, or, if it is not reasonably practical for the employer, enter another job which is both suitable and appropriate for them, if: Line managers should follow agency guidance on risk assessments for new and expectant mothers throughout the pregnancy and on the mother’s return from maternity and/or SPL in the six month period following birth. Employees will need to take their paternity leave within 56 days and can choose to take their leave on any day of the week: Employees should discuss their intention to take paternity leave with their line manager as early as possible so that early consideration can be given to covering their work during their absence. OMP from NES + MA from Jobcentre Plus - You will be provided with an SMP1 form which you will need to submit along with your MATB1 certificate to Jobcentre Plus. There is no qualifying length of service required in order to exercise this right. Information on the scheme including details on how to apply can be found on the government website:, Public Health Specialist Trainees - Agenda for Change, Clinical Governance and Patient Complaints, Frequently Asked Questions for Student Nurses working for NES. However, similar rights are provided under SPL. ʋ6L�Q_�X���ߔ����\[�=�����$eER�GE�?����7��H'w7������߇\ �Uc�K�+"TA�"Zs���-�}��뜼Z���a��)>��w�H�x_��IR�����v�+y�8�9ъ#uCP�? If you have opted into a salary sacrifice to purchase vouchers prior to commencing your maternity leave, this will be suspended if you are on SMP or Nil pay. The Agency has a duty to provide details of maternity leave entitlement to you as soon as you know you are pregnant. Where an employee’s baby is born prior to the 11thweek before the expected week of childbirth. Where can I find information on help with childcare costs? However, if an employee has agreed an SPL pattern with their previous department they will need an early discussion of these arrangements with their new line manager to ensure they can be honoured. The Maternity Policy and Adoption Policy can be found on the agency intranet. maternity leave with pay if they meet the qualifying criteria.

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