The groom’s family throws a grand reception party for the guests. The bride reveals her face to the relatives and neighbors of the groom’s family by lifting the veil. Below – Traditional Punjabi wedding rituals. The Mehndi ceremony is an occasion that usually takes place at the Bride’s home as an informal affair, but some families choose to combine the Mehndi ceremony with the Sangeet (see below) – which can take place either at the Bride’s home or in a party venue. The Fire God or Agni is said to solemnize the wedding after witnessing this act. In this beautiful tradition, the bride bids farewell to her family members. The sisters and friends of the bride tie Kalide to the Chooda of the bride. He tells his son-in-law to take good care of her and asks his daughter to accept her new family with love and warmth. Nevertheless, the bride returns to her home for a day. They pour a pitcher full of water on her. This process is known as Aarti, and the guests are led inside. The bride is considered as the embodiment of Goddess Laxmi. The coconut decorations were a source of food for her along the journey, which she could nibble away at without the supposed shame of asking for food. The couple is considered to be officially engaged and are then showered with gifts. A conventional Hindu Traditional Punjabi wedding composes of various wedding rituals. Mustard gives edible oil which is used as cooking In India. The guests then feast the lavish dinner. He and his wife also gift the bride a saree or lehenga-choli. How to use mustard oil for hair for curing loss and Initiating hair regrowth. In return for the shoes, the groom has to offer gold Kelacharis to the bride’s sisters, and silver Kelacharis to her cousins. You can catch the first segment explaining the difference between Punjabi and Sikh weddings here. Diving straight in, over to the girls…. This is arguably the part of the pre-wedding ceremony that we enjoy the most! In an ideal world we would have two ceremonies to reflect both religions but reality had other plans. The Mama puts the bangles on the bride’s wrists in the presence of a sacred fire called Havan. Both the families exchange love and warmth by hugging and shaking hands, known as Agwaani. 5. This meeting is called the Milni. It is a good luck charm and is supposed to remain tied until it falls off. As I am Bengali so I can relate this post. This ceremony is called Chunni Chadhana. After this, hanging decorations called Kaleeray (which are shaped like coconuts) are then tied to the bangles. The designs on the bride’s hands are more ornate than those on other women’s hands. Bride’s hands are dyed with Mehendi, and she wears the bangles gifted to her. As *most* Gurdwaras in the UK do not perform interfaith weddings, we knew that was out of the window. Gunda Keri traditional favourite of Gujarat and is of enormous popularity amongst all Gujaratis. The song is composed by famous music director Yo Yo Honey Singh. Check out the beautiful wedding song from the movie named Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. The Choora (Bangles) ceremony happens at home the night before the wedding, and is when the Bride’s maternal uncles help place the auspicious red bridal bangles onto the Bride’s wrists. It has strings hanging down which cover the groom’s face partly. Mehendi artists visit the bride’s home before the wedding. This ceremony also takes place in the groom’s family in the presence of family and close friends. After every round, the mother-in-law tries to drink the water, but the bride has to stop her and allow her to drink only at the 7th round. Click OK to sign out from tarladalal. At my wedding, in the absence of maternal Uncles, my sisters, brother-in-laws and all my cousins (both male and female) placed the bangles on my wrists. These days, women can be seen leading this procession into the party venue, and some have even led the procession into neighbourhoods with a large South Asian residential concentration. 6. The family of the groom-to-be (dispersed in the various villages) would then gift the Barber with food and clothes. During this whole process, a canopy (in the form of a traditional Punjabi Phulkari Bagh) is held at all four corners by family members, usually women, over the Bride/Groom’s head. To know more about Punjabi wedding traditions follow Event fashion. Next, mustard oil was applied to the hair and left overnight. In an effort to keep this tradition alive, only a few drops of mustard oil is applied to the hair…using blades of grass tied together with an auspicious red thread called ‘Gaani’. She dips her feet into lac and leaves their impression on a white cloth. After every round, the mother-in-law tries to drink the water, but the bride has to stop her and allow her to drink only at the 7th round. Application of Mustard oil which is also called as sarson ka tel is beneficial for hair. The bangles are purified in a mixture of milk and rose and blessed by the elderly. The groom’s cupped hands beneath cover them. However, the Choora Ceremony itself is apparently a relatively new custom and no-one knows for certain whether it’s been around for a short or long while. Below are some of the events we did choose to include in our family festivities. This form of ‘invitation’ was called ‘Ghand’ (knot) serving as a literal countdown to the wedding, and was more useful than an actual wedding card since the villagers were predominantly illiterate. Fun and togetherness fills this evening and ends with refreshments. Thanks for sharing. Women also tease the bride and tell her funny stories. The younger brother of the bride puts rice into the bride’s cupped hands. Mustard is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin C and many of the B-complex vitamins. Blog Home posted by Blu Fashion on 25-8-19 in Other Weddings, Event Fashion: Traditional Punjabi weddings are expressive, with numerous colours on display and a warm and welcoming environment. Many other women from this time, who we have spoken to, confirm that on their own wedding day, they wore Kangan (gold bangles) instead of the red Choora we see today. We, of course, chose to go with the Sahe Chitti! After Lajahom, the groom fills the hair parting of the bride with vermilion. Our NanniJi (maternal Grandmother, who was married in the 1950s) told us that a Choora ceremony was unheard of in her day. But, they return back the following morning, or after a few days. She takes puffed rice or Phulian in her hands and throws them over her head without looking back. We decided to have a civil ceremony for the actual day but include as many as the Punjabi pre-wedding traditions. It was a rare chance for the ladies of the village to come together to express personal feelings about their own marriages and in-laws, all under the guise of songs they would compose together! REGISTER NOW If you are a new user. The girl on who a part of the Kalida falls is believed to be the one to get married next. OR The same process takes place at the groom’s house as well. Doli is the name of this return procession. The priest chants holy mantras and recites the vows to the groom one by one. Of course, coconut Kaleeray have no place in today’s society; but in honour of keeping the tradition alive, Kaleeray now serve an aesthetic purpose and are made from gold or silver (or whatever design to compliment the Bridal attire). Everyone sings, dances and has fun. India is number one in production of mustard. Aam aur Chane ka Achaar a tongue tickling grated mango and chick pea pickle combined judiciously with whole and powdered spices. Music composed by Koti. Intensely hot and spicy, mustard oil is central to Indian culture. Her brother and male cousins lead her to the car to send her to the groom’s abode. traditional weddings from other parts of the country here. This blog is really nice in this blog you share with us a Punjabi culture. In this ceremony, the family of the groom visits the bride’s family. Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha remains a beautiful song featuring “ Malkit Singh -The Golden Star. This process is called Ghodi Chadna. Her husband accompanies her, and they spend the night there. They also bring bangles and traditional sweets. In modern times, the Sangeet takes place in a tent at home in the garden, or at a party venue. This visit is reciprocated by the groom’s family as well called as Thaka. All you need to know about the best Punjabi wedding songs to be played at your wedding. Bengalis have a serious connection with mustard oil and mustard oil is very good for health, skin and hair also. Traditionally, the families used to decide the wedding dates on these days. Music Composed by Navv Inder. Hence, here is an overview of traditional Punjabi wedding rituals. It comprises of ghee, curd, honey and some essence. When applied three times a day for a few days, the Vatna cleansed and provided an appealing glow to the skin. It’s worth mentioning that over a hundred years ago, there was no actual wedding card. It can be used as oil cake to feed cattle. The female members of the groom’s family reach before the couple for further preparations. Each member of the groom’s family meets the corresponding relative from the bride’s family. They exchange garlands, and the ceremony is full of fun and laughter. and the remainder of the sweet rice is fed to any single men and women of the house, in the hope that they’ll be married soon! Phulkari Bagh is an embroided flower-art fabric, often passed through the family as an heirloom.

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