In the southern half of the U.S., 10 to 20 meteors per hour might be visible in years when you have a dark sky. Unlike the other showers on this list, the Geminids are the by-product of an asteroid. What do astronomers really mean when they use those technical terms? Peak night dates are based on local time for London. Local times and best dates to view shooting stars from annual meteor showers. Ursid meteors peak around December solstice. Next Peak - This shower is usually a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years. Because the radiant is fairly far to the north on the sky’s dome, meteor numbers tend to be greater at northerly latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. Cynthia Haithcock in Troy, North Carolina, caught this Geminid in 2015. Photographer Jeff Dai captured this one over Yamdrok Lake in Tibet. The moon will be 38 percent full, making it slightly hard to see these meteors. This meteor shower has a relatively broad maximum; you can watch it the day before and after the predicted peak morning of May 5. The shower's radiant is located at the center of this stellar map, in the constellation Aquarius. Which planets are visible in the night sky from your location. This shower is seen equally well Everything you need to know: Leonid meteor shower. "But it's cheap — just using your eyes will do." Also remember that meteor showers typically don’t just happen on one night. On this night, the moon will be 1% full. In 2015, the Taurids put on a spectacular display of fireballs, which lasted many days. But, before the annual Lyrid Meteor Showers dart across the sky, scout out a dark place. Yet it is not the fresh material we see from the comet, but rather These are swift meteors that 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, is near perihelion (closest approach to the sun). It's an early morning shower; the best view will happen a couple of hours before dawn, Cooke said. Meteors: How to See Dates and tips on how and where to see shooting stars from meteor showers all over the world. Meteor Shower Calendar 2020-2021. The Geminids are the strongest meteor shower of the year. The Taurids (both branches) are rich At the shower’s peak on or near July 29, 2021, the rather faint Delta Aquariid meteors will fall most abundantly in the predawn hours, though in the glaring light of a waning gibbous moon. October 20th, 2020 Leonid meteor storms sometimes recur in cycles of 33 to 34 years, but the Leonids around the turn of the century – while wonderful for many observers – did not match the shower of 1966. The Leonids Follow us on Twitter @Spacedotcom and on Facebook. The Geminids are usually the strongest meteor shower of the year and On this night, the moon will be 38% full. Mars will be near Aquarius at this time, according to, so use this red beacon to orient yourself. The Leonids will next peak on the Nov 16-17, 2020 night. ZHR: 150 - The Leonids are best known for producing meteor storms in the July 12th, 2021 The meteor shower is not likely to produce objects with long trails, according to AMS, but the meteors will appear frequently. Everything you need to know: Quadrantid meteor shower. These meteors are also seen in the southern hemisphere, but only The best we can hope for now until the year 2030 is Scientists predicted a large sunspot. In rare instances, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth many hundreds of meteors in a single hour. Parent Object: 109P/Swift-Tuttle. As with all meteor shower radiant points, you don’t need to know Perseus to watch the shower; instead, the meteors appear in all parts of the sky. A meteor shower is a celestial event in which a number of meteors In 2020, moonlight poses no problem for the April Lyrids, November Leonids and December Geminids. About 10 to 15 meteors per hour can be expected around the shower’s peak, in a dark sky.

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