fax +44 (0) 1707 284870, University of Hertfordshire The supports and services provided and made available to nondisabled parents were not provided to this parent, and she was denied reasonable modifications to accommodate her disability. Baum and Burns (2007) produced an in-depth study of eight mothers with learning disabilities who had lost custody of their children, and found that concerns about parenting tended to be raised by other people rather than the parents themselves. /XObject 134 0 R It has been argued that training can improve the knowledge and skills of mothers in virtually all areas of parenting, with behavioural methods - such as modelling, verbal instructions, physical guidance, breaking tasks into smaller steps and using pictorial aids - being the most effective intervention in relation to acquiring practical and relationship skills (Booth & Booth, 1994; Murphy, 1996; McGaw, 1998; McGaw, Ball & Clarke, 2002; Baum, Gray & Stevens, 2011). 15, No. /Parent 2 0 R Aunos, M. & Feldman M. A. For example, a child welfare agency removed a newborn for 57 days from a couple because of assumptions and stereotypes about their blindness, undermining precious moments for the baby and parents that can never be replaced.10  Similarly, after a child welfare agency removed a three-year-old from his grandmother because she had arthritis and a mobility disability, the toddler developed behavioral issues and progressively detached from his grandmother, though he had had no such experiences before this separation.11   Any case of discrimination against parents and caregivers due to their disability is not acceptable. McGaw, S. & Sturmey, P. (1993). /MediaBox [0 3.84 431.04 652.8] /F9 87 0 R In A. endobj Child welfare agencies and courts may also be required to provide reasonable modifications to their policies, practices, or procedures and/or appropriate auxiliary aids and services during assessments to ensure equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities. A Jigsaw of services: Inspection of services to support disabled adults in their parenting role. For many, the easy way is not an option so they are constantly having to find workarounds. >> Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 20 U.S.C. /F8 170 0 R /F2 353 0 R Training that takes place outside the home does not necessarily transfer within (Bakken, Miltenberger & Schauss, 1993). /CropBox [0 3.84 431.04 652.8] A review of issues and positive practice in supporting parents with learning difficulties and their children. Picture Bank. /F3 141 0 R /F4 286 0 R /F10 276 0 R /Resources In recent years there have been more stories of successful parenting, with for example the Norah Fry Research Centre (2009) producing a collection of real-life stories of parents with learning disabilities who have had the right support to enable them to look after their children. Tymchuk, A. J., Andron, L.  & Unger, O. Title II and Section 504 also make child welfare agencies responsible for the programs and activities of private and non-profit agencies that provide services to children and families on behalf of the state or municipality.56, Answer:  Yes. /F7 332 0 R /Font /F11 243 0 R Disabled parents frequently rely on their own expertise on access and accommodations. /F6 154 0 R RCN guidance for midwives and nurses. /F1 370 0 R Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 15, 285 -296. endstream /Resources /F3 303 0 R Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 15, 354 – 366. Answer:  We recommend that child welfare agencies and courts review and update their policies and procedures on a regular basis to ensure that they comply with the ADA and Section 504. /Resources Set 3. Additionally, we suggest that courts consider whether any reasonable modifications are necessary and should be made for parents with disabilities. Edmonds, J. << & Feldman, M. A. /Type /Font Identifying high-risk versus low-risk parents with intellectual disabilities. >> endobj They have developed specific guidance to aid them with this task, particularly as regards the assessment procedure, the tools required to conduct the assessment, and what needs to be included in the assessment report (Baum, Gray & Stevens, 2011). They stressed that they did not wish ‘to question the rights and wrongs of the decision to remove the children’ (p.130) but argued that the decisions were usually presented from the professional’s perspective, which tended to ‘highlight the inadequacies of the parents at the expense of their ordinary human feelings’ (p.131). /F9 6 0 R Answer:  No. << /MediaBox [0 3.84 431.04 652.8] London: the Baring Foundation. /MediaBox [0 3.84 431.04 652.8]

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