Will breed Birdsville / Petsville – Bird & Small Animal Specialists. Jun-July 1993 Page 442-444, ABK Vol  2 Issue 12. on "Finches - Australian" web page Adequate new nest material must be A/A Vol 51 No. Nests should be dispersed throughout the aviary at varying hights. Long-tailed finches can be housed successfully as single pairs, a colony, or as part of a mixed collection. The long-tailed finch is a medium-sized grassfinch that’s also known also as the Heck’s finch, Heck’s grassfinch, long-tailed grassfinch, and black heart finch. Sprouted seed increases the nutritional value of seed and is a cheap way to improve your birds health. available for the birds to rebuild the old nest or build a new nest for Greens such as seeding grasses, endives, silverbeet, cucumber and chickweed.. The male has a larger bib and wider skull than the female. grasses and some green leafy vegetables such as endive, silverbeet or covered on this web site. A breeding diet should be introduced about 1 month prior to breeding. web page for general details on the These are all available at birdsville. 3 Mar 1979 Page 43-48 ( Eggs per nest 5 - 7. These species must be housed separately. Young should be leg rung so individuals can be Hand Raised Blue Throated Conure Information, Hand Raised Major Mitchell Cockatoo Information, Hand Raise Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Information, Hand Raised Purple Crowned Lorikeet Information, Aristopet Worming Syrup Plus Praziquantel For Ornamental Birds, Passwell First Aid for Sick and Injured Birds, Tropican High Performance Granules for Parrots, Tropican Lifetime Formula Granules for Parrots, Tropican High Performance Biscuits for Parrots, Tropican High Performance Granules for Cockatiels, Tropican Lifetime Formula Granules for Cockatiels. Long-tailed finches breed best in spring and autumn, with a hen bird that is at least 12 months of age. Always be aware of pesticides of any plants offered to finches. Long tailed finches will breed in nesting boxes, and wicker nests. Small mealworms, maggots, and termites are most frequently given. After the death or replacement of a mate, it may take some time for the remaining bird to accept a new partner. nutrition of Australian Finches or read on for specific details for this Insects form part of their food intake, especially during the The hen will lay 5 to 7 eggs in which both participate in incubating the eggs. breeding season. 10 - 12 Note white rump in flight. Dec-Jan 1990 Page 473-477, ABK Vol  2 Issue 10. The red beak colour seems to be dominant when the two varieties are bred together, so keepers should house only one subspecies in each aviary to prevent the yellow subspecies becoming lost. They can be fussy about mate selection, so allowing pairs to form naturally will likely result in better breeding results. The long tailed finch can interfere with other species of breeding/nesting finches when housed in a mixed species collection. and a selection of finch nest photos Pair bonding is usually very strong and aviary of about 2 - 3 metres long (7 of age. After breeding takes place the hen typically lays 4-7 eggs which both parents take turns incubating for 14 days. Live food is Long tailed finches will breed in nesting boxes, and wicker nests. Juveniles similar but duller, with dark bill. Long tailed Finch The Long tailed finch is a very adaptable species. 4 and use in conjunction with details BirdCare.com.au It is too complex and diverse in nature to be Apr 1972 Page 49-50. In the wild the birds will catch flying insects such as A small brownish bird with gray head, black throat, narrow black lores, very long black tail, and either a red bill (Northern Territory) or pale yellow bill (Western Australia). "finch nests" and "finch nests photos" in Refer "Avian Health Issues" Especially important when breeding your birds. Click on "Up" then "nests" then Most breeding pairs of Long tailed finch will tolerate some Breeding long tailed finches Breeding in large aviary as a colony or breeding in s small cage with one pair per cage. Egg and biscuit formula- another source of protein which is great for your birds this can be added to the container when feeding your birds live food. Health Issues: Leafy greens such as kale, bok choy, endive and silverbeet are in important part of the long-tailed finch’s diet. typical backyard planted 151-152 (Heck's), A/A Vol 26 No. Artificial incubation, hand rearing or fostering will not be and a few other finches suck up the water. i have a male which is housed in a avairy with zebra finches, and has mated with a female zebra is this common? A wide variety of artificial nests will be accepted, though they have a preference for a dense shrub just above ground level. A/A Vol 57 No. The latest articles, species profiles, classifieds, and product promotions delivered to your inbox once a month. ABK Vol 12 Issue 9. Best results are usually achieved with about 3 breeding pairs in a colony in a Nesting material such as swamp grass and feathers must be on offer for them to construct there nests. Keep the two types genetically pure. web page for information and references. It is important during the raising of the young that live food supply is increased such as meal worms and fly pupae. beneficial throughout the year and essential at breeding season. approx 13 - 14 days. Level Of Knowledge Required: Native to northern Australia from Broom to west kimberleys  there are two sub species of long tailed grass finch the red billed which is on the eastern side of the population and the yellow billed which inhabits west and the north of the population range. They will construct a dome-shaped nest from fine strands of dry grass. cos lettuce. Cage breeding is often used by breeders that are breeding the long Incubation It inhabits dry savannah habitats in Australia and adapts readily to aviculture. Sprouted seed– Relished by long tails, aAlways clean thoroughly with aviclens before feeding your long birds to remove bacteria. and small crickets are commonly 24  days. Regular cleaning and preventative healthcare is a must. web pages. Read notes 3 breeding pairs in a planted aviary should give good results. Victoria, Australia ), [ Home ] [ Up ] [ Beautiful Firetail Finch ] [ Black throated Finch ] [ Blue faced Parrot Finch ] [ Chestnut breasted Finch ] [ Crimson Finch ] [ Diamond Firetail Finch ] [ Double bar Finch ] [ Gouldian Finch ] [ Long tailed Finch ] [ Masked Finch ] [ Painted Finch ] [ Pictorella Finch ] [ Plum headed Finch ] [ Red browed Finch ] [ Red eared Firetail Finch ] [ Star Finch ] [ Yellow rumped Finch ] [ Zebra Finch ]. A/A Vol 13 No 8 Aug 1959 Page 109-111 (Inc colour plate). More details on In the wild the Long tailed finch By-Laws:  Refer to "Government Laws" page. Want to learn more about finches? Do not mix the two subspecies as they be told if the young birds are brother-sister related so other unrelated Breeding: Live food such as meal worms and fly pupae, this in conjunction with a couple of pinches a day of wombaroo insectivore mix. Government Regulations & Housing Requirements:  Click on "Housing birds" Best results are usually obtained in a fully roofed aviary. A strict worming and parasite control regime is essential to ensure the long-term health of any finch collection. A quality seed mix including canary seed, various millets and panicum forms the basis of the long-tailed finch’s diet. "General References" listings. to high sites in the aviary.

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