✔️ Packability: Quilts are already smaller than sleeping bags because they’re made from less fabric and they don’t have backs, hoods, and most of the time zippers. However, at 85$ including shipping (but without any import duties), this is a more serious contender. Baffles: the lumps and lines that make up the shape of your camping quilt are created by ‘baffles’. Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt. But the competition is also at least twice as expensive. This system is easy to manage (because you aren’t strapped to your sleeping pad!) I’m not knocking Enlightened Equipment or any of the other (have no experience with the others), it is a personal preference. A Custom Revelation 20*F with all the bells and whistles weighs 21.3 oz and costs $420, A Custom Bandit 20*F with all the bells and whistles weighs 23 oz and costs $345, A Custom Arc UL 20*F with all the bells and whistles weighs 21 oz and costs $425. It’s also incredibly lightweight, and it packs down to quite a good size. It also has a good length, making it a good choice for taller campers. Required fields are marked *. This shell fabric is amongst the lightest used in the sleeping bag industry, so to increase durability Western Mountaineering add an acrylic kiss coating. The fix was to return the quilt and add more down. Nonetheless in cold weather when even the smallest of drafts can ruin your night's sleep, having the option to use a more secure pad attachment system can really make a difference. Best regards! That said, the stuff sack has shoulder straps, which makes this quilt easy to carry around. I think it is still a good deal today. I informed them of the problem with my Revelation Quilt’s down migrating within the baffles and leaving cold spots. Draft Collar (optional): Another cool feature you’ll find on many quilts is an adjustable snap and drawcord collar at the neck. This eliminates cold spots and means that the down stays on top, where you want it, so you can stay warm. An increasing number of quilt makers also offer Economy quilts made with a limited set of options that are much less expensive and often available immediately. This is a tube of insulation (usually down) sewn at the neck end of the quilt than can be tightened like a scarf around your neck and upper chest. From the JRB website: For example, the use of continuous or chevron-shaped baffles, draft collars, zoned insulation, closed foot-boxes and external snaps for quilt layering, all improve cold-weather performance. These fabric weights should provide enough durability for a quilt that is well looked after whilst also providing significant weight savings. No interesting features, it doesn’t perform in any special way and it has a much heavier pack weight than most good quilts. Zpacks redesigned their quilt and sleeping bag line in 2019 in response to feedback from users. This is an especially common problem for side and stomach sleepers or those that spread out or move around a lot throughout the night. All our entries are high quality, ultralight backpacking quilts that are generally comfortable down to about 35°F (2°F). Fill power is actually a measure of volume. The Magma Trail Quilt 30 is a nice initial offering from REI… it is lightweight, has a small pack size, and is relatively inexpensive. There aren’t lots of features here such as toe boxes etc, but for a simple blanket that performs very well and offers good choice and versatility, this is as good as it gets. It is 19 oz and I’m very happy with it. Some backpacking quilts can be used in a wider variety of ways than others, which may be an important factor based on the way you like to backpack. Hammock Gear offer plenty of options for customisation. A zippered footbox can be unzipped and the entire quilt laid flat like a blanket. The Alsek includes a full draft collar which improves warmth retention in cold weather and also gives the quilt a much cosier feel. Here are a few of the features we’ve found important for coaxing the most warmth out of a quilt. For more information on sleeping pads, check out our Ultralight Sleeping Pad Buying Guide. For the same temperature rating, quilts take a lot less space than regular bags. We believe that a true backpacking quilt does not have a full length zip along the bottom opening. You can choose between a zippered or sewn foot box, and the neck of the quilt has both snaps and an elastic drawcord. Elastic cords keep quilt on sleeping pad. Hammock Gear uses cheaper 800-fill power duck down. Quilts are also slightly lighter because they have typically have no zip or draft tube. We find this an interesting, and potentially undesirable feature of a quilt that is only going to be sufficient for warmer climate use anyway. Ultralight sleeping bags are best suited for warmer temperatures, but with proper planning and well-designed systems, they can be pushed into shoulder seasons. The hydrophobic (i.e. This link also offers a much more pricey, much more durable quilt, which is also a great option. This one has a closed foot box and a pad strap. An option for the minimalists out there, this cozy, soft, and ultralight quilt is great for hikers looking to drop some ounces without sacrificing quality. CaminoAdventures.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Don't be fooled by their relatively lo-fi website… these guys mean business when it comes to ultralight backpacking gear. This one factor, more than any other, can often determine which quilt you select. No. And don't forget to check out our backpacking quilt buying advice at the bottom of the page before making a decision. Having your sleeping pad underneath your quilt acts as a barrier between it and the ground floor, protecting it from abrasion. This top quilt packs down into a reasonably small size and it’s incredibly lightweight. FILL: 700-900 fill power is ideal for most 3-season hikes. Buying a quality sleeping pad with good insulation is important if you’re using a quilt. Katabatic Gear quilts, for example, use a pad attachment system with both primary and secondary clips to provide even better draft protection. Most quilts have a flat clip or snap button for securing the collar and a drawstring to cinch the collar in tight. However 7 denier is getting pretty thin, so durability may become a concern and you may also experience more down loss through the fabric. For buying advice on sleeping quilts, you’ve come to the right place! If you can afford it, stick with the Econ Burrow. Another awesome feature is that Zpacks ship all their quilts with an ultralight roll-top dry bag! Some brands offer ‘treated’ sleeping quilts, which are apparently more water-resistant, but the effectiveness of these has not been properly proven. And new materials are slowly catching up on down’s warmth-to-weight ratio too. That way, you can take both on your colder hikes – but only take your quilt when you’re camping in warmer areas. There’s a foot box feature that can partially zip and cinch, and a draft collar with two drawcords. Both quilts and regular mummy sleeping bags have their fans. I love it but as my only frame of reference I wonder how it compares to the others you recommend. Draft collar: this section, around the top of the sleeping bag, creates a collar between your neck and the opening of the sleeping quilt, to keep hot air in and cold air out. If you are willing to pay extra to save a few ounces of weight, then Hammock Gear also offer a premium quilt range. Should I Pair My Quilt With a Warm Sleeping Pad? The Vesper is filled with 900 fill power hydrophobic down. ❌ Less secure: Mummy bags are simple. Their attachment system is good, though I haven’t used another company’s for comparison. Wearing thermal underwear and a hat will add a few degrees. Our lightweight down quilts give you room to roam. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a seriously ultralight quilt for use in relatively predictable climates then the Astralite might be worth considering. But these claims might not necessarily match the actual performance of the quilts. If you love this list of Best Backpacking Quilts then you'll likely love reading some of our other gear reviews: PROS: Ultralight, Very warm, Comfy draft collar, Great pad attachment system, Elasticated bottom opening, BEST FOR: Those who only use a quilt and are willing to pay for the best. Sleeping bags can be a real pain to climb in and out of in a hammock, but quilts aren’t nearly as restraining. Some baffles are warmer than others. However the 30° and 40° rated quilts in the ultralight series allow the choice between a sewn in or zippered footbox. Sometimes Chinese manufacturers make good value products, if you overlook that most have been heavily “inspired” by established models. I am a front and side sleeper and so I just get tangled in them. Katabatic Gear also use a novel patented pad attachment system that provides much greater draft control than the pad attachment systems found on the quilts of most other manufacturers. Down is naturally water-resistant so the jury is still out on whether “treated” down lasts as long and insulates as well in the real world vs. a testing lab. Starts 11/26/2020 at 6pm ends on 11/30/2020 at midnight. It also can be snapped into place around the body, for sitting around.

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