Your ideal client profile should, at a minimum, define a geography and age range, but the most effective producers go even further to focus on specific vocations and even companies, and the products that align best with that audience. With that in mind, take a look at these proven life insurance sales ideas and techniques that separate the top producers from the rest of the industry. If a life insurance agent can understand customers demand then he will be successful. But few have documented, activity-driven goals that provide the roadmap to high production levels. He's a proud husband and father and once served as the lead singer of the 80s cover band the Reaganomics. Expert advice for how health insurance agents can sell health insurance more effectively and provide better value to their customers. Start with “why” before the quote. The life insurance agent always has a positive attitude and can understand his client’s needs. Insurance Lead Generation: The Ultimate Playbook. Life Insurance Sales Tips 1. The biggest challenge faced by most agents is a lack of new prospects. By helping your clients and prospects define the “why” behind their life insurance purchases, you put the purchase into perspective and create a sense of urgency around it. Posted on: August 23, 2016 by Erin Ollila. If you're serious about selling life insurance for a living, here’s one positive. Insurance is one of the most expensive things people buy and they can’t see it, touch it, or hold it, that is why Lake Region Insurance Agency can help you get prepared for life. Learn some tips for converting good leads into good numbers. A short education on how to approach customers to discuss and offer life insurance. Let QuoteWizard do all the work gathering new high-quality leads for you. Tap into the power of the referral by marketing your services to Millennials by way of their family and friends. And, surprise surprise, the same thing applies when you’re selling insurance. Knowing how to sell life insurance successfully hinges on an agent's ability to effectively leverage consumer touch points and communication channels. Besides having different personal needs, they also have different mindsets when it comes to life insurance. Selling life insurance is extremely difficult for the large majority of agents. When you’re blogging, you attract leads by answering their questions, commenting on industry related changes, and offering your opinion (be careful to avoid biases and "isms" in your opinions). At EverQuote, we partner with producers to define their specific geography and audience so they can spend less time prospecting and driving and more time connecting consumers to coverage. 2 talking about this. EverQuote specializes in partnering with agents to drive ideal consumers in their defined area, in real time. Even though you could try to find a buyer on your own, it is recommended you work with professionals. Now, you can embrace all your leads (even those you might not be aware of) by being active on social media, especially if you’re blogging, too. You’re selling trust. Some producers will go anywhere and work with anyone. If you’re new to sales, observation is key: Look, read, listen and watch what the … Wondering what the difference is between shared leads and exclusive auto insurance leads for... For agents, insurance lead generation isn’t just a good idea—it’s a way to grow your business,... Ready to see what partnering with EverQuote can do for you? Social selling, lead nurturing at it’s finest, allows you to get your expertise in front of many possible prospects as the expert in the insurance industry. So if your life depends on making a cross-sale today, remember you’re far more likely to upsell them a renter’s policy than a life insurance policy. Long gone are the days of home appointments to talk life-insurance strategy with prospects. By Barbara Marquand Whole life insurance can be a good choice for some people, but like many financial products, it's not for everybody. Contact us today. Yes, many people think to cover the cost of their house, or a certain monetary figure, but what about other expenses they won’t be able to contribute to, such as education funds, their spouses retirement funds, or even children’s future weddings. Featured. If you can prepare for the many ways your prospect might reject aspects of your proposal, you can prepare a follow up response to their objections. Insurance Sales, Life Insurance Sales Ideas, Tips, & Techniques. Selling insurance means starting a lifelong relationship with your client. When faced with the possibility of not being able to paying for their children’s college expenses or being forced to return to work after the death of a spouse, suddenly a daily latte budget seems better served going toward life insurance. 4 Foundational Marketing Ideas For Insurance Agents, Property & Casualty Insurance Industry Trends 2018-2020. A native of the Boston area, Brian holds degrees from Middlebury College and MIT and the CFP®,CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC designations. 4 Secrets Here are 10 awesome insurance sales tips for those By clicking "Get Started", I affirm that I have read and agree to this website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, including the arbitration provision and the E-SIGN Consent. Next share your posts on social media, and then keep sharing across your other lead conversion channels. Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads For Agents: What’s the difference? Selling final expense life insurance can be a long process, and you could lose the sale with one slip-up. T... What to know: A permanent life insurance policy might be worth buying with an eye toward retirement planning, but only if you've maxed out contributions to tax-advantaged retirement accounts, such as 401(k) plans and IRAs, … Tell them a story on how life insurance has influenced your life, something to build that rapport.

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