It is easy to dismiss him as just another brawny Superman knockoff, but his physical attributes are not what make him stand out. Given the popularity of the Man of Steel, it's no surprise Marvel has made copycat characters. Another less impressive example of conflict avoidance is his intangibility. These feats include a range from the silver age of comics (where superman was a complete powerhouse when it came to comparing him with other heroes.) superman winsking hyperion got rocked by bunch of b list exiles several times and couldn't stop the asteroid. More than just copying Superman's powers, Sentry's reality manipulation abilities, psychic abilities, and angelic status give him unique abilities that make him more powerful than DC's Man of Tomorrow. Red Hood Vs Winter Soldier: Who Wins In A Fight? And of course the two strongest fight. One is powerful  but the other is more powerful. in open sunlight i think superman takes it either over loading hyperion with super thermal vision or just outstrategising him. Hyperion-712 couldn't take him out even with another Hyperion on his side. Ive read king hyperion,he couldnt stop asteroid m and a bunch of b listers beat him maybe you should actually go read it instead of taking other peoples hype for word,he wasnt impressive at all,all he did of worth was beat 2 hyperions from different timelines with undefined amounts of power after having an arguable amp from absorbing holocaust. Shadows_Wrath 5 mo 20 d . Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. @czarny_samael666: So, basically, mimic speed blitzed Hyperion by going half the speed of light...........which is something Superman can do easily ................. King Hyperion stated to have destroyed ALL of his earth's superhumans, and included : Thor, Hercules, and even Galactus. As Superman is the strongest DC hero, it makes sense that Sentry is equally strong. Aries 5 mo 21 d . I'll go with Superman, though it will be a hard fight but Superman will take this one. This is something no other Marvel character seems able to surpass. DC's Superman is generally considered to be the first modern superpowered hero in comics. A weaker version of Hyperion has held two realities apart and then survived the collision of those two universes with no lasting damage. Singly, and in groups. He currently lives in North Carolina with his spouse, two adorable cats, and an ever-growing book-hoard. I'm sick of hearing about Superman speed blitz, when was the last time he speed blitzed someone? Silver Age Superman sneezes, it's all over. But who's stronger? From feats alone, superman has shown near limitless strength. But the Sentry's worst enemy is himself, or rather, his darker half. JavaScript is disabled. Has better feats too. So the some of the powerhouses in marvel. Even King Hyperion isn't a match for Superman. As powers go, it is quite impressive, even for one as strong as he is. RELATED: Avengers: 5 Reasons Why Hyperion Is More Powerful Than Captain Marvel (& 5 Why He Never Will Be). Mimic used half of the light speed and changed into Colossus's type of metal to do it. The Sentry is a copy of DC's Superman. King Hyperion vs The Sentry # not voted He's probably a fanboy.... Shadows_Wrath 5 mo 20 d . The secret behind the Sentry's Biblical levels of strength turns out to be that he is the literal Angel of Death. Later in their story, the two stand against an army of Beyonders. Sentry might be a copycat of Superman, but Hyperion is basically just Superman. While working as an English teacher in Japan, he helped found the magazine 3 Feet Left as its Resident Writer. Anything?I mean, he's just about the best Superman clone Marvel has but that doesn't make him better than Superman. But who is stronger? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Each finds a sense of camaraderie in the other, fighting together and enjoying the other's company. He is the protector of Earth who lost his Earth and so has adopted another. During the fight, Hyperion lifts the city of Atlantis into the air, then hurls it over the horizon. Then they make a last stand as warriors against an invincible army, victorious in their glorious deaths. Except for the times when he blitzed Mongul, blitzed Doomsday Rex, blitzed Darkseid, blitzed an Imperiex Probe, blitzed Gog, blitzed Gnarnite, blitzed a Kryptonian strike team, blitzed Deathstroke,blitzed Subjeckt 17, blitzed H/P Doomsday and BFR'd Batman before the Four Horsemen could react, it's just an excuse DC fanboys like to use to say Supes wins. BFR'd Batman before the Four Horsemen could react. Yeah. dont forget sentry is fighting alongside king in this fight so both of them could take him if they fight together i think. As powerful as the Sentry is, he has a second personality that is just as powerful, known as the Void. you should know there is a difference between hyperion and king hyperion right. Take a second to look at our. While the Incursions that destroyed multiple universes were a naturally occurring phenomenon across the spectrum of realities, a number of people destroyed other universes intentionally to save their own. Difference is....superman was going just under the speed of light.....not half.....and it is in his character. The Sentry has one of the most overwhelming superpowers of anyone in the Marvel Universe: the power of one million exploding suns. At the time, Asgard is located in Broxton, Oklahoma while Norman Osborn has taken charge of his own Dark Avengers team in addition to being given control over the Earth's global security network. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. And stating that he was beaten by B listers.. yeah thats called PIS and Superman has been bloodied by weaker foes all the time, since according to the DC fans Superman can one shot the Presence. This burden presses on him, as does the trauma of all he has lost. The Eternals are ancient powerful beings created by the Celestials to be the guardians of Earth. the main Marvel Universe), he befriends the Asgardian Avenger, Thor Odinson. King Hyperion vs The Sentry # not voted He's strength and speed level is also way higher than sentry. His actual powers include flight, godlike physical prowess, psychic abilities, invulnerability, and manipulation of matter down to the molecular level. How can people say Superman is stronger?

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