You can see it clearly in the right most part of the image. I don't want to assemble a kit, I would like to actually make it myself. Of course the guitar body as a whole is "acoustic and hollow". Copyright © 2020, GuitarScratchRemover by Eternashine. How do you protect an odd-shaped instrument? However a few may have solid tops, and this is a better find. If not, then maybe you don’t need an all solid wood guitar. There is really only one advantage to solid wood guitar bodies – they are better and louder in acoustic tone. The waist of this archtop is tighter than a dreadnought, so getting a custom fit there means adding material to the foam. With the plush liner pulled back, I trace the guitar’s shape onto the foam to show where material needs to be removed. After test-fitting, I applied spray adhesive and put my patches onto the foam framework. Lower body bout: 15-1/4" wide funnily enough, good planer eliminates lots of sanding. And it’s a bad fit, so the guitar rattles around inside. Solid wood guitars do not contain laminated (layered) wood, so as an example if you own a solid top acoustic Martin D18, the top is all solid wood, not layered in any way. This picture with the black fabric still in place gives a good idea of how much foam I needed to add. Whatever your choice, we’re sure it’s a fine one... so keep it looking it’s best. It’s so warped, the case itself is liable to hurt the guitar when it’s lifted it in or out. Here’s an old Epiphone archtop that’s too big to fit down into a dreadnought-size LiteCase. It does take lots of skill though. The improved version of the classic Fender Strat Bridge, The most consistent, top quality Strat® replacement body on the market today. A keen eye can spot these tiny layers in the top if you look at the soundhole opening. For the few most-common guitar shapes, it’s no problem to find a hardshell case. Smooth out any wrinkles and pull the edges back over the top of the Styrofoam. Many guitars are laminate wood in their entire body construction. Here’s an old Epiphone archtop that’s too big to fit down into a dreadnought-size LiteCase. There is no difference in appearance between a solid wood and laminate guitar, it’s all on the inside, and only your ears and wallet will know. You need an entire empty line. Pull the outer cover back into place, and zip the case shut. You don't need to buy them from stewmac since its on the pricy side, but it gives a good idea of what to look for. If you can’t tell, just look at the grain – is it much different in the soundhole than on the back? There are also plans there you can check out. Unfasten the tough nylon outer skin and you have access to the frame, which you can easily enlarge, reduce, or reshape. The neck is definitely the hardest part. They are also not as complicated as electric builds because there are no electrical components to worry about. This let me pull the outer covering down, exposing the edges of the inner plush lining. I was looking for a challenge after I finished the canoe videos so I decided to learn how to build a guitar. The best guitars will be all solid wood. •   No matter how many orders you place. That requires a lot of tools and expertise. Most build your own acoustic guitar kits are dreadnought types but you might find classical and triple O shapes as well. Very few people come into this and knock their first build out of the park. Laminate wood still can create a great sounding guitar, but it technically isn’t as loud to the discriminating listener. There's surely a chance that you may screw something up but you'll reduce those odds if you take your time and have some forethought.

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