Put simply, Indonesian food in the Netherlands is a must, and especially in Amsterdam, where dining options abound. Its fresh botanical interior, its extensive wine-list, its rijsttafel served in traditional “courses”: this is an Indonesian restaurant you want to take your parents to. It will burn easily, so keep stirring. In the kitchen of Cascades, located beneath the elevated, thatched roof restaurant, Nik Vanderbeeken’s Indonesian staff makes their spice mixtures, sambals, and spice pastes on a daily basis. Put simply, Indonesian food in the Netherlands is a must, and especially in Amsterdam, where dining options abound. Satay skewers – generally chicken and goat – are a staple, as are various curries (meat and fish), boiled eggs in spicy sauces, vegetables in peanut sauce (wonderfully named gado-gado) and fried bananas. It’s the tradition of eating together and sharing the food with loved ones. Serve this over rice, or over anything with peanut sauce. 4. @dangit.all, A post shared by Amsterdam Foodguide (@amsterdamfoodguide) on Oct 6, 2019 at 11:00am PDT. 1 tomato We chose Sampurna (Singel 498) based not only on its (mostly) favorable local reviews, but also its various price points (four options ranging from €27,50 to €34,50) and reputation for being one of the spicier Indonesian restaurants in town. The myriad of plates (typically in the dozens) are all laid out on the table at once in true feast fashion, and you simply help yourself to the selections as you wish. 11/2 cups dried unsweetened shredded coconut Editor’s note: I was invited to eat at Blue Pepper by the general manager, so I didn’t pay for my meal. 2 teaspoons ground coriander seed 3. Those that came were lacking in spice (I was told the Dutch clientele generally ask for the dishes to be milder) and a bit of variety – there was a predominance of chicken. You can serve this sauce with grilled skewers of pork or chicken (called "sate" in Indonesia) or with a salad of blanched and raw vegetables, bean curd and eggs. Editor's note: Josephine Nieuwenhuis of Syracuse was born and raised in Amsterdam, where she went to culinary school before embarking on a cooking career in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Britain. Asian supermarkets may have them. In short, it’s nothing to write home about (but not that bad that I still want to mention it on this blog). guides you to the best local dishes & drinks in However, much of the rest of the food leaves a lot to be desired – in general, I got the impression the kitchen was playing it very safe for its cruise-ship clientele. I also like its rijsttafel, which comprises a huge selection of boat-shaped dishes ranging from mild to super-spicy. 2 tablespoons ground ginger And for the meat eaters, a beef rendang that was mild and coconut-y. Modern-day rijsttafel is the same exact idea: Cram every inch of your table with anywhere from eight to 40 small plates—a variety of meats, vegetables, and condiments, like sambals and pickled dishes—and eat them with steamed white rice. That’s not to say that the atmosphere is stuffy or pretentious, but the service is a cut above your regular Amsterdam restaurant, the presentation of the food is a notch fancier, and you can order paired wines with everything. 1 thing to eat at an Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam is rijsttafel. Add the peanuts and toss to blend. For those with a sweet tooth, Blauw’s “grand dessert” doesn’t disappoint with favourites like spekkoek and mango ice cream, as well as more adventurous flavours like durian parfait and chocolate fudge laced with cayenne pepper. Pulse to make a coarse paste. The food choices vary greatly and served in multiple plates. 4 tablespoons kecap manis (a thick, sweet soy sauce found in Asian supermarkets) © 2007-17 Vicky Hampton. Strain, pressing on the solids to get all the flavor out. It is quite spicy. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Gado Gado (Peanut Sauce) From Josephine Nieuwenhuis, of Syracuse There’s nothing wrong with that (and it’s a question I’m often asked) but it’s not for the chilli addicts. Dutch for “rice table,” rijsttafel (“ryst-tah-fell”) is a by-product of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia, which, if we count the days of the Dutch East India Company, stretched for more than three centuries, formally concluding in 1949. Sampurna didn’t disappoint our jet-lagged souls. Not surprisingly, when Indonesia became independent after 1945, the Dutch brought back to the Netherlands the taste for their beloved rijsttafel, and it has flourished there ever since, partly due to the many immigrants from Indonesia who knew how to prepare the various dishes.

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