Hal Jordan was a menace in the first Injustice, even killing Guy Gardner, as he was a Yellow Lantern who tread similar lines to Sinestro. No thats not correct, I've been and looked and the character customize screen is only for skins/gear. There is. He lost so much, including Nightwing and Green Arrow, and Catwoman struggled to help him during his descent into despair. Dragon Ball: Moro Vs. This was a very regressive soap-opera ending and showed her to be a selfish child. It's an unwritten rule that every fighting game has to have a series of single-player fights that culminate with a unique ending for the character you chose. That aside, he also brainwashes Bruce to join him and imprisons Kara under a red sun. However, he ended up being saved by the entity of compassion, Proselyte, and Atrocitus then proceeded to spread the good word and form a multi-colored corps. After Brainiac killed Bruce, Damian ended up avenging his father by toppling Brainiac, but in victory, suddenly he started to feel love once more for this father, thus becoming the Batman we saw from Grant Morrison's Batman #666. His belligerence caught Sinestro's eye, and the villain's suspicions about the new Nightwing was confirmed when a yellow power ring managed to find its way to Damian's finger. #2. However, he decided to shake things up by sharing the power of the word that granted him his magical abilities. The alternate Joker realized, upon coming over, the Clan's potential, but still, he failed to do anything significant with them. He continued to harness the power of Fear a la "Brightest Day" and tried to bring order to the universe. He was also one of the heroes who admired the sacrifice of the heroic Lex and went all out to defeat the Kryptonian's oppression. More exposition into Superman's fall (yet again) and into the future of the Justice League should have been showed instead of Kara trying to play scientist. Damian Wayne was one of "Injustice's" most unlikable characters because of how he betrayed his father, Bruce, and also killed Nightwing (Dick Grayson) in a petulant accident. Comment. As Batman tried time and time again via different methods, whether it be through a cadre of heroes, villains or magic, to stop the maniacal Superman, his sanity began to erode. There's no one who's written as out of character as Wonder Woman in this franchise. This watered-down Atrocitus is a shell of what we know. He combines with Brainiac's technology, proceeds to free the worlds that were imprisoned and then builds a new Legion to safeguard the galaxy. It's a stupid move because it's not like another evil speedster can go grab him, right? Do I just play as the hero I didn't choose after beating braniac? When the regime fell, this monster was now free of Superman's control and eradicated the remaining meta-humans. He ended up leaving Superman's regime and this time, he was all for Batman's philosophy. This culminated in a desperate missive from the mighty Sinestro Corps, hurled against the Life Entity, keeper of the White Power Battery. At the reception, the cake-cutting ceremony took a gruesome turn a la the Red Wedding from "Game of Thrones." No matter which side you picked, the Batman vs. Superman angle had to take a back seat to the apocalypse that Brainiac was bringing to the table. I've already seen most of them, i thought there might be like a different ending to the main story haha. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Bruce Wayne, as usual, came prepared with a contingency plan and depowered Superman by using gold kryptonite and banishing him to the Phantom Zone. If you're bored by now, then you also don't want to hear that I write for ESPN on the PR side of things. Brainiac killing Brainiac needs to be assessed, but in this ending, all we got was fan service. With the Injustice sequel coming our way, CBR dives into 15 of the most epic character endings from the original game that tore the DC universe apart! Wielding the power of a White Lantern, he was now enhanced to take on all adversaries and he began with extinguishing the light of the Green Lantern Corps, an ambition he long harbored since falling from grace, which he's still yet to fully accomplish in the comics. Injustice 2 really made him out as an infant here who wanted someone to punch. I've just played through again and it's been apparently unlocked, but i cant find in the menus where it is? Not even Geoff Johns (the critically writer of the Green Lantern comic book series who first created Atrocitus) is crazy enough to do something so left-field with the character. They constantly showed how rash they were, but this kind of ineptitude was downright dumb. As her new husband playfully smashed her face into the cake, years of abuse finally cracked Harley and she snapped, using the ceremonial knife to slash Joker's throat. Firstly, it's like his never-ending battle with Joker. If you're bored by now, then you also don't want to hear that I write for ESPN on the PR side of things. It's a big inconsistency in how she's depicted. However, he overcame the intense resistance by using unfamiliar Kryptonian tools to repair his damaged cybernetics. Using his intelligence, he then manipulated technology in the abandoned Fortress of Solitude. Joker used a series of devastating acts to scare the populace and convince the gullible members of the public that he was the key to their safety. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Coupling this with a prison that Brainiac can surely slip out of made Flash look highly inexperienced. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. However, there were some disjointed scenes once you beat the big baddie, which felt disconnected from the epic storyline, and as such, CBR decided to look at 15 of the game's worst endings! It's an unwritten rule that every fighting game has to have a series of single-player fights that culminate with a unique ending for the character you chose. © Valve Corporation. When you beat any tier of Battle Simulator in Multiverse you will unlock a character's story ending, along with their main alternate colour. Cheetah was the last person you expected to beat such a powerhouse as Brainiac, but she did. NetherRealm . Aquaman only bowed to Superman's regime out of fear and here, we see him cowering again, unsure of which side he should really pick.

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