There are four or five standard issues that can arise with the indigo vat. And, on the other loom, I spotted this simple, striped beauty of indigo cotton cloth being woven–it was such a contrast to the intricate silk weaving that it intrigued me. The Traditional Cultural Education Center was established as a home for preserving and teaching languages, music, traditional customs, and other arts, especially those related to weaving. After about 3 hours, a bronze film had developed on top of the water, and the indigo bath had turned green. From the rivers of India to the mountaintops of Peru, we go directly to villages and cooperatives to bring you these textile stories and the work of skilled artisans who are dyeing, weaving, spinning, printing and embroidering some of world’s most beautiful objects. The Lao Textile Museum It was late April, and the rainy season was just ending. ha! Indigo Series Air/Water/Remote Condenser Ice Machines Technician s Handbook. The weaver was working on a traditional supplementary weft silk fabric using an indigo warp. I have been making and using organic indigo … Failure to follow instructions in this manual can cause property damage, injury or death. Weaving Studio Upon entering the weaving studio, I encountered my first Lao loom. Below are some troubleshooting tips I've provided to accompany the above recipe. Prepare Yarn or Fabric. Copyright © ClothRoads 2018. Fill a non-reactive dye pot or a sturdy plastic bucket about 2/3 full with hot water – approximately 120F. The indigo vat style provided in this natural dye kit is know as the iron vat and contains ferrous sulfate and lime, both of which can be damaging to finer protein fibers like wool and silk. Sometimes the indigo vat is ready in an hour; sometimes it takes nearly two hours. If the pH is lower than that dissolve a bit more soda ash and add to the indigo vat. The Center’s grounds were verdant, providing a rich contrast to the deep carved teak of buildings, a throwback to the French Colonial era. She posed, wearing the beauty of Lao silk against the backdrop of an indigo-dyed, supplementary weft silk piece, while I purchased the simple striped indigo for ClothRoads. Ms. Sisane of the Lao Textile Museum stirs the fermenting indigo dye bath. But here I was at the Lao-Japan Traditional Cultural Education Center in Vientiane and out it comes. The following day the Indigo starter had separated into several lovely layers. Answer–curtains, coverings for household items, wrappings. great explanation of working with an indigo vat. So we use Michel Garcia's recipe 1-2-3 Organic Indigo Vat. An indigo vat can have a very long life if used and tended to regularly. Reviving a vat: Start with the cold vat. It just needs you to dream along with it with a needle and thread in hand. Be the first to discover new treasures! Check the ph, the normal range for dying cotton is between 10-12. It would be tempting to discard a small vat that was not behaving well and begin again, but emptying this vat would require a great amount of effort. I thought that I might offer the following tutorial on how I solved a problem with my own organic indigo vat as a first contribution. This simple cloth is woven of organic cotton; the blue warp and weft is naturally-dyed indigo. Aug 1, 2016 - If you've dyed with indigo for any length of time, you may have come to the point of needing to do indigo vat troubleshooting. Ms. Sisane surrounded by exquisite Lao traditional supplementary weft silk weavings. If you are troubleshooting, be very careful with adding lime. Troubleshooting: If the solution did not turn greenish yellow check that the pH is still between 9 and 10. The Lao Textile Museum is part of the Lao-Japan Traditional Cultural Education Center in Vientiane. Be creative and have fun! Then, check the temperature of your vat. Indigo dyeing is both an art and a science. (Notice the swirling scum on the top of the bath–an almost sure sign that this indigo vat is ready for dyeing and the source of the “disagreeable” smell.). Weaving a traditional fabric using indigo-dyed silk. many different materials. Start by checking the pH and make sure it is at 10. If you're ready to take the indigo challenge, click on the link above to follow the recipe. i never done a hydros vat- haven’t even used the chem vat lately(for me that is a thiox vat) but i wonder if you might invest in a ph meter. Stir the vat gently. What was this cloth used for, and why was it this width and length? Making an indigo vat: Part 2 of 2; Making an indigo vat :: Part 1 of 2.

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