What your travel experience might revolve around. Even though some sites are similar to others, many sites complement each other to tell South Korea’s political, social, cultural, and religious history. Sun Protection – every single person and their mum use sun protection in Korea. Some of the differences in kimchi might be that those who live in villages nearby the seaside tend to make theirs a tad saltier than those who live inland; cabbage kimchi made in summer might be lighter than the heartier version in autumn and winter; seasonable kimchi (made for short-term consumption, made from fresh seasonable vegetables) are different to ‘kimjang kimchi’ (made for long-term consumption, made in large amounts to be stored). Alice has been to: Bolivia, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, People's Republic of China, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam. This goes the same for giving someone chicken wings, as they might provide them with ‘wings to fly away’. Moisturiser – the major step to hydrate your skin. Kimchi is the most popular side dish in Korea, and it continues to lead the world in favourite and most well-known Korean dish. It is reported that the city of Gangnam has more than 500 cosmetics surgery centres alone. Sadly, this has also contributed to South Korea being the plastic surgery capital of the world, with certain people being so unhappy with their looks that they believe surgical enhancement is the only way to go. It’s made with salted and rinses cabbage leaves with red pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, green onions. In autumn, the foliage across the mountains is a sight to behold. When I was there in late April, everything was peachy and comfortable. Leave a comment below! There are dedicated seasons for different games, channels which showcase these games live, online ticketing platforms to purchase tickets to these games – the whole shebang. Whilst this does add a layer of fun and excitement, it can be quite costly, time-consuming, and will most likely require a lot of effort on your end (dealing with luggage, booking additional accommodation, transportation, etc). Very interesting information ☺️ I’ll visit South Korea when travel gets back to normal, From reading this and having watched so many Korean dramas, I think I would like to live in South Korea. "It gets cold! South Korea is … Well, now you do. However, in many parts of Asia, none more predominantly than South Korea, this could not be further from the truth. Leaving your chopsticks or utensils in your rice bowl when eating, as this resembles the processes at a memorial service where mourners burn incense and place utensils in different dishes as a gesture for spirits to eat the food. She holds a Certificate of Advanced Study in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from California State University. Interesting Facts about South Korea #10 – There are more than 200 kinds of kimchi! Exfoliator – only do this every few days, but at least twice a week for clear, polished skin. The number 4 is bad luck (like how number 13 is bad luck in western culture). Gifting someone with shoes might cause them to run away from you. Whilst their regime may not be as stringent as females, they would commonly apply items such as eyebrow pencil, BB cream (blemish cream), and of course, hair product. Whistling a night is call for ghosts and spirits; some South Koreans may actively stop you from doing it. What I didn’t … Did this help you plan your trip? This, coupled with the fact that they have one of the world’s leading cross-country transportation systems (in high-speed trains, condensed air traffic routes, and limitless highway busses) that traverse all around the country, then you’ve got yourself a good time. With that being said, you’re probably wondering, for a country that is known for their gargantuan consumption of fried chicken, incredible variety of snacks and soft drinks, and a drinking culture that consists of limitless bottles of soju on a daily basis, how is this possible? This is saddening, but it is a reality in South Korea. There are regularly buses hourly that depart for Yongin. Also, compared to many Western countries, the food portioning in South Korea are relatively small. In smaller cities, like Gyeongju, it’s not so easy. It’s pretty difficult to believe for some, as many articles paint South Korea as one of the most urbanised cities in the world, with tall skyscrapers, sparkling lights sprinkling the city at night, and being home to some of the world’s best shopping districts, but you would be surprised. I was there in December and it dropped to well below freezing. The KTX runs from Seoul to Pusan and Seoul to Mokpo and transports over 100,000 people daily. Each metric is given an overall score between 1 and 10, and the ratings are briefly explained. Interesting Facts about South Korea #1 – Almost everywhere you want to go can be done as a day-trip from the major cities, Interesting Facts about South Korea #2 – Cosmetics has no boundaries, with women and men both indulging in the popular products, Fact #3 – South Korea has one of the lowest numbers of obese citizens in the world, Interesting Facts about South Korea #4 – Korean skincare products are fast taking over the world, Interesting Facts about South Korea #5 – Home to one of the world’s best airports, Fact #6 – It leads the world in number of Professional Computer Gamers, Interesting Facts about South Korea #7 – More than half of South Korea is covered in forests, even though it’s one of the world’s most urbanised countries, Interesting Facts about South Korea #8 – Koreans are very superstitious people, Fact #9 – World’s capital for plastic surgery. While this is by no means comprehensive, you can get a great idea of how country might match you. However, don’t sleep on terminal 1. Whilst this is an alarming number of concentration in one city, it’s not only local residents that they service. And don’t worry: It’s not all life-saving or anything. Some of the larger palaces have entire “Secret Gardens” that were private sanctuaries for royal women and children to spend time and study, and make up almost half of the entire palace. From a young age, girls and boys learn quickly that Korean society places strong emphasis on looks. (Speaking of the good people, not the bad ones. Whilst this may be as an indirect result of fans of the Korean culture around the world pretty much adopting anything and everything that is endorsed by their favourite Korean celebrities, it has started making a splash across countries like the U.S, with websites like sokoglam forging the way for citizens to easily access Korean skincare, and Australia, where Korean skincare stores are popping up all around the country. However, a large percent of. The official language of South Korea is Korean, but English is taught widely in the country's schools. Toner – use everyday after washing your face to dampen your skin again and balance your pH levels. Due to the high level of professionalism, skill, and experience of the surgeons on South Korea, people from all around the world fly to South Korea to get surgical enhancements. Apparently Korean is one of the easier languages to learn to read, and you can take an afternoon to learn the symbols that make up the language and be reading it in a day. Not too cheap, but also not too expensive. Busan – yes even Busan, South Korea’s second most populous city after Seoul, located almost on the other side of the country, is visitable through a daytrip from Seoul. Know what to pack. Suncheon Bay – a coastal wetland with a wide field of reeds, and a river running through it. Writing people’s names in the colour red is always avoided, unless you want them to know you want them dead. The climate of South Korea is temperate with cold winters and hot, wet summers. Below we’ve listed some examples of the greener destinations you could visit whilst in South Korea: Seoraksan National Park – a national park containing unique rock formations, dense forests, hot springs, and ancient temples. You will be able to go to Western … However, most of the parks and gardens in the other cities are literally fit for emperors. Yongin – another city that is popular amongst visitors to Seoul, home to popular attractions including the Korean Folk Village and Everland Theme Park. The population of South Korea is composed of 99.9% Korean but 0.1% the population is Chinese. While I don’t expect any other country to live up to the cleanliness standards of Japan, I think that Seoul comes close. Everything is very clean, and water is safe to drink. a competitive multi-player video game with spectators watching), similar to the National Rugby League in Australia and the NBA in the U.S. South Korea is second in the world for the lowest number of obese citizens in the country, trailing just after its neighbour, Japan. Translating to mean ‘sky connected to the land’, many people travel to this waterfall just for the stunning blue hue of the water. Because of this pressure, many people succumb to the pressure of plastic surgery to enhance their face to fit in with the social norm.

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