HTC continues to be the only major smartphone maker to focus on delivering a solid audio experience. The phone's impressive mics, combined with optional high-res audio capabilities, are able to capture a wide range of sounds in louder conditions like concerts or noisy bars.

HTC's camera app also boasts slow-motion video, as well as a built-in Hyperlapse mode for stabilized time-lapse video, both at 720p. The LG G5 was faster, though, completing the task in just 3:31. Forget all that. (Either way, BlinkFeed is easy to turn off if it's not your cup of tea.). The overall camera experience available with the HTC 10 is far from the best, but it is also by far the best the company has managed in a long time.

HTC claims the 10 can go from zero to 50 percent in 30 minutes, and our real-world experiences back this up. Overall, HTC has employed a lighter touch than ever in its software customizations, and the result is an experience we think will please Android purists and HTC fans alike.

Where HTC tried to streamline things is in the app spread.

Die Wahrheit im Labor-Test. Der rote Schatten beim seitlichen Betrachten des Displays ist ärgerlich, fällt eigentlich aber auch nur beim direkten Vergleich mit einem anderen Smartphone auf. While HTC’s 2015 flagship brought with it everything the company is known for, including an impeccable design and fantastic software experience, the device failed to live up to expectations in key aspects, such as the camera, which was especially disappointing in a year where the competition was particularly focused on camera performance. The problem is this doesn't kick in anywhere near as consistently as we'd like to see. Links und rechts davon sind die Menütasten, die jedoch nur leuchten, wenn sie angetippt werden.

Jeder Speaker hat seinen eigenen Verstärker, so dass jeder Kanal für sich klaren Sound liefert und nicht den Sound-Brei, den man bei Geräten mit nur einem Lautsprecher leider oft bekommt. Damit das klappt, hat sich HTC das PowerBotics getaufte System überlegt, bei dem durch das perfekte Zusammenspiel der einzelnen Komponenten bis zu 30 Prozent mehr Leistung aus dem Akku gequetscht werden soll, sprich: eine deutlich längere Akkulaufzeit. In comparison, the Galaxy S7 Edge snapped a warmer, more vibrant shot but failed to capture a sharp pic. Hopefully some of this can be ironed out through future software updates.

I love the capacitive home button; it's etched out and easily located by touch.

Höhen gibt das HTC 10 fein und detailliert wieder, Bässe klingen ausgewogen.

Compared to major rival Samsung's Galaxy S7, the HTC 10 tends to crank up sensitivity levels to ensure a steady shot in low light, as opposed to leaning on its OIS and opening the shutter for a little longer. Nachdem HTC zuvor stets der Meinung war, dass eine FullHD-Auflösung für ein Smartphone-Flaggschiff genügt, bietet man nun doch 1440p auf. This app helps in a few ways, and as mentioned before, allows for games to be scaled down to a Full HD resolution to save power. BoomSound is still available, but in a different implementation this time around, with a single front-facing speaker up top, that is paired with a bottom-mounted subwoofer unit that helps provide richer lower tones. Rapid charging is a hugely important feature for a high-end smartphone, allowing a dead handset to quickly return to life with a reasonable amount of charge. Zumindest auf dem Papier hat HTC sowohl bei der Hauptkamera als auch vorne schwer aufgefahren: Vorne wie hinten kommt eine optische Bildstabilisierung zum Einsatz, das bieten die anderen durch die Bank nicht. Aside from the prominent branding on the back, there's a ton of HTC design DNA here.

We might stop short of saying that Sense is our absolute favorite version of Android, but with all the changes we’ve seen so far, and will continue to see in the future, it is certainly really nice to come back to something familiar. HTC's personalized audio profiles are so cool they make me want to listen to my music on the HTC 10 instead of on my iPhone 6s. Bottom line: Expect battery life that's passable — decent, even — but nothing spectacular. The only real issue with the camera app is when using the Pro mode with full manual control. Longevity hasn't been poor per se, more inconsistent — and sometimes wildly so.

Die Farben wirken natürlich, Details kommen gut zur Geltung. OIS, 4K resolution plus high-definition audio makes for an impressive video camera. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. Zusammen mit dem aktuellen Android 6.0 Marshmallow und der HTC-eigenen Oberfläche HTC Sense legt das HTC ein ordentliches Tempo vor, das vergleichbar mit den Galaxy-S7-Modellen ist. Der Sound ist noch so eine Paradedisziplin von HTC, denn dank BoomSound hat man nahezu jeden Smartphone-Hersteller diesbezüglich in die Tasche gesteckt.
The headphone jack, centered at the top, is where the magic happens. Down below you'll find a USB Type-C cable (supporting USB 3.1 Gen1, which means faster data transfer speeds) alongside one of the HTC 10's two loudspeakers. We haven’t had a difficult time getting a full day of work and play out of this device, with the phone allowing for around 4.5 hours of screen-on time. In battery, the HTC 10 comes with a non-removable 3,000 mAh unit, and given that this is current capacity standard with this year’s flagships, it’s no surprise that HTC has followed suit. Where to buy the HTC 10 in the UK. HTC 10 is what's hoped will fuel the recovery: A new, simpler brand backed up by a marketing message promising nothing less than perfection across the board. Compared to our current favorite smartphone camera in the Galaxy S7, though, the HTC 10 pales a little. (Image credit: Jeremy Lips / Tom's Guide). Abgerundet wird die Farbpalette schließlich durch Topaz Gold (weiße Front) und Camellia Red (schwarze Front), wobei die letztgenannte wie oben bereits erwähnt, zumindest vorerst exklusiv in Japan zu haben ist für die Kunden von KDDI. After a disappointing couple of release cycles, HTC's 2016 flagship is a confident return to form, and a reason for high-end buyers to start paying attention to the company once again.

It's fast, it looks good, and the feature set, though not extravagant, brings enough unique stuff to the table to add real value.

HTC will be selling the 10 for flagship smartphone money in a world where the Samsung Galaxy S7 exists.

Videos werden maximal in 4K-Qualität festgehalten, HTCs Zeitlupen-Modus mit 120 Bildern pro Sekunde ist ebenfalls dabei.

It's easy enough to download one from Google Play, but for a phone with such a musical focus, it's an odd omission. (In fact, the slight camera bump means the phone doesn't wobble quite so much when placed on a flat surface.). What's more, the notification pops up even if all BoomSound enhancements are turned off, which is mildly irritating. My shots of New York City buildings at night were marred by numerous light streaks from street lamps and passing cars.

So at least it didn't appear to be doing any harm. Wie gewohnt stehen Materialwahl und die Qualität der Verarbeitung dem Design des HTC 10 in nichts nach. Following a week of use, battery life seems to have stabilized somewhat, and we'll update this review with any long-term findings. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. In low-light conditions, the HTC software usually opts for a slower shutter speed, and as a result, steady hands are still required, even with OIS helping out.

Die Rückseite besitzt am Rand eine schräge Kante.

HTC Sense is about the same as it has always been, and given some of the major changes Android has been going through recently, this can be taken as a very good thing.

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