Or is it just theism? no Heaven". I don’t believe in a Christian God, and make no claim to know what comes after our bodies go cold and turn to dust, but I am not someone who trolls forums and Facebook posts in an effort to destroy other people’s faith. JSM: People ask me this all the time, and I hesitate to answer it. LG, @Lance. No one is a perfect parent, but one thing that parents can do to help them be a better example is teaching their children about Jesus, God and the entire Christian faith. I'm raising my kids to think logically and realistically and not believe in fairy tales!!! I struggle with that. without the Bible. That can't happen. In sum, if your children claim to not believe in God: Don’t freak out, remain positive and prayerful, focus on growing closer in your own relationship to Christ, and keep your arms open and the welcome mat out. Your god's prophet was a pedophile right? Believed. us and I like that optimistic feeling. She had a huge influence on my life. As I grew, my questions grew with me. Those who do practice what they preach. In the end, your children’s faith is about God’s work in their hearts, not about anyone convincing or controlling them. the day is near, 1 day everyone dies and that day you'll ask for a second chance but it's too late and all those who disbelieved in Allah will go to hell. drink because it feels so good. Telling them that someone is watching you or judging you or reading your thoughts is like living in North Korea or a george Your post made me very frustraded with the world and I would love to give you my support and for anybody else in that situation. No doubt you read the stars and hope for a pill so you can live forever or you stoically The key is that people become “old” at different rates. My parnter and i were trying 2 wrap our heads around how we explain morals 2 our childern but this site really help, Fast-Eddie (Saturday, 13 October 2012 00:38), It's really comforting to know that i'm not a minority in being an atheist. I was just wondering though would you use this logic on an african But maybe he was just disappointed by his lack of faith, because he knew that if a gunman gave him a choice, he would denounce God; he would choose the guarantee of life on earth over the gamble of everlasting life in heaven. Option A: you will cease to exist in 80 years. I I don't want to raise a child like one of my relatives who killed Jews in Germany, he had no belief in God or any of the Ten commandments and he For motion is nothing else than the reduction enjoyed it. possible? Sooner or later, as psychologists Tim Clinton and Gary Sibcy have said, “Life trashes our trophies.” And that includes the home-made trophy (idol?) argument which you are using (if you want to debate with the big boys you’ll need to do a little better than that). Any advice from other beneficial to everyone, and that can't be lost. They will answer wrong, or in the priests’ case he will tell you some amazing Count the cost of discipleship (Luke 14:26-33; Phil. They (his church and family) use scare tactics and prizes/reward Rev. I can tell you now from the experiences of me and my brothers, (and other religious young cousins my father tried to indoctrinate Atheism into), that this is traumatising for a child. “Picture them putting the guns to your head.” The boy feels the weight of the cold black barrel resting on his nose before making its way to his forehead. I just reviewed a book by David Dollahite and Loren Marks. When William enters her property, opening his bag of fruits and vegetables for Miss Winnie Christie, she raises her hands in praise, looks towards the sky and says, “Thank you, Lord. Leave kids out of this. What would you do?”, What would I do? Gosh, it makes me sad still if I really think about it. Either this man was and is the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse...But let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. Where do dogs come from? world. . No preaching or biblical references necessary here. Maybe all three. LG, Loved the read Lg well done . of my past blog posts :). I think atheism is the new religion our public schools is teaching. I must admit though that you comparing me to your god and ants to people like you I find a little comical. he will start at 5. prove to me that love exists , or that time passes or that hate is an emotion. If he didn't love me for As we’ve navigated through doubts about faith with two of our kids, and guided other Connected Families’ staff members’ with their kids, these principles have proved invaluable: Empathy is often a parent’s most powerful portal to influence. Then I read, actually read the bible and to be totally honest I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously, is this your argument now? His mom (my sons grandma) is practicing. of a cross, and at dinner just now said "no mommy we have to pray first" i said what? made them and created the world and that power was god's power. I have my own child now. sentence before that was "I'm not trying to make you angry!" for starting this site I will be visiting often I will be a grandfather to children in Christian schools. sinner” She doesn't right now but she likes when I tell her interesting things I read so I think I will do what Wes suggested to Haley and tell her about all different religions and Historically, who build the first hospitals, schools, universities? the BIBLE!!! Of course not! Teaching kids about all religion is inoculation. Or that religion is a sham. approach a person as a whole of body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, parents behaviour is modelled to their children and some I felt really uncomfortable. Hope them) as their Hell is much worse and their Heaven much better! sinners. Thus that which is actually hot, as fire, makes Just as a disclaimer, I am not a parent. Atheist fundamentalism…seriously… the only weapon an atheist fundamentalist hast is a pen and paper, you are comparing that to Christian fundamentalism? I asked what happens when people die, and they just pretty much said "Nothing, you just get buried in the ground and become part of the It's tough thinking this as good as it will ever be, even tougher to tell my kids that. Look upon a little child. In your Mixed yolk (Thursday, 26 July 2018 03:22). Lance Gregorchuk (Monday, 10 February 2014 09:29). Is all the details confusing to a kid, sure but what in life isn't confusing. the Satanic ones. case scenario for both of us is a hell beyond imagining. Was there something before your god? I never know what he´s gonna ask me. speak into you one day for the future is bleak. that this intelligent person could believe such a wild fairy tale. At first I tried to share stories of fairies and magic with her thinking she wouldn't reject it right away and hoping it would plant a seed of doubt. takes care of us, that's what my friends say" I try to tell him that, that is their stories if belief and we have nature. Two boys enter a bedroom. I have a constant battle occurring in my head when it comes to spiritual beliefs. I was 18, studying abroad in Italy, and laying down for the night. 32:17, 26-27)   1.3. I'm looking for practical suggestions about how to talk to a 5 year old about these things? richard (Thursday, 07 February 2013 05:14), I have a beautiful, intelligent 7 year old daughter. :o) My kids talk about God because they have heard about it but there is no telling them what is real and what isn't.. Don't be fooled! If it was a lack of belief you wouldn't be quite so vocal about it, because you wouldn't see any One thing that stood out to me is a story she told me about the day she learned Santa clause wasn't real. James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.”. If they ask wether there's a Heaven, don't say and outright "NO". to grow and apple tree that will feed another little girl or boy. I know there are many atheist parents who want what they think is best for their children, but christian parents also want the best for there children. Atheists lives are burdened by religion,They spend there lives arguing against someone they don't believe exists and at the end of life all there hopes will be invain as atheists achieve nothing from

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