In the case that the tenant has lost the keys, they are held responsible for their replacement. Landlords or their agents are no longer allowed to charge tenants for anything except: the rent, the tenancy deposit and a holding deposit (more on these below). How much can a landlord charge for lost keys? All times are GMT. How do you handle lost keys and charging to bring spares? Recd a reply they would check into and get back with me "soon." I've never received that second call from a tenant. Just a thought. You can still include bills in the rent for the following utilities and services: I am hoping to start a new tenancy agreement for a flat. Minus of course anything that was already deducted from the security deposit. My property is unsafe to rent during the pandemic, do I still have to pay? Crucially, this exception does not apply to renewals or changes to the length of the tenancy. I know that sounds outrageous for a key that at that time you can get a copy of for about two bucks but the idea was to encourage tenants to keep track of their keys since many tenants at a habit of losing their keys multiple times. Option 6) Have spare keys at home and charge £ 5 to £ 10 standard fee. Sounds high. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. Fox paid 7-figure settlement over bogus conspiracy story, Chappelle's Netflix show removed at his request, David Maas, NBA halftime showman, dies of COVID-19, ER nurse: Some patients still think COVID-19 is a hoax, Education Dept. After all, this is not a problem with the property. Still nothing. I emailed the mgmt co in Jan and offered them $25 to make the key copies to settle the matter and return $475 to us. Sounds high. when does the property belong to purchaser. The charge can vary from landlord to landlord and is set by the landlord at his discretion. How much can a landlord charge for lost keys? Landlord can charge more than £50 if they are able to demonstrate their costs exceeded £50, but it is expected that this will not happen often. Don't leave this as a verbal conversation. Then pay only what the landlord had to spend out of pocket to deal with the possibility that someone may have keys that could allow unlawful access to their property. This page was generated at 09:22 AM. The $15 charge also covered the … 25 February 2009 at 3:46PM. removes tool for defrauded students, Chrissy Teigen gives first interview since pregnancy loss, Publix worker's family blames policy for COVID-19 death, Experts warn of COVID-19 'surge' after Thanksgiving, Cowboys strength coach suffers medical emergency, OxyContin maker pleads guilty to federal charges, Director apologizes for snarky comments made over Zoom. sounds like u learned an expensive ripped off lesson. If it's in your lease then you're going to have a hard time getting out of it. Open communication is critical to the success of any relationship. No - £15 sounds quite reasonable - my brother is a locksmith and charges considerably more than this. We want your tenancy with Provident Property Management to be a mutually satisfying success. N79 Forumite. What I do know is that deposit replacement schemes are allowed and they can charge these costs - but they could have worded it in a much better way that wouldn’t raise questions over whether or not they were in breach of the TFA. Now my question is, do I have grounds to dispute the £57.50 charge they're trying to impose? The Management co contractor is not a reliable source of info even if they used one from a previous job they would still charge - you cant trust anyone, Your lease should show the appropriate fees if not then dispute, I would walk in to the management company office disputing the charges - the direct approach to get things solved just be sure to act in a professional respectful matter, You are making a reasonable attempt to solve the matter yet you are still responsible it will show good in court. I didn't think the issue was the cost of the key, it's the time/cost to travel to the property. 4) Some people - do - say, you lost keys, call locksmith, but see points above. This is crazy. An OpenRent poll recently found that 47% of tenants have paid a holding deposit of over £750 — much more than the average weekly rent for a UK property. We notified the mgmt co 2 days later (via email) that we had found the remote and asked how to return it (the owner of the house was in town as they were going to sell, and we knew them pretty well). Why do we pay rent to live in house/apartment? Lucky Sam is on holiday and has taken all his specialist knowledge with him - so I don’t have all the answers for you. 5) Key loss is a reoccurring problem, and you could allow for this in your overall costs. We notified the mgmt co 2 days later (via email) that we had found the remote and asked how to return it (the owner of the house was in town as they were going to sell, and we knew them pretty well). I doubt they'll both getting back to you. Stephanie July 26, 2018 at 2:23 am. Minus of course anything that was already deducted from the security deposit. I am the executor of her estate. For proprietary keys, such as pool or common area which must be obtained through the HOA, Tenant shall be responsible for the actual cost of the key, the fee charged by the HOA and an administrative processing fee of $35. Emailed again last week inquiring as to status. However, one tenant is planning to stay and I will start a new tenancy with them. Plus, depending on the lock, he may not have been able to open it without drilling, so lock replacement would have been charged as well. Don't leave this as a verbal conversation. Hi Sam, I have read the following on an advertisement: ‘NO DEPOSIT PAYABLE OR APPLICATION FEES* All you pay to move in is a Holding fee equivalent to 1 weeks rent to reserve the house , this is then credited towards your first month’s rent. We properly gave notice and moved from our house last October. I doubt they'll both getting back to you. If you renew the tenancy, however, then yes; you will need to make sure any tenancy deposit does not exceed the maximum amount of five weeks’ rent. To quote them…‘Landlords and agents cannot make it a requirement for tenants to use a deposit replacement product, as the upfront charge will be seen as a prohibited payment.’. Make them produce receipts or time cards showing the time spent and the hourly rate charged. Prior to us taking the matter further, have we properly evaluated what was lost and what is appropriate? We properly gave notice and moved from our house last October. The Act includes new rules about how holding deposits must be treated. For example, you could charge £5 to replace a lost key if you can produce a receipt for £5 for getting a new key cut. Or simply have an attorney write a letter. Thanks in advance! A lot of people are telling you to call them or talk to them directly. You can also still charge tenants for losing their keys (or other security device if your property is high-tech). I own a leasehold flat do i need to get a permission to install tv bracket to wall or put a wallpaper up? For example, adding a new tenant to the tenancy or allowing a pet. . This is a big change, since most holding deposits are currently much more than a week’s rent. Does USDA approve home loans on Thanksgiving? 4. This is crazy. It’s a good idea for landlords to include information about who should pay to rekey the locks in different scenarios so that tenants understand what to expect in each event.

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