", "Where is the cake? If you already have a Nerphym, consider a Bloody Mary. ", (Upon finding the Urn of Sacred Ashes, to which Leliana, Alistair and Wynne treat as an once in a lifetime honour) "Congratulations, you've found a wastebin. (eg Saint = Minerva, Chaos = Nerphym). That can be helpful. Tag between Ivy and Bella for the buffs.This works for all the Pentadragon heroes. Demian is a defense hero, the only rare one. Shale: So you like to defecate on poor unsuspecting statuary. This results in a higher overall damage to bosses.This build works for all the Saint heroes, Abel Selena Michelle, but Selena is the best boss killer in the game. The game boasted a large, unforgettable cast of characters and a plethora of ways you could interact with them. Without it he was funny and a decent Grey Warden. “Heroes of Dragon Age hits all the right notes… impressive depths in terms of strategy, style of play, and character design make this Dragon Age tie-in a worthy addition to your games folder.” – IGN Asia ** Heroes of Dragon Age is an immersive, rich game experience. At first I just assumed that Nathaniel was going to be a complete asshole like his dad but to his (and the writers') credit he was a decent guy, most surprising character in Awakening. So the first step is pick a good shooter. "Shale: I have a question for the painted elf. ", (Sten consoles a widow) "The man you love has died. If you used your 6* hero selection ticket on something else, that's fine. Characters are sorted into different classes (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic) and have rock/paper/scissor-style pros and cons. In reality, Minerva or Nephym would be a better choice, but they dont get the Ancient Dragon bonus. Other then that, can use Deckard for 25% attack, and 3 chaos heroes gives Power of Darkness team bonus to get Crit hit dmg +20%. Even his redemption was taken out of the game. Overall like Abel, an all round good damage dealer, just slightly difficult to find easy team combos since the rare support nephyrim only buffs dark heroes. Tag Nerphym -> Ricky -> Bloody Mary for max burst dmg.This build works out very well early game due to the crit chance, but in the late game you can get up to 21% crit chance from runes, so its not as effective. Support. Top 20 Dragon Age characters Honourable mentions AKA characters from the Dragon Age Novels, Stolen Throne and The Calling who for obvious reasons do not have entries in the GB wiki-database: Prince/King Maric Theirin King Maric started out life in Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne as a teenager following his mother, the Rebel Queen and her army around. Anders was a funnier, more useful version of Alistair and came without the baggage that Alistair had. Minerva, (Abel, Selena, Michelle) , SiriusMinerva as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Abel is the main shooter, Tag Minerva -> Sirius -> Abel for max burst dmg.This build works for all the Saint heroes, Abel Selena Michelle. Carsiana and Sain both have non offensive tag skills, which is a bummer. He is by far the BEST shooter to start out with. If you have any synergy going on. In arena he has a low chance to trigger all 3 attack skills at once, and can instant wipe the team. Other supports only give 30%. But he's got a good design and was pretty cool in Dragon Age: The Calling. Like dont get a Lex, then get an abel, then get an hina. It seems you could have chosen better. Ancient Dragon, Death Lord, Imperial Knights. You get a 6* hero selection ticket every 28 days, just be patient till then. Ehhh, I'm pretty sure Carsiana's crit bonus is only for light heroes. Sain, (Lexion, Bella, Hina), IvySain as leader to give the 10% crit chance bonus, Bella is the main shooter. Its really up to your individual taste, and since I personally never tried them all, it's just theory crafting.

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