$13.95 Everything else was decent. This place was so good that we came back again for dinner the next night!! The hot version was perfect! I ordered Honolulu Chicken as well as Molokai Chicken. My favorite menu items are the Honolulu Chicken and the  pasta salad! depending on Try them all! The Molokai chicken was flavorful and spicy. Lastly I have to address the macaroni. I will definitely be back. I was born and raised in Hawai'i and one of my favorite places to eat was L&L Hawaiian bbq. Classic & large size only. We recently moved to area from Overland Park and often times miss some of the restaurants we no longer live by - including both sit down and fast casual. Try them all. Love the broccoli and mushrooms in there!I also ordered a side of pineapple. Glad there is finally a little more variety in town. Okay so the entree was THAT good but I also ordered a side of veggies and I was AMAZED how flavorful, perfectly cooked-still a little crispy and greatly spiced--totally worth trying if you like a little spicy! #2 Molokai Chicken, our perfectly grilled chicken with a sweet and spicy kick. The rice is exactly how I like it...not mushy but a little firm-perfect! We both recommend this place! I asked for a scoop of #3 (Honolulu chicken) so that I could try more than one thing. What I had wanted to try it for a while so my husband was in Belton and asked if I wanted anything for lunch since he was on his way home. I like the macaroni salad but I could see why some wouldn't! This place brought it all back for me. They should be lined up perfectly but the rice portion was larger than the spam - nickpicky but I had just watched a bunch of videos on how too make them lol. 156 Cal. No veggie mix modifications, Slow roasted Kalua pork just like at a Hawaiian Luau! are saying - Curated tweets by EatThisMuch. We tried the luau pork, Molokai chicken, and Honolulu chicken and all were very tasty. I accidentally got it as an entree through the drive-thru the other day (didn't realize until we got home). The food is fantastic. Call Menu Info. Molokai Chicken Plate Our perfectly grilled chicken with a sweet and spicy kick, reminiscent of the volcanoes of Hawaii. I am already craving more! Although I don't normally eat pasta salad, I like this one. The cashier acted like he had offended her and the entire Hawaiian population. As a helpful habit, I enjoy reading any sub 4-star reviews on a spot. Calorie Goal 1,844 cal. We'll be back for sure, aloha. $10.95 Large - Molokai Chicken* Sweet & spicy perfectly grilled chicken with a little heat. Absolutely love this place already. If you do click them, It was perfect. Dairy-free. Amount of protein in Hawaiian Chicken: How much Vitamin A is in Hawaiian Chicken? Fat-free. It is not a huge menu, but what they di they do well.I can't wait to go back and try the Kilauea chicken. Amount of fat in Hawaiian Chicken: How much saturated fat is in Hawaiian Chicken? The Hula Pig was juicy and delicious. This is a brand new location and I went on the second day of operation. Amount of Vitamin C in Hawaiian Chicken: How much Calcium is in Hawaiian Chicken? The cashier gave us a quick and easy explanation of the menu since it was our first time in the store. It's discouraging to see people hit a spot with the 3-star smack down while they simultaneously try to make it something it's not. Our family ordered the Hulu Hulu Chicken, Luau Pork and Molokai Chicken, finished with a pineapple Dole Whip. No delivery fee on your first order. They give you the choice for either regular or hot. Nice little spot with some tasty no frills food. Luau pork and Molokai chicken are my go to. Our food came out fresh and hot. When I went to Oahu a year ago, I fell in love with Hawaiian fare and then I started hearing great at reviews about HB. Sign Both dishes were NOT over sauced nor was it dry! Prevents that "stage fright" most customers get at point of sale.- Hot, "right off the pan" style entrees! I will be going here quite often! 40 % 15g Carbs. Great food! Overall, a fantastic value, large portions, and a great addition to the Kansas City food scene. All were… So happy to have this unique and well run establishment in Lawrence! Once they got a Northtown location, I had to go! I don't understand the hype but I definitely think this places needs 2 "$." We ate for less than $10 apiece and left full!

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