Examine the same sentences … ( _______ is pleasing to me.) This is optional and most Spanish-speakers will omit this phrase, but they may use it for emphasis in much the way we might emphasize in English by stressing a word or putting it in bold in writing: “You don’t like beets? In Unit 4 we saw how to say that I or you like to do something, using me/te gusta + infinitive. 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When you want to emphasize or identify the person that you are talking about, use the __________: name A + noun + ___ gusta + infinitive pronoun A Diana le gusta correr. I see the �us� box is at the top and on the right. Not sure what college you want to attend yet? gennarid. succeed. We like to walk. Who am I talking about? = ____________________________________ �Te gusta patinar? This is my familia: mi hija Rebeca, mi hijo Ricardo, mi perro Roni y mi esposo Javier. A ella le gusta hacer ejercicio. Let's look at the first thing Noelia told us about her likes and dislikes: Me gusta leer. We’d love your input. they or you all (ustedes) like. This is a breakdown of the literal meaning. ?Y a tu hermano? Cleaning is NOT pleasing to me. But what does �Le gusta bailar� mean??? The verb form gustan is always in the plural when the noun is plural or there are two nouns, because *they* please the person: As we saw in Unit 4, the verb form gusta is always in the singular when it is followed by a verb, even if there are many verbs listed, because *it* pleases the person *to do* the actions: *Note: In all of the above examples, the sentences are written with a prepositional phrase (a mí, a tí, etc.) Los gustos/ Describe what you like to do. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 Running pleases/is pleasing to me. le gusta. I.O. 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