Ever since, the Lato font has been a … Try all Google Fonts (800+ fonts) on your text: without downloading or installing any of them without copying and pasting font names, without adding and editing HTML link tags, without switching windows or refreshing browsers; without the hassle. A creative font, designed by Font Diner, it inspires memories of the 1950’s soda craze. Read The Next Design & Development Article. Designed by Branda Gallo, it works beautifully well with a simple san serif font, like Open Sans. If your theme doesn’t just install Easy Google Fonts. Pair fonts easily. This is one of my favorite combinations in this article. 170 main Google fonts with multiple matching font combinations, displayed in a neat “web-page” format. Choosing a font is more than just an aesthetic choice, it can have a real effect on your site’s bounce rates and conversion rates, especially if you choose a font that’s hard for your visitors to read. It’s a unique style, that must be paired with a simple font like Raleway, with it’s clear straight lines. We have chosen to pair it with Lato, which is also a sans-serif font, however, by using it as smaller and thinner text it compliments the header text perfectly. We believe that it works very well with Source Sans Pro, a simpler font style. The stylized letters stand out from typical sans serif fonts and give it a little extra character. Here is a handy infographic that will help you mix typefaces. A wavy, stylish font, created by Omnibus-Type, with a variety of sizing options available. For that, Pair and Compare gives you the freedom to use fonts from your device. Designed by Ek Type, Baloo is a bubbly, rounded font, and works well with a simple font like Montserrat, due to it’s lighter weight. Try all Google Fonts (800+ fonts) and more on your text: without downloading or installing any of them, without adding and editing HTML link tags, without the hassle, but with just a click. Of all the fonts similar to Futura, this font is one of the closest to the original. It has slight curves that make the lettering eye-catching. SpinKit Spinner (MIT license - Copyright (c) 2015 Tobias Ahlin). It can easily be adapted to many different personalities. This pair works for most designs especially blogs or product pages. All the titles and paragraphs are editable; you can put your own text. Playfair Display is fairly versatile for a font that is extremely stylized while Quattrocento Sans is so beautiful and clean that the pair compliment each other in all the right ways. These two fonts make a clean and classic look that works with any design. It was designed as an alternative to Futura, although it does retain many of the qualities of the original geometric font. What fonts all work well together? It is modern in appearance and needs to be paired with a slim font, like Lato. After you click on "Font Show" button, only one section will remain on the screen, and you can use the left arrow and right arrow buttons on your keyboard (or on-screen buttons in case of a phone or tablet) to navigate between different fonts without the need to choose from font menus. If you are looking for nice Google font pairings that are both bold and friendly, you should consider combining Montserrat and Work Sans. I love this look for tech and news blogs especially. If you’re not using WordPress and you’re not code-savvy, I’d recommend you consult your web designer / developer. The thinner font weight works great for more feminine designs, as the thicker font weight is great for any minimal design. Compare many fonts (or font pairings) on the same page. Montserrat is one of the most popular fonts in its collection and it is perfect for modern websites as well as for some classic designs. This article is part of the following Collections: Join my email list and get my best branding advice straight to your inbox every other week. This combination is the most playful in this article. Due to it’s heavy font weight, it must be paired with a simple font, such as Nobile. Other things are intuitive. A very unique and interesting font style, with its Didone style serifs and bold lettering, Abril FatFace really grabs your attention. These fonts are all available for free on Google Fonts. The Free 5 Day Branding Foundation Mini-Course. 10 Best Pro Fonts for Clean and Minimalist Logo Design, 30 Fonts That All Designers Must Know & Should Own, 20 Typefaces To Start A Designer’s Career, How to Create a Content Calendar: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Content With a Small Team, Top 10 Design & Creativity Tools for Designers, Ultimate Guide to Successful Video Pre-Production, Branding, identity & logo design differences explained.

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