And for some reason that was enough to not deem it worthy. Retrieved from, Colorado State University. Social attitudes toward women vary significantly across societies. Moreover, the level of gender inequality, the rate of male violence against women, and the criteria used for mate selection, and other gender differences that appear universal to the essentialists vary widely too. “Although this work can be profitably studied as an example of social-movement or genre criticism,” Burgchardt (2010) wrote, “it also meets the definition of feminist criticism because it analyzes gender definitions and advances feminist rhetorical theory.” Indeed, Campbell’s work in Gender Criticism (and elsewhere) constructed a solid foundation for future scholars to build upon later. (n.d.). Campbell Chapter 11 - We Haven't Used That Procedu... Technical writing exists within government and industry, as well as in the intersection between private and public spheres. She begins her discussion by noting the absence of women in the recorded disciplinary past. There was initial argument from the judging coordinator about whether they constitute tech writing or not. The views expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bureau of Economic Research. In her article “Gender, Technology, and the History of Technical Communication,” Katherine Durack examines the history of the female role in the technical communication field. It is hard to say the reasons why and if that claim is actually true. With Dr. Heyse (featured below), Dr. Gibson wrote a widely-read and highly regarded essay entitled “Depoliticizing Feminism: Frontier Mythology and Sarah Palin’s ‘The Rise of the Mama Grizzlies’” for the Western Journal of Communication. More and more, discourse regarding gender, identity, and performance continues to manifest in the larger public, allowing for people outside of journal articles and books to critique traditional constructions of gender and shape a more holistic approach to identity in the 21st Century. Dr. Lewis’ research “examines U.S. women’s activism in the suffrage movement and leadership in political office during the progressive era” (Baruch College, n.d.). Scary thought. Indeed, a Gender Critic could argue that, taking cues from existing social norms, toys designed for little girls are typically featured abundantly in pink and purple, reinforce our culture’s beauty standards, and can also reify work deemed acceptable for women – like house and kitchen work. My response was: "...cookbooks are probably some of the FIRST tech writing ever done, and some of the first tech writing that people come in contact with - even if they don't realise it. Gender refers to and is created through communication; gender is learned communication behaviors. It's almost a decade since Durack wrote her article, as far as I can find out, so I wonder if this statement is still true: "The periodic submittal (and rejection) of texts such as cookbooks to the Society of Technical Communication’s annual publications competition demonstrates the difficulty we have with considering as ‘work’ a productive activity that is typically assigned to women and accomplished within individual households without benefit of financial compensation" (40).I have been a tech pubs judge for several Chapter competitions since 2003 and we have accepted cookbooks as legitimate technical writing. Indeed, what we consider to be more modern instances of sexism tend to manifest insidiously, often going undetected and unnoticed by the untrained eye, rendering the sexist or gendered acts all the more nefarious. (n.d.). In her article “Gender, Technology, and the History of Technical Communication,” Katherine, Women as Significant Contributors to Science and Technology, The Household as a Setting of Consequence. Technical writing often seeks to make tacit knowledge explicit. To learn more about the field of gender criticism in rhetorical studies, check out the following resources: This guide provides an in-depth discussion of rhetorical studies, describing the history and significance of the discipline while also providing readers with theories that are useful to understanding different forms of rhetoric and their functions in human communication. This article explains how metaphors are widely used in human communication and understanding, and provides a background on the history and prominent scholarship of this field. The scholars listed below are, undoubtedly, some of the most talented and respected Gender Critics in Rhetorical Studies today. In the wake of the Women’s Movement in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, critical feminist scholarship began to take shape, eventually securing a foothold in universities and departments across the social sciences and humanities. It also provides information on key scholars in the field who study how rhetoric connects to equality, politics, and cultural values. Retrieved from, Gibson, K. L., & Heyse, A. L. (2014). To better understand Gender Criticism in Rhetorical Studies, we must first, albeit too briefly, consider the larger story of gender inequality and the enduring fight for gender equality in the United States. I think it will be drastically different and they will no longer be obvisious gender issues. This chapter reviews recent empirical research on various historical determinants of contemporary differences in gender roles and gender gaps across societies, and how these differences are transmitted from parents to children and therefore persist until today. I think that the exclusion of females from the field of technical communication, however one defines it, unfortunately mirrors the historical exclusion of females from many disciplines. Retrieved from, California State University – Long Beach. Catherine Palczewski, Ph.D. – University of Northern Iowa, Katie Gibson, Ph.D. – Colorado State University, Amy Heyse, Ph.D. – California State University Long Beach, Charles Morris III, Ph.D. – Syracuse University, Roseann Mandziuk, Ph.D. – Texas State University, Tiffany Lewis, Ph.D. – Bernard M. Baruch College, Marketing Communication and Public Relations,,,,,,, Interview with Greg Dickinson, Ph.D. – Colorado State University, Interview with Roseann M. Mandziuk, Ph.D. – Texas State University, Interview with Carolyn Rae Miller, Ph.D. – North Carolina State University, Interview with Brian Ott, Ph.D. – Texas Tech University, Baruch College. We review work on the historical origin of differences in female labor-force participation, fertility, education, marriage arrangements, competitive attitudes, domestic violence, and other forms of difference in gender norms. In examining the confluence of gendered symbols and discourse in children’s television commercials, this critic could trace the history of gendered toys in America, discuss the implications of gendering toys, examine communicative instances when children or parents challenge this norm, and could also provide remedies to help society move away from this practice. They are not. With larger historical and academic contexts serving as a backdrop, scholars and consumers of American Culture can more fully explore the form Gender Criticism in Rhetorical Studies typically takes, and the impact it has on the cultural consciousness. The crucial scholarship of Gender Critics reverberates outside the academy as well. (n.d.). It also explains the influential work of scholars in this field of study. Much of the criticism contained incredibly gendered undertones – and fellow contender for the nomination, Cory Booker, tweeted a defense of Warren, pointedly asking people to “Raise their hand if you know why people are trolling Elizabeth’s dance moves and not my dad jokes.”. This article covers narrative criticism and the role it plays in culture, politics, and relationships, while also providing examples of prominent scholarship in this field. Among Dr. Palczewski’s better-known essays is her 2005 article in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, “The Male Madonna and the Feminine Uncle Sam: Visual Argument, Icons, and Ideographs in 1909 Anti-Woman Suffrage Postcards.” Additionally, Gender in Communication (now in its 3rd Edition), co-authored with Victoria DeFrancisco and Danielle McGeough, is a widely used course book across the country.

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