If you are looking for a modern place, this is not it. Below the Dalles rapids, the river slows down as it flows onward for another twelve miles to the confluence with the Clark Fork. However, top water dry fly fishing for these brown trout is difficult, and is not likely to bring many large fish to the net. Many of the pools in Rock Creek are very deep. Hopefully, that means we will start seeing adults soon. However, a combination of using a sink tip line, with a weighted fly, a strike indicator, a smart approach to the pool and allowing some slack in the line often allows nymphs and streamers to sink deep enough to reach the larger fish. When fly fishing for the smaller trout, standard dry flies, sized 12-16, will work just fine. Our proximity to Yellowstone National Park affords our guests endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and exploration. It’s still high and fast out there, but some wade fishing spots can be found. For dinner enjoy, the Old Piney Dell restaurant and bar, dining in a historic homestead cabin setting near the creek. Streamers should be used when fishing for these browns, swimming them right along the bottom near the banks and through the holes. You may wind up walking a bit between holes. Use of the river ranges from light to heavy, depending on time of year and what part of the river you plan to fish. However, if you plan on floating the river between July 1st and November 30th, plan on leaving your fishing gear in the truck. There has been a great caddis hatch around 2 pm. Room 205 no wifi, only available in lobby. Our balcony view to Bear Creek...AWeSOME! We would stay here again! Home. Three great lake options are within easy striking distance from Red Lodge. Fishing right before and after the hatch works as well, even sometimes better, than fishing during the hatch. Outdoors at the resort you can enjoy a catch & release fishing pond, volleyball court, horseshoes, a soccer field and a playground for the kids. Pure Cutthroat taken on the Stillwater, below Cliffswallow. Peaceful, everything you want in a mountain resort. Hotel over promised amenities but under delivered during stay. My parents went to dances there in the 1930s, which brought back pleasant memories. Rock Creek Road is paved for much of this stretch of river. Inflatable fishing rafts are portable, relatively inexpensive and excellent boats for fly fishing in Montana. Small hoppers, parachutes and elk hair caddis are the ticket on all our area streams. Nymphing will be the go to method as the winter type weather sticks around for the week or the rest of the year. The current is often fast and the rocks in the river are very slippery—which often combine to lead to less than stealthy approaches when wading. Just downstream of the Highway 348 Bridge, Rock Creek leaves the valley behind and starts to cut through the mountains for the rest of its journey to the Clark Fork. Wade fishing is pretty much out of the question due to high flow, but boat fishing is good. Stayed one night. Maybe people’s expectations were different. The river has extensive deep pools, run, riffles and excellent pocket water. The latest news and information about fishing Rock Creek near Missoula, Montana. Fish will eat the hopper here and there in the morning, and you will be ready when the hopper bite starts in earnest. Top water fishing will catch fish, but the fish will not be as big nor is the angler likely to catch as many when compared to using large nymphs. Newton Lake, just north of Cody, has big fish. They let us have late check out because we wanted to go for a morning hike. The high lakes are pretty unpredictable right now. We originally were given a room on the front- pond side. Fish are eating nymphs and big stonefly patterns on top. While terrestrials are not as abundant as is found on rivers such as the Beaverhead, Bitterroot or the Big Hole, terrestrial imitations such as hoppers and ants can provide for solid fishing during July and August. If you can’t find any big midge patterns, use your standard beadhead selections. A size 16 yellow parachute is working best for the hatch! Mercipedia. Our proximity to Yellowstone National Park affords our guests endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and exploration. The Dalles area is where the bulk of the whitewater is found. Crossing is not recommended. Weddings. Getting skunked is also a distinct possibility, as my first experience on Rock Creek can attest to. I’ve been sticking with a large hopper and a small nymph dropper instead of deep nymphing and streamer fishing. Nothing like fall on the Stone! I stayed with friends 5 nights at the Rock Creek resort. Current Hours: M/W/F/Sat 9 AM - 2 PM . View detailed guide books on how to improve your fly fishing skills. Never got above 0 long enough to go fishing. Fishing Reports. You can bring your fishing gear, though. Sep 29; 2 min; Rock Creek Fall Fishing Report 2020 CFS: 363 Water Temp: … Smaller nymphs, especially a size 18 flashback pheasant tail, are working all day. Bummer. A helpful hint: always bring plenty of hoppers for a Montana fly fishing trip in July or August. There is a restaurant on property but we chose to eat in town. Terrestrial fishing is also solid during the summer. Still using a dropper in some cases, especially in the morning. There are PMD’s out, as well as caddis and yellow sallies. A Chubby, Stimulator or Madam X will work. Just in time to save my sanity, the Shoshone is fishing well. It will stop snowing in August. I like a parachute hare’s ear or any brown to purple dry fly for the March Browns. Envision the breathtaking Beartooth Mountains as the backdrop for your special day. The area streams are big and dirty. Guided Fly Fishing in South Central Montana, Articles and Stories by Montana Trout Scout, Unsettled Weather Means Unsettled Fishing. The river moves extremely fast through this section and also becomes quite narrow.

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