Enzymes can rapidly be “evolved” (this technique is called “molecular evolution”) through mutation or genetic engineering and selected using high-throughput screening to catalyse specific chemical reactions and to optimize their performance under certain conditions such as elevated temperature [77]. based in Dublin, IRELAND. This system may be useful for filtering catfish pond effluent. Descriptions of each company’s products, technology, potential markets, partnerships and funding. U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Review, 2006. the metal lead [p 3b] that is inhaled or ingested). The Junior can be used for a wide range of fields, including biomedical ... By Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co.KG Did you know that certain parasites like Toxoplasma gondii and Leishmania spp; Leptospira spp, Salmonella spp ... By Royal Biotech Laboratory dissolved oxygen electrodes for routine and research applications in biotechnology, medicine, industry and environmental ... By Rank Brothers Ltd For large volumes of air, a biofilter may be the only cost effective solution (http://www.biofilter.com/). The modules are used to separate particles like colloids, proteins and micro-organisms and to ... By MICRODYN-NADIR Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. In 2007 the Kaduna State Government of Nigeria set up a pilot plant for bioethanol production to demonstrate the technology and its viability using local design and materials. based in Bottisham, UNITED KINGDOM. [35] first demonstrated the occurrence of dissimulatory U (VI) reduction by the Fe (III) reducing bacteria Geobacter metallireducens and Alteromonas putrifaciens (later, Shewanella putrefacians), which could conserve energy for anaerobic growth via the reduction of U (VI). Biotechnology is any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, and derivatives to make or modify products and processes for specific use. Regular checkups= Earlier detection= Healthier pets. The Junior is a small portable tube luminometer which can be used for all common applications using glow type bioluminescent and chemiluminescent reagents. The current targets for such biosensors are odourants such as those related to smoke (guaiacol and 1-octen) for early-warning fire detection or volatiles emanating from diseased plants, with detection limits in the part-per-billion range. The direction is positive. Some of the biotools are as enumerated in the following. A fibre optic array tied to each well permits separation and identification of signals by the well, thereby yielding a simultaneous measurement of up to 32 different sample contaminants. A good number of research and practical work has been and is being carried out by Nigerian scientists and academics in the area of biofiltration of waste water. Tests performed with bacteria are considered to be most reproducible, sensitive, simple, economic, and rapid [40] (Table 3). Moreover, Disilva [17] has a different classification as shown in Table 1. Antibody binding to a target sample analyte occurs in a short 5-minute preincubation step, followed by microfluidic pumping of the sample over the transducer element, which consists of an optical waveguide chip impregnated with 32 separate wells of immobilized antigen derivatives [24]. As the earth’s human population has increased, natural ecosystems have declined and changes in the balance of natural cycles have had a negative impact on both humans and other living systems. These types of biosensors make use of antibodies as recognition elements (immunosensors). The Niger Delta is made up of six states of the south-south region, namely, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Delta, Rivers, and Edo. Metals are essential physical components of the ecosystem, whose biologically available concentrations depend primarily on geological and biological processes [33]. The sulphide portion of the mineral is converted by the microbes to sulphuric acid. Common uses of biofiltration processes are for processing waste water, capturing harmful chemicals or silt from surface runoff, and microbiotic oxidation of contaminants in air (http://www.biofilter.com/). That use will reduce waste discharge and benefit the crop. Information on the commercialization stage of renewable chemical biorefineries and platform technologies around the world. Product line. The system is idealy for coupling to FFF and enables the online identification and characterization of microparticles. The best points of pollution prevention involves, source reduction (by using raw materials more efficiently); pollution control (substituting less harmful substances for hazardous materials); pollution management (eliminating toxic substances from the production process). Other sources include food crops, grasses, agricultural residues, manure, and methane from landfills [72]. (4)Biomining using microorganisms does not produce dangerous waste products. Environmentalists fear that people living in these houses risk being exposed to unhealthy levels of radiation [13]. Product line. Product line. Chen et al. Nigeria alone accounted for about 28% of the world’s total gas flared;(v)a general inability of the agencies responsible for the environment to enforce laws and regulations, particularly with respect to urban planning and development, prospecting for minerals and adherence to industrial standards, sitting of public and residential quarters in flood-prone areas, unsettled dump site improperly reclaimed and converted to plots. For instance, rapid gains in the speed, precision and efficiency of DNA synthesis, sequencing, and recombinant DNA technology combined with cataloging of genomic data permit advanced methods for predictable biological production of commercial proteins and renewable chemicals. They are used widely as environmental monitors because antibodies are highly specific, versatile, and bind stably and strongly to target analytes (antigens) [24]. Treat effluents by using constructed wetlands. In some cases, metabolic pathways which organisms normally use for growth and energy supply may also be used to break down pollutant molecules. His physical environment stretches from air, water, and land to natural resources like metals, energy carriers, soil, and plants, animals, and ecosystems. [27] demonstrated the effectiveness of using the fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium in the biofiltration of textile effluent, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and pulp and paper effluents. ... By Flottweg SE Crude oil spill affects germination and growth of some plants [10], it also affects the overall production of crop (e.g., Zea mays) due to its negative impact on the chlorophyll content which is a marker of the yield of plants [11]. This seminal study found that the addition of nutrients to soil increases the abundance of bacteria that was associated with a proportional degradation of hydrocarbons, in this case petroleum by-products [21].

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