It is a challenge for many teachers to design and organize a mix of learning activities that are appropriate to student needs, teacher skills and style, and institutional technical capacity. Universities can teach various number of courses through LMS. Thereby makes  learning as engaging and effective as possible. Traditional educational institutions (schools, universities, colleges). A learning management system offers several types of communication tools. He holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Humboldt State University. In short, To develop elearning site, choose the Learning Management Solution in India who has enough expertise to know the pros and cons of Learning Management solution. Proprietary learning management systems often cost the school a license fee each year. For example, they don’t have a dedicated IT staff who can deal with coding errors or glitches, or they’re unable to set up the system on their local servers. This frees the instructor to concentrate on the content and quality of the participation, rather than having to keep tallies of how much each student participates in class. Here are some of the pros and cons of LMS. AOU Oman Branch has the administrative control on LMS, hosted online by AOU HQ. from premium Learning Management company can uplift the business status by providing best solutions. If the school uses an open learning management system, it will have to purchase computer equipment to host the system, and it may need to hire extra information technology employees to keep the system functioning and provide technical support to teachers. The student can also get his grade for a homework assignment or a test as soon as he finishes the task. The Effectiveness of Using Learning Management Systems and Collaborative Tool in Web-Based Teaching of Programming Languages. These systems provide students and teachers the ability to interact with video conferencing, interrelated discussions, and forums. Dr. Sherimon Puliprath Cherian Many open source Learning Management Systems come complete with an online user community. The administrative costs associated with scheduling classes or training sessions can also be eliminated or greatly reduced by using a LMS. A learning management system can provide instant feedback to a student. Systems provide reminders to the end users such as: delivery dates, test dates, answering questions, etc. But even if you are a tech-savvy eLearning pro, you still have to find the right LMS. See disclaimer. Some LMS vendors do offer these perks for an additional fee, however. A learning management system can provide instant feedback to a student. Even those who are on the go can login to the e Learning platform via their smartphones and tablets, so they don’t need to wait till their next online coaching session to develop skills and excellent work-related tasks. Selecting an LMS platform may be a massive deal, particularly since there’s no one-fits-all resolution available. By signing in with LinkedIn, you're agreeing to create an account at and accept our terms of use and privacy policy. If class participation is an important part of training, a LMS can track how often an individual trainee participates in chat rooms. A Learning Management System permits to integrate social learning into eLearning strategy. Springer International Publishing. productivity. The key is to find a system with an active user community and/or online support resources, such as online training tutorials or FAQs. (2015). Online and eLearning based educational institutions (online universities like Arab Open University). LMS gives educator a provision to store important documents like course syllabus, so that students can go through the required   documents whenever they need. 5 Pros and Cons of a Learning Management System, Traditional forms of training are increasingly becoming unpopular for education and development. A LMS is a tool used for documenting, tracking and reporting on training programs in a bid to increase employee efficiency and productivity. You can also sign up for LMS free trials and demos to test out different pricing options firsthand.

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