I constantly got 54612 lux on MEGA 2560. Thanks! 3)Solderless Jumper 4)CD4050 Hex Buffer IC , Or 510 Ohm resistor *3 5)BreadBoard . About: Maker, PCB designer , electronics instructor from Jordan just one word ! sir i have a project, lux meter using bh1750. This IC is the most suitable to obtain the ambient light data for adjusting LCD and Keypad backlight power of Mobile phone. */   LightSensor.SetAddress(Device_Address_H);//Address 0x5C // To adjust the slave on other address , uncomment this line // lightMeter.SetAddress(Device_Address_L); //Address 0x5C //-----------------------------------------------   /*    set the Working Mode for this sensor    Select the following Mode:     Continuous_H_resolution_Mode     Continuous_H_resolution_Mode2     Continuous_L_resolution_Mode     OneTime_H_resolution_Mode     OneTime_H_resolution_Mode2     OneTime_L_resolution_Mode     The data sheet recommanded To use Continuous_H_resolution_Mode   */   LightSensor.SetMode(Continuous_H_resolution_Mode);   Serial.println("Running..."); } void loop() {   // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:   uint16_t lux = LightSensor.GetLightIntensity();// Get Lux value   Serial.print("Light: ");   Serial.print(lux);   Serial.println(" lux");   delay(1000); }, the BH1750FVI Library is easy to use . ( 1 - 65535 lx ). The analog input pin converts the voltage (between 0v and VCC) into integer values (between 0 … Reply Low state on ADDR corresponds to Device_Address_L. Share it with us! I fixed it by using 20 SDA and 21 SCL pin and mainly changing to Device_Address_L in the code since I did not connect ADDR pin to A3. One can think of luminous flux (measured in lumens) as a measure of the total "amount" of visible light present, and the illuminance as a measure of the intensity of illumination on a surface Lumen : The unit for the quantity of light flowing from a source in any one second (the luminous power, or luminous flux) is called the lumen. Leo.. In our sensor we will take a reading from it in Lux which is equal  to one lumen per square metre:Lux = 1 Lm/m2 . Battery Powered Lamp That Turns on Through the Use of Magnets. Anything below cloudy, ie. The resolution of an Arduino is about 4.9mV per unit (5/1024 = 0.0049 or 4.9mV). You can Open the sketch comes with this library . I would like to ask if this sensor is capable of measuring the lux of direct sunlight of about 120,000 lux. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. very nice you can use it . Arduino Uno Photo Resistor 220-ohm Resistor Breadboard Breadboard wire It works especially well in the refrigerator, since a light comes on when you open it. 2 years ago. 100000 lx by using this function.DataSheet for this sensor will be found here  it's easy to use and connect , so Let's started We will need : 1) Arduino Board" Uno,Nano,mini .. " 2)BH1750 Breakout . I prepared a library for it , Tried to solve some issue such like : 1) multi device connecting , You can connect 2 devices of BH1750 WIth different addresses , Depend on ADDR Pin status . Can I have a code with continous float result 0.11 lux to 0.99 lux result? Since performance is key, this light sensor offers a wide dynamic and spectrum detection range to top it all off! The Arduino has a 10-bit Analog-to-Digital-Converter (ADC), which maps sensor readings between 0 and the operating voltage (5V or 3.3V) into integer values between 0 and 1023. finally , you can use this sensor to build a simple solar Tracker system or light seeker robot "I will discuss about later " hope give me a feedback for circuit and library , to make it better . This is derived using the calculation 2^10 = 1024, so the range ends up being 0-1023. Not much explaining to do here; just follow the picture. 0.11 lx, max. It saves a lot of mucking around if you just include the ".ino" file while you have it handy. It appears the module will work on 5 volts. Since the issue of detecting a bullet passing through a target has been the subject of other threads, I want to give an update. this sensor has some advantages such like : 1) Illuminance to Digital Converter 2) Wide range and High resolution. 2 years ago, Thank you so much,By the way I have trouble in setting the BH1750 to have 0.11 lux to 0.99 lux reading continuesly,Can I have a sample code for that?Thank you. Ground side of photoresistor goes to analog pin A2, >Piezo Buzzer goes to ground, and digital pin 2, >9v battery goes to ground and the Vin pin on board. And H-Resolution Mode is 1 l x resolution so that it is suitable for darkness ( less than 10 lx ) the Instruction Set Architect table show all commend you will need to write a code . The equipment that you will need for this Arduino light sensor tutorial is pretty basic as I mentioned earlier.The LED’s that I am using is just for some visual feedback, so these aren’t essential if you’re willing to read output variables in the command line. Sir we are currently making a project based on this. The DataSheet  for BH1750 has a specification of : Supply voltage : prefer to use 3.3 V to communicate with , Not 5V TTL Logic  I2C Protocol is used to communicate with Microcontroller , with clock SCL Frequency 400KHz . BH1750FVI Is a Digital Light sensor , which is an digital Ambient Light Sensor IC for I2C bus interface. Measurement mode: this sensor has 3 Measurement mode : 1) H-resolution with Sensitivity 0.5 lux 2) H-Resolution with Sensitivity 1 lux. It uses a light-sensitive resistor and is quiet when it is dark(the box is closed) and plays a noise w… After browsing around the Internet, I found that all the examples that I found were not working well or hard to read. Arduino - Light Sensor Arduino's pin A0 to A5 can work as the analog input. Hello, do you have multiple BH1750 sensors at the same time to test (my idea is to detect two-dimensional plane), Question if the value is bigger than 650, it will turn OFF the LED. as I mentioned before , the BH1750FVI  breakout works with 3.3V , Not with 5V  so You can connect this breakout By using : 510 Ohm Resistor , the input voltage on arduino SDA,SCL Pin not greater 3.6V , tested on oscillscope using CD4050 Hex Buffer 5-3.3 logic converter . A properly configured shield can read the IOREF pin voltage and select the appropriate power source or enable voltage translators on the outputs for working with the 5V or 3.3V. Daylight Row: A group of fixtures adjusted equally based on daylighting readings Daylight Sensor: A device that reads available light and sends a signal to the control system. One of the common application is an automatic night lamp, where a light bulb is automatically turned on as soon as the sun sets down.

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