Activate the card and add your banking information for payments. This measurement only includes the drive time between pickup and drop off. If you want to deliver at irregular times, Postmates is an excellent choice. However, Postmates wins all day long with their Stride partnership. Other valid information needed includes the standard driving requirements. Remember that rates in your location and how busy you are will significantly affect how much you earn. You may still find plenty of work during peak hours. Just like DoorDash, Postmates allows you to keep 100% of your tips. Shipt Shopper Review: How Much Can You Earn? A great deal of effort goes into making the service fun to use, and it shows. How Much. Indeed puts the average DoorDash salary at $15.57 an hour. I worked 5.36 hours my first day and was going almost non-stop the whole time. 24/7 on-demand (*volume highly dependent on mealtimes). This rating is not used to decide whether a driver should continue to work for the platform. Required fields are marked *. We regularly partner with brands that have products and services that will help our readers. The Postmates app has a number of key differences when compared to DoorDash. Most orders for both of these apps are for restaurants and convenience stores. This may not sound that bad at first, however, it can be very time-consuming. Even so, these features make it easy to knock out several orders in an hour. You keep 100% of all customer tips with each app. So if your set of wheels is able to get you from point a to point b, you are good to go. You should also consider that expenses like gas, parking, vehicle maintenance, taxes, and mobile data will eat into your earnings. However, the busier choice can depend on your city and the number of restaurant partners. Fleet members receive their pay weekly, but if they opt to receive it immediately, the Postmates payout fee is only $.50. They also have different payment guarantees, which we’ll look at in further detail below. Both apps have similar minimum requirements to join: The background check for each app looks at your criminal and driving history. Postmates is the clear winner here. Postmates only shows you your order and if there are other additional offers. Any tips or delivery bonus you earn increases your rate. Each app only pays you once you accept a request and not while you wait. In terms of total number of people reached, however, Postmates wins. Once on a job, drivers travel to the pickup location by following the route displayed by the app. Drivers are private contractors, and having to pay for expenses and taxes is a big downside. Then your funds are on your linked card within 30 minutes. People can order from both partner and non-partner shops. Plus our best money tips delivered straight to your inbox. As a customer, you want to make sure that you receive good service from both the person making your delivery and from the company that stands behind them. DoorDash does not count customer cancelations as uncompleted orders. You also don’t get your tips until like 24 hours after delivery. Most bank accounts accept instant payments too. The incentives also go a long way in making these positions worth it. The DoorDash website advertises that Dashers can make as much as $15 – $25, but our research showed that most drivers really earn between $7 – $10 for each delivery while averaging around two to three deliveries per hour. The Postmates service also allows for batch orders, which goes a long way towards helping to boost your earnings. For most people, the best option will be to sign up with both apps. Choosing the right platform becomes more crucial, however, on the driver side where differences are more apparent between each platform’s pay model, flexibility, and delivery process. Drivers can view categorized topics to quickly find the answer that they are looking for. While Postmates lets you deliver merchandise, customers typically don’t tip for these orders. You can work for DoorDash and Postmates at the same time. There is an early-access scheduling option that is available to Dashers who meet certain requirements. You’ll find that most Postmates drivers already have the delivery experience, but this experience isn’t required. Unlike the Postmates app, the DoorDash app doesn’t have GPS built into its app. A significant factor that affects pay is the area you work in. DoorDash and Postmates may also offer bonuses if you meet delivery challenges. Each company offers clear instructions about what you should do at each stage of the application process. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase or sign up through my links, at no cost to you. If you’re looking for the greatest flexibility and incentives. Here’s a quick overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each delivery app. The Dashers I know struggle with this program even though they constantly have good ratings and are extremely close to meeting the criteria. Look like delivering food is what you do for a living even if it’s your side hustle. These detailed guides are an invaluable tool to have at your disposal when things go south while you are on the clock. They say it’s always one little detail that keeps them from receiving this status. None of our partners or advertisers have editorial input or control because our relationship with our readers always comes first. Top-rated drivers get bonuses like the ability to schedule work at any time and the chance to schedule shifts a day earlier than other drivers. For couriers and those making the food order, this is a win-win. How To Contact Uber Eats Customer Service. While both services may be used for on-demand delivery, they differ greatly on several accounts. Do note, however, that earnings widely vary depending on location and demand. Both Postmates and DoorDash have similar payment models, but neither app mentions your potential hourly pay. I had 3 customers order from Chipotle at the same time. According to Postmates CEO Bastian Lehman, couriers who accept orders during peak hours earn a median pay of $19 an hour, but this varies widely depending on location, order size, and time of the day. Neither app pays for your gas, but you can deduct the miles you drive when filing your taxes. Postmates offers similar bonuses for experienced drivers but not as frequently (as of May 6, 2020) according to these drivers. The four drivers who share their experiences for this comparison state they consistently earn more per delivery with DoorDash. They are then offered access to various merchants in their city. Busy or peak pay: During the busiest times of the day (lunchtime), you can receive additional pay as a bonus for navigating through heavier traffic and longer wait times. If you’re interested in other ways you can have food delivered, check out our guides to these other popular food delivery apps: Brett Helling is the owner of All aspiring drivers need to be 18 years old and live in or near a Postmates market. In general, Dashers are able to work whenever they want. How do drivers complete orders for DoorDash and what requirements are needed to sign up as a delivery driver? Each question provides insight into common issues that new drivers experience, as well as the rarer situations.

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