Bokomo breakfast bars with bran and raisins are listed as intermediate GI, so at a guess I would say that the Jungle Energy bars are high GI. Sugars, sugars and more sugars, that seems to be the primary energy in Jungle’s Energy Bar’s. On the negative side, part of the purpose of an energy drink is to rehydrate you and to replenish your stores of salt and sugar. If you are running in order to lose weight then you need to run a certain amount compared to the amount you eat so that you end up burning more calories than you consume. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Get Inspired. These vitamins and minerals certainly aren’t a bad thing, but any slight impact they’ll have on your body (with the exception perhaps of B6) is not going to be pronounced enough to be noticeable. The question is though, with so much marketing hype surrounding all these products, how do you cut through the swathe of promises and choose the products that are actually going to work and that have some merit? If you are eating an energy bar and it is very difficult for your body to digest, then this will result in your body feeling stodgy and heavy as it tries to digest the food and that can lead to indigestion. If the bar is just filled with sugar – a quick release carb – then this will cause you to run out of energy about half way through the run. Recipes. Can Raspberry Ketones Help You to Lose Weight? Another thing that energy bars will promise you in many cases is that they are filled with vitamins and minerals which can provide various benefits such as increased energy and endurance. Savour the flavour of our 100% all-natural, wholegrain rolled Oats. How much of the calories or energy in these bars are empty or from fat rather than oats as advertised. Packed with Beta-Glucan fibre, a rich nutty taste and no artificial anything makes for a happy heart! Health Hub. Which contribute to maintenance of normal muscle mass or growth of muscle mass. This is something it can do relatively easily and it contains salt and sugar to replace that which is lost through perspiration. However the real winner has to be fruit – fruit is already fibrous and light and easy to digest. With less than 1½ teaspoons of sugar per serving, Jungle Crunchalots is yummy, crunchy and hearty. As light and solid food, energy bars do not have this disadvantage. Get your daily fuel on the move with Jungle Energy Bars. All rights reserved. Do Life With Heart Kentse Masilo does life with heart. Specifically if you have only quick release calories then this will contribute to weight gain and will result in a rapid surge of energy followed by a trough – if you are eating the bar before a long distance run, then it is very important that you have this combination of slow-release and fast-release (complex and simple carbs respectively). Delicious, nutritious and low in sugar when you are on the go. Anything light is a good start, and anything fibrous will help too. They’re packed with dietary fibre and energy to keep you going anywhere at any time. Lunch. They’re packed with dietary fibre and energy to keep you going anywhere at any time. Help your family Snack Healthy, Stay Active and Do Life With Heart. At the same time however drinking lots of fluids can make them slosh around in your stomach resulting in your feeling ill which is less than ideal for if you are going running or doing a workout. At the same time the fact that the food is being digested will mean that some of your energy is being redirected toward the digestive system which will then result in your feeling more sluggish. Furthermore, they are also able to be stored much more easily than a bottle of energy drink and will fit easily into your pocket or elsewhere. Breakfast. Protein shakes, NO2 and other vasodilators, isotonic energy drinks, energy bars, creatine, testosterone boosters, recovery bars and more – all of them are products that we buy in order to better perform in the gym, on the race track and on the pitch. Our Story. An energy bar is less efficient at doing this and certainly at hydration and so you are likely to need to get something to drink on top of your energy bar. Compared to energy drinks, an energy bar has several advantages as well as drawbacks. Discover the extraordinary benefits of Beta-Glucan. Jungle Snack Mix. Discover the nutritional power of Jungle Oats and start enjoying a life filled with good food and great health for the whole family. Get full nutrition facts for other Jungle products and all your other favorite brands. Helps maintain blood sugar levels and reduce risk of developing cardio-vascular disease. Bear in mind as well that it is important to consider the number of calories you consume and to add this in to your daily caloric intake.

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