The Pike market was worth the experience but other than that I have no intention of visiting again. Where is a safe area for a young single black mother to raise a child? A strong sense of community to be accountable for the future of black children and the cost of living is fair. I am a 44 year old, single African American women looking to relocate to the west coast. I was thinking about moving to Western New York (Buffalo/Niagara area). Why is Atlanta not on this list? I know your comment was from 18 but hopefully you’ll get this. Find out more. There is no quality of life in Atlanta. But it's not all bad on the race relations front. Florida is getting lots of negative press. Chicago (31st), long a major center of black America, has seen a 4% drop since 2000, while the black population of the New York metro area (24th) has grown just 2.4%. However, Tucson is a short drive away and provides a greater diversity in activities. Explore the best suburbs to raise a family based on public schools, crime rates, cost of living, and family-friendly amenities. Do you have any suggestions on jobs, elementary schools and housing areas? I currently live in the midwest but want a better economic and diverse area. Incomes also have been boosted by the government in No. Hi, the Dallas area has a tremendous amount of resources for the disabled community. As in Washington, much of this prosperity is not in the hardscrabble city core, but in surrounding suburban areas such as Baltimore County, where the black population grew from 20% of the total in 2000 to over 26% in 2010. It’s home and will always be, but like other cities it has changed. The District is home to Howard University, the nation’s second-ranked historically black university. I work from home so job relocation isn’t an issue. I heard Houston is a nice city for black families. I am looking to move to a much less expensive, safe, predominantly black retirement community in another state. Any suggestions? I love the beautiful mountainous views that can be seen from all different angles! Tracey, what were your decisions for choosing Orlando despite the beautiful weather? I would love to know what your decision was because I am considering moving here. My only complaint is that Black culture is definitely on the back burner here, but if you’re looking for safety, amenities, and an overall sense of positivity and well-being, Nashville is hard to beat. There is a bit more congestion now on Sunrise Drive, Craycroft & Campbell Avenue, although because of the beautiful scenery & nature, it is not a hindrance to living here.Read 126 Reviews, Current Resident: I absolutely love living in Gilbert! This makes it great for families that are looking for a smaller environment while still enjoying a variety of entertainment options like parks, museums, and zoos. He has a very diverse group of friends. So glad I found this comment. There are great Black churches (including Second Baptist) but suburban teachers were not accustomed to black students at the time. There are a few little shopping areas that definitely speak to a more Euro tone but they are pretty and have higher end shopping. A visit is cool, but don’t linger. Move to LA or Maryland. Clarissa? Great commute times because the city is on a grid a lot of free activities for kids. Does anyone have any suggestions of which states is the safest for older people? Its boring and lacks AA culture. Really impressed with the number of awesome restaurants, quality events and... a great brew pub! You forgot to mention that the cost of living is extremely high. I’m curious about what the criteria was for this list? I see Bakersfield CA is not as expensive as other parts of California but I wanted some first hand info on diversity. Also, unless you are an entrepreneur or have a track record in leadership roles, the job market can be difficult to navigate. When I was a child the closest grocery store was 30 minutes away that is changed now in this town is developing into something beautiful. I’m a single mother and the cost of living and activities are ridiculous compared to other states. Any suggestions from anyone living in any of these recommended states or cities? There seems to be a very low crime rate. We currently live in a great, mixed community in an excellent school system. I’m considering Orlando, so would love to know why. I recommend people to move here because of the positive atmosphere with lots of parks for family friendly fun! I do like the school system but outside of that it’s not very diverse. Hi, I’ve been considering moving to Maryland after graduation. I spent 10 years in Columbus Ohio the cost of living is very fair as far as schools go. Floridians can’t afford to go there unless you work there. There are parts of Arizona where there's a high level of diversity -- where people of all walks of life come together. Perhaps you will be one of them. We’re thinking of making a move that way, the kids love the Kissimmee, Davenport area. My son is 3 and I don’t want him to be raised here. I’m 3rd generation Washingtonian DC, and there are so many places for everyone to live from the suburbs of Maryland and Northern Virginia to DC and nearby Baltimore. great live music. It is very expensive and the city is over-populated with no mass transportation. Higher income households exist throughout the majority of Oro Valley, including various gated neighborhoods and larger households. Currently I live in North Augusta. % African American: 6.5% I love living in Marana, AZ! We decided to look into which of America’s 52 largest metropolitan areas present African-Americans with the best opportunities. Data for those is from 2013. Nashville is a WONDERFUL PLACE FOR FAMILIES. The selection of houses of worship as well as the local library all serve to make the community so very special. Cloud, clermont all great places near Orlando. I have one child, still in high school. There are no ghettos because everyone does well.

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